Zoe’s Legs

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Once we were in my office she began to tell me of her inability to choose her major course of study and that she was thinking of switching out of her American history major. All the while I was distracted by what I was looking at and what I had seen on the stairs. I tried to keep up my end of the conversation, while trying to decide if I should or could move the encounter to where I wanted it to be.

“Professor are you really listening to me, You seem distracted.”

The thought in my head when she said that was “go for it.” That was my penis doing the thinking and not my brain.

“Zoe,I am distracted.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“Zoe are you aware of how sexy you are?”

She blushed and averted her eyes.Then she became very self aware, adjusting her short skirt to cover as much of her thighs as was possible with that small amount of fabric.

“You have extremely sexy legs and I can’t stop looking at them.”

I was heartened by the fact that she made no move to leave, so I decided to take it a step further.

I waited till she was looking at me again and I said,”Zoe you excite me, you turn me on.”

“My legs do that professor?”

I nodded. After a few moments of silence, the air became thick with tension.

Then she asked,”But I have such small…, you know..”

Here she hesitated, then she began again.

“My breasts are small, I thought men only liked girls with,you know,big tits?”

I smiled at her and then motioned for her to come over to my side of the desk. When she stood up to comply with my request I felt an inner sense of relief that this was now going the way I wanted.

I pushed my chair back and had her stand in front of me, her rear up against the edge of the desk. I reach out to touch her thighs just below the hem of her miniskirt. The feel of her nylon covered thighs was causing my penis to tingle.

Zoe closed her eyes as I touched her,at the same time I noticed that she was breathing more rapidly. I began to slowly massage her thighs,staying below the hem of her skirt.

“Zoe would you like to see how your legs distract me, how they excite me. Zoe open your eyes and look at me.”

She did as I asked and then I motioned to her with my eyes to direct her gaze down to my crotch. As she slowly complied I opened my legs to lewdly display my hardened cock to her, stained pants and all. It turned me on to show her my erection through my pants, and it turned me on even more to see the expression on her face as she stared at it.Her mouth open, speechless and wide eyed.

“Zoe you’ve never been with a man, have you?”

She shook her head from side to side in response to my question.

“Have you ever seen a man’s hardness before?”

She indicated no with the slightest movement of her head. I began to slide my hands up under her skirt, feeling the strong firm muscles of her upper thighs.Then her firm buttocks. I continued to feel her up under her skirt, waiting to see if and when she would slap me and run out of the office, only to report me to the university.But it never happened.

So I took the next step.My right hand slid around to the front of her body and cupped the crotch of her pantyhose. She slowly spread her legs and moaned. She was very wet. I began to rub her clitoris through the hose and she began to grind her mound ever so slightly against my hand.

Zoe looked at me and began to speak haltingly,”Professor…can I..I want to…Ohh my god…,” with that she let out a sigh.

“What is it Zoe. What do you want?”

“Can I see your pe…your cock? I’ve never seen a man’s cock before.”

I stopped rubbing her and began to open my pants. I wanted nothing more than to display my hardness to this beautiful young coed. As I opened my belt buckle and began to unzip I told her to raise her skirt up so that I could see her.

She reached down to grasp the hem of her miniskirt with both hands and slowly drew the skirt upwards. I raised myself up off the chair and in one move lowered my pants and briefs exposing to this young women my erect cock and my balls full of cum.

She stared at my cock for what seemed an eternity.

“Can I touch it, I want to know what it feels like when it gets hard like this.”

Then without waiting for my reply she reached out with her right hand and I felt her long delicate fingers slowly wrap themselves around my shaft.They were cool to the touch and I had to keep from shooting off at the touch of her fingers. She began to slide her hand up and down my penis drawing lubrication from the precum that was leaking out the tip of my cock. With her left hand she continued to hold her skirt up around her waist and exhibit her pussy to me.

The time had come to make a decision, that is let her continue and come all over her hand or go for what I really wanted. I gently grabbed her right wrist and stopped the movement of her hand on my cock.

“Doesn’t that feel good?”she asked.

I smiled and reached up to her blouse. Immediately she understood what I was going to do. She lifted her arms as I raised the blouse above her head.

“They’re beautifull, Zoe.”

She looked at me questioningly and I knew what she was thinking.

“No they are not too small, in fact they are perfect so firm and round. Such thick nipples.”

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