Your Heart’s Desire

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Patricia smiled and pulled her pants down. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and her vagina was completely exposed to her former student.

“It’s not difficult. Start by licking it like an ice cream cone, then dig in like you’re eating a peach.”

Anne looked her former professor in the eyes and extended her tongue to outer rim of the vagina. She licked it up and down. It wasn’t hard became she loves eating ice cream cones as much as the next woman. Then she stuck her tongue inside the vagina, which wasn’t hard either because peaches are her favorite fruit.

“You’re a fast learner,” Patricia moaned. “You’ve always been a fast learner you smart girl. I’ve fantasized about you eating my pussy since the first time I saw you sitting in my class. I’ve waited a year for this, now make it count.”

Hearing those words lit a fire under Anne and she ate the pussy in her mouth better than any veteran lesbian in the city San Francisco. She did her best to push her tongue in as far as possible. Her lips were pressed tightly against the labia. And she sucked and slurped all of the vaginal fluids which were being produced.

Patricia put one hand on the kitchen counter to keep from falling, and another hand on Anne’s soft hair. She caressed Anne’s hair as a sign of approval. But the truth was, this was better than anything she had ever felt before.

Her back suddenly arched and she screamed so loud that she was afraid the other residents of the building might call the police. But she didn’t care, it wasn’t the first time she had to explain to the cops why she was screaming. Patricia was a screamer, and she was on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm, and it was all thanks to the virginal mouth of her former student.

“Oh god!!! I’m going to cum!!! Don’t stop!!!”

A rush of fluids exited her vagina and flowed into Anne’s mouth. The college student was happy to swallow every drop as a token of her appreciation for the night before. When it was over, both women paused to catch their breaths.

Anne stood up and used the back of her hand to wipe the excess fluids around her mouth.

“You liked it,” she said with a giggle.

“Liked it? You eat pussy better than any lover I had ever had in the past. You’re a natural. And if you aren’t a full blown lesbian by now, then that’s an incredible shame because no cock deserves a mouth like yours.”

“Thanks. I don’t know what I am anymore to be honest. All I know is that I loved our experience last night, and I loved what I just did for you.”

“One step at a time darling,” Patricia replied in a reassuring voice. “I don’t want to rush you into becoming something you don’t want to be. Let’s talk about it over breakfast. I don’t want our food getting cold.”

Anne smiled, “Wouldn’t you rather have desserts first?”

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