Zoe’s Legs

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With that I began to caress her hard little nipples and she again closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. I then put one of them in my mouth and gently sucked on it. My cock grazed up against her nylon covered thigh as I licked and sucked her nipples.

With reluctance I left her breasts and began to undo the buttons on the side of her miniskirt. When the skirt was loosened it floated down her legs to the floor. She stood there in nothing but her black pantyhose.

I lowered my head to her crotch and inhaled the strong female musk that was emanating from her pussy. Then I began to lick her through the pantyhose. She opened her legs to give me greater access to pleasure her. It didn’t take long to bring her to her first orgasm. She shuddered and grabbed the back of my head pushing it into her nylon covered crotch. Her firm thighs gently squeezed my head.

As she began to recover from her pleasure she straightened up and looked again at my throbbing erect penis.

“Do you want to put it inside me?”

I groaned at the thought of having her. I gently pushed her back against the desk,she lowered herself on to it and raised her knees up spreading wide her thighs. I managed to get one finger into the pantyhose creating a little hole which I then pulled open to reveal her pussy. I stared at it. Zoe started to close her thighs, I stopped her.

“Let me look at it, it’s so sexy, so womanly. Your pussy is beautiful.”

Zoe looked up at me and the turned her face away from mine.

“Isn’t it too hairy. I always thought it was too hairy and that made it ugly.”

I answered her by smiling at her and bending down to lick her again without the barrier of her pantyhose. I let my nose go up into her hole, and then I smelled her again, just inhaling her musky scent. I tried to fuck her with my tongue, wedging it in her as far as it could go. I was attacking her cunt with my mouth and my tongue, sucking,licking and stroking her clitoris. I was determined to make her come again. Zoe was now squeezing my head between her thighs and pushing her pelvis up to meet my mouth. This time her orgasm created havoc, she screamed and straightened her nylon covered legs up in the air. I pulled back and watched,my face wet with her smell.

Then she looked at me and my cock began to twitch when she said in a very quiet voice,”Please fuck me,I want to feel you inside me.”

I looked down at this sexy young woman, her long legs open, still clothed in the sexy black, now crotchless pantyhose I had seen her wearing that day in my class. Her perfect mound open and inviting, all of it’s wet pinkness revealed to my eyes. Her clit was standing up out of it’s little hood of surrounding skin. And her hole was completely open,waiting for the moment that it would be penetrated for the first time.

I gripped her legs just under her knees and moved forward as I spread her legs as far as I could. Zoe surprised me by reaching out with both of her hands and guiding my cock to her. Her eagerness was only increasing the need I felt as the head of my cock first made contact with her wetness.I was poised to enter her pussyhole when I looked at her face.

“Do it,” she said,”but be gentle, don’t hurt me.”

I leaned towards her slowly,letting my cock slide into her.She groaned as she began to open to me. I eased my cock into her,she was very wet and inspite of the fact that she was a virgin I met little resistance. Her pussy was enveloping my cock in a warm wet hold. She was tight inside as only a twenty year old virgin could be. I began to slowly move my cock back out and Zoe stopped me.

“Just stay in me I want to be filled up with your cock.”

I looked down to enjoy the sight of my member embedded in her hairyness. Then she wrapped her long legs around me and began to thrust herself up toward me.

I knew this couldn’t last as I had been so hard for so long and Zoe was so sexy. I began to thrust in and out picking up the tempo as I felt myself getting close to coming. Zoe squeezed me with her legs, the legs that had gotten us to this point. I ran my hands up and down her nylon covered legs as I fucked in and out of her cunt.

With one final thrust I stuck my cock in as far as I could and began to shoot my copious load into her.

“I can feel it,I can feel you coming inside me oh yes fuck me, yes.”

Zoe smiled at me me.

“You fucked me and I felt you come. Promise me you won’t tell anyone what we did Professor.”

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