Young Female Doctor’s Exam

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Marsha increased the tempo of her concentrated and rhythmic strokes along the rim of his glans as she pointed the swollen head of his penis down into the dish. “OK Mr. Roberts, let it go,” she cooed. As Mr. Roberts began to sigh, he felt that familiar feeling welling up in his loins and spreading to the large muscles of his thighs and buttocks. He surprised himself by forcefully ejaculating several long ropes of hot white sperm onto the surface of the dish, covering it with at least a full tablespoon of his fertile essence. His knees wavered as another orgasm swept through his body. Marsha continued to slowly milk his penis until she felt him relax, then she squeezed the last drop of his seed into the dish and released his red, swollen penis, which was puffy and tender. Marsha smoothed her scrubs and left the room with the samples as Mr. Roberts cleaned up and began to dress, fully satiated by this unusual physical exam.

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