Zoe’s Legs

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It was the miniskirt that got my attention, or should I say the legs that were exposed by the skirt. They were long,shapely,sexy,slightly muscular and tan. The miniskirt was denim,loose and very short, but then on a sexy young woman like Zoe it was absolutely perfect. You see I love legs, long sexy legs and of course all that goes with and between them.

The problem presented by Zoe’s legs was that she was 19 or 20 and a student in my Early American History seminar. The class was small, only ten students, all American history majors. The problem was further excacerbated by the fact that I was old enough to be her…,well lets just say substantially older than 20 and a tenured professor. Relationships between faculty and students is verboten and I have always maintained that this was the way it should be, that is until I saw Zoe’s legs.

Actually it was the way I first saw them that set off the ache in my groin. She was seated at her desk,which was part of the semicircle of desks around mine. Zoe was reading a textbook and was completely unaware of the fact that her legs were spread open enough so that I could see her pale pink cotton panties. The room was very well lit, enabling me to enjoy the small bulge in her crotch which I took to be her vaginal lips.I could also see a few wisps of pubic hair peeking from the left side of her panty crotch. I could not tell if it was the same color as the black hair on her head, but I had no reason to doubt that it was. Try as I might I could not keep from returning my gaze to the valley betweem her thighs.

When I brought the class to attention she closed her book and her thighs. While I was still able to look at her legs the view was gone. Of course I was now able to concentrate on the rest of this enticing young women.

She was about 5’5″ or 5’6″, slim with green eyes, full lips,and shoulder length thick black hair which was parted down the middle. She had a very pretty face,her smile sent pleasure waves through my gut. Her lips were full and I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to be surrounded by them as they brought me to climax. Her breasts were small but stood up high and firm above her flat stomach as only a twenty year old women’s breasts could. And lastly, eventhough at that moment I could not see it I was sure she had a perfect round behind. All of this began to make me think that perhaps it was time to rethink the rules of the university regarding students and professors becoming involved.

As time went on I got to know Zoe. She was from a small town in northern Florida, and that was her way of thinking. Two years at a large university in the big city had not changed her very much. She was somewhat naive when it came to men and her own sexual allure. It was also a pretty sure bet that she was a virgin and a rather inexperienced one at that. The miniskirts were her only concession to her sexuality, albeit an unconscious one. She really was not aware of how her legs attracted eyes. And she was definetly not aware of how her spread legs caused me numerous sessions relieving my sexual torture by hand.

There was one class, just before I made my move, when I was able to discern the fullnes of her lips. The panties she was wearing were white cotton but seemed well worn. Perhaps this made it possible to almost see through them. I was hard in my pants and I just kept staring at her pussy. Actually that was the first time I even thought of it as “pussy”. You see I was trying not to allow myself to think of her in those terms but she kept putting it out there on a daily basis and it was so enticing.

Those long legs, and even when they weren’t spread just the thought of what lay between them was intoxicating. I would fantasize about seeing them dressed in sheer silky nylons. When she sat with her legs crossed exposing the firm taut underside of her thigh I would envision the tops of smoke grey nylons and the strap from a lace garter belt leading up her thigh to all that I desired.

It was the change in the weather that almost had me coming in my pants.That first chilly fall day she wore pantyhose. Black nylon on those legs was more than I could take. I knew that the minute class was over I would be in my office with the door locked and my pants open.

She came late to the class and when she sat her skirt rode up to the very top of her thighs. Then she crossed her left leg over her right and in the process allowed a peak at what appeared to be a pantyless crotch beneath the hose. And then there was the view of those thighs in that short skirt. I had to cross my legs to conceal my own excitement.

Twenty minutes into the class she was reading silently from materials I had distributed and ever so slowly began opening her legs. I was gently rocking forward and back to heighten my own excitement. After a while her legs were spread enough so that I could confirm what I had earlier suspected, she was not wearing any panties.

There it was in all it’s glory. Zoe’s hairy mound,and her slightly spread lips. She had almost symmetrical pussy lips that opened as she spread her legs.Even through the black nylon of her pantyhose it was possible to discern some pink. Then it happened, I came in my pants. I shot a heavy load while my eyes were fixed on Zoe’s legs and her open cunt. Yes, by the time I was shooting off in my pants it was a cunt.

When class ended I sat while all the students began to leave. Zoe began to walk out the door as I watched her. At the door she turned and walked back to me.

“Professor, can we talk?”

I was still thinking about how I could get up from my chair and not let her see the stain she was responsible for. On the other hand I was intrigued by the chance to get her alone in my office.

“Sure Zoe, lets go to my office.”

She turned to go out the door and I picked up my writing pad and held it in front of my crotch. As we began to ascend the stairs to my fourth floor office I had a thought about getting her up the stairs in front of me so I could get a look up her skirt. I could not resist, so as we came to the landing midway between the third and fourth floors I acted.

“Zoe wait here for me I need to get something in the library, just take a second or two. Just wait here.”

With that I went down the stairs and out the door to the third floor. I realized I was getting hard again just thinking about the view up her skirt. I waited about one minute then reentered the stairway with the pad covering my renewed excitement. I was greatly rewarded for my efforts.

At that moment Zoe was seated on the top step reading and her legs were in the usual reading position but wider apart than I had ever seen. She was not aware of my reentry into the stairs and continued to read while I stood at the bottom of the stairs staring at her hairy mound. I could see it clearly through the crotch of her pantyhose. She had a thick dark bush and her lips were spread revealing a generous portion of her inner pinkness. I cleared my throat to alert her to my presence and she closed her legs and her book and smiled at me.

“Did you get what you needed Professor?”

I smiled and watched as she stood up revealing the fullness of those magnificent legs. I slowly walked up the stairs all the while taking in her nylon covered legs and the view up her skirt as she stood with one foot on the landing and one on the first step. I couldn’t see her pussy but still it was intoxicating to see up the skirt of this sexy young women.Those thighs were incredible, and I was right about her rear, she had a great ass.

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