Your son, my lover

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“I like Jamie, as you well know, and yes, I’m truly flattered. Of course, I don’t know if it’s me he sees in his mind’s eye when he comes.” Elaine frowned. “Why are you telling me this, Jules? If you’d said nothing I wouldn’t have had to swear secrecy.”

Julie flushed, and looked away from her friend for a moment, then turned back, holding her eyes. “Ever thought of Jamie as a possible lover?”

The sudden heat in her loins took Elaine by surprise. She stared at Julie, her mind reeling. “You’re serious, aren’t you? Your son, my lover?”

Julie nodded. “Yes, I am. Of course, it’s up to you how you manage it, but I wanted you to know that – if you do – I’m okay with it. I won’t freak out because my best friend has seduced my son.” She smiled, and touched Elaine’s arm. “Elaine, honey, Jamie is the only male I know that I would trust not to hurt you. Except Bob, and – sorry, hon – you’re not getting him!”

Elaine’s mind was whirling, but she admitted to herself that Julie’s idea had touched a chord. How long was Jamie home? Another five weeks? A possibility of five weeks of sex? After almost three years without? She took a deep breath. “Julie?”


“Will you release me from that promise? Will you tell Jamie that you found the photographs, and that you told me? And will you ask him to come to my place at ten tomorrow morning, with his camera? And ask him to bring the photo, the nude photo, too, will you?”

Julie was startled. “Why, for goodness’ sake?”

“If he wants a nude picture of me, I think he should have to take it, not fake it.”

Julie stared at her for a long, long, moment, then started to laugh. “He doesn’t stand a chance, does he, poor lamb?” She nodded. “You’re released from that promise, and, yes, I’ll tell him. Promise me you won’t hurt him?”

“Julie love, I swear. I may exhaust him, but I won’t hurt him!”

* * * * *

The knock on the door next morning was almost timid, but she’d seen him coming along the driveway and opened the door immediately.

“Jamie! Good of you to come.” She ushered him in. “Come on through to the sitting room.”

He perched on the edge of the couch, obviously nervous. Elaine smiled. “Relax, Jamie, I’m not going to eat you.” Well, not yet. “Did you bring the photograph?”

He flushed scarlet and reached into his shirt pocket. “I’m sorry, Aunt Elaine. I shouldn’t have done it.” He passed the photo across to her, his hand visibly shaking. She took it, and sat back, studying it. Jamie was staring at her, obviously nervous.

She looked across at him and smiled. “You’ve made my tits too big, you know? And my areolae are different, too. What did you do? Look for a nude image in the same approximate pose, and morph the two together?”

Surprised, he nodded. “Yes, I did. I had to do a lot of work on skin tones, too.”

She handed the picture back to him. He took it, surprised, and slipped it back into his shirt pocket, staring at her. She grinned. “Nice work, Jamie.” She paused for a moment. “Jamie! Relax, hon. Um, may I be blunt? Ask a couple of very personal questions?”

Obviously nervous, he nodded. “Okay.”

“You use the picture as stimulus when you jack off, right?” He nodded, mute. “Who do you see in your imagination? Who is the woman you’re fucking?”

He was surprised by the question, she could tell, but answered immediately. “You, of course!”


“Yes, you! If I’d wanted an actress, or a model, or a porn star, someone like that, there are millions of pictures on the ‘net I could use.” He flushed. “I wanted to imagine someone real, someone I knew, and you’re the most beautiful woman I know, and I had the photo of you in the bikini to work from.” His flush deepened, and when he spoke again she could barely hear him. “And you turn me on.”

She smiled. “Jamie, I’m flattered. Truly. Are you virgin?”

He blinked. “Um, no. There’s a girl in college, we get together. Neither of us is looking for anything permanent, and we’re good together. It’s fun.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” And I want some! “Jamie?”


“You’ve imagined making love to me, right?”

He flushed. “I told you.”

“Yes, you did. Jamie, I think that if you’re going to use a picture of me to jack off, then you should have the real thing to work with, don’t you?”

He stared at her. “I’m sorry?”

“I suspect you’ve wondered why I asked you to bring the camera. Right? Well, I’m not usually wearing a robe at ten in the morning, Jamie. Under this robe, I’m naked, naked so that you can take a photograph of the real me, not the imagined me.” She smiled. Poor lamb was in shock. “My ex was a keen photographer, and he built a studio up in the roof space. Of course, what I didn’t know then was that he was photographing his bimbos up there. So why don’t you and me take us a walk upstairs, and you can see the real me. Okay?”

He looked stunned, but rallied. “You’re not joshing me?”

She laughed. “No, Jamie, I’m not joshing you. In the studio I will take off this robe and I’ll be naked, so that you can take some photos. Would you like that?”

He smiled. “Can’t you guess?”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Come on, before I lose my nerve.” She led him up the stairs and into the studio, turning to him as she switched on the modeling lights. “You might need to experiment with the lighting. Ever used a studio before?”

“Yes, but never for a nude shoot.”

“First time for everything. Talking of firsts, there’s something I’d like you to do for me, after we finish here.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Without knowing what it is?”

“I don’t think you’d ask anything you thought I couldn’t do. So what is it?”

“It’s easy, and could be very pleasant.” She smiled. “Take me to bed and make love to me?”

She thought for a moment he was going to pass out, or drop the camera – or both – but he rallied, staring at her, while a slow smile formed on his face, along with a deep flush. “Seriously?” he said, hesitant.

“Jamie, honey, I never joke about something as important as sex.”

The smile broadened. “My fantasy come true? Yes!”

“Good. Now, let’s take some photos!” And she loosened the robe and shrugged it off, letting it fall behind her, holding his eyes with hers, relaxing, but trying not to show her relief, as she saw nothing but approval and desire in his eyes. He shifted, uncomfortable, and she giggled. “Jamie, you might be more comfortable naked, too. Let me see what I’m getting for my reward. Don’t worry, I locked the door and switched on the answering machine.”

“If you’re sure?” he said, hesitant.

“Go on, be a devil. Give a new meaning to nude photography.”

He grinned, and laid the camera down, pulling his t-shirt over his head and dropping it beside her robe, kicking off his sneakers, unbuttoning his shorts, kicking them off, dropping his boxers with a sigh of relief. He was half-hard, anticipating, and she swallowed the remark she’d been going to make. Half-hard, he was bigger than she’d expected. Her pussy tingled. Oh my god, I’m going to enjoy that monster! Her eyes lifted to his, and he grinned, arching his brows.

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