Your son, my lover

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“I think I love you.”

She raised her head, gazing at him. There was a smile in his eyes. “I hope you mean in the ‘sexy neighbor who is planning on having mind-blowing sex with you soon’ way, when you say that.”

“Yes, of course, and also in the ‘wonderful woman who is my semi-secret lover’ way.”

Elaine chuckled, laying her head on his chest again.


“Yes, hon.”

“Thank you.”

She raised her head again, smiling at him. “Honey, it was for purely selfish motives, believe me. The word is that young men should have older lovers in their early days, as a man peaks at eighteen or nineteen, and a woman in her thirties. Okay, I’m stretching a point for me, but you’re right there on the button.”

Jamie laughed, his chest shaking beneath her, making her smile. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You know this can’t last, don’t you?”

“Rationally, yes, but I’m in no hurry.”

“Me either, hon, me either.”

He stroked her back for a moment. “Hey, lover, wanna be eaten?”

She raised her head. He was smiling at her. “You ready?”

“Yep. Are you?”

“Fuck, yes!”

“Assume the position, ma’am.”

She laughed. “I think flat on my back with my legs apart, so you can kneel between them, is probably best.”

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s do it!”

Elaine lay back comfortably, her head propped up by pillows, her legs spread, thinking that shaving herself clean had come into the category of Good Idea. Jamie lay on his belly between her legs. He looked up and caught her eye and she flushed, despite wanting this. She was a little embarrassed by the way Jamie was studying her pussy, but relaxed when he looked up at her and smiled, saying simply, “beautiful!”

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