Young Female Doctor’s Exam

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About 20 minutes later Marsha knocked on the door to the exam room and walked in and locked the door behind her. She had prepared herself before time by removing her bra. Only the telltale outline of her panties showed under her loose blue scrubs. Her pendulous breasts swung freely and her hard nipples pressed against the thin fabric as she walked into the room, something that did not go unnoticed by Mr. Roberts, who was sitting on the exam table. As he coyly watched the nurse walk in, he could feel his satiated and flaccid penis began to twitch under the thin cotton material of his gown, as he anticipated what might follow.

“I’m going to take some blood samples Mr. Roberts, but Dr. Frazier has requested a sperm sample as well, to compare with the testosterone blood tests. We’ll take the blood samples first then move on to the other,” she professionally explained.

Of course Mr. Roberts must have been wondering how he was going to produce a sperm sample since he had just spilled a full load on the exam room floor. He was tempted to mention that he may not be able to provide the sample, but he decided to just go along with the nurse, who seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She was quite mature and matter of fact, so he decided not to worry.

Mr. Roberts stretched out his arm as Nurse Marsha leaned over to tie a rubber surgical tube around his arm as she prepared take the blood samples. As she bent over, the top of her scrubs fell open giving Mr. Roberts an unobstructed view down the front of her top. He could clearly see her large tubular breasts that hung heavily from her chest like two ripe melons. He took in the entire length of each creamy white globe and the delicate network of tiny blue veins that ran along their length. Each smooth breast was tipped with a dark chocolate brown silver dollar sized areola with erect nipples. As hard as he tried to control his lust, his cock began to swell, much to his surprise. He almost felt like he had discovered the fountain of youth. He could feel the effects of the little blue pill as his penis continued to respond to his fantasies. This was something that did not go unnoticed by Nurse Marsha.

After she had drawn the blood samples she announced she would have to shave and sterilize his groin area before taking the sperm sample.

Mr. Roberts sat on the edge of the exam table as Nurse Marsha ran warm water into a basin, preparing the razor and shaving crème as she asked, “Mr. Roberts, have you ever given a sperm sample before?” He responded in the negative as a shiver ran through his body. Well, to speed things up, I will assist you in taking the sample, if you don’t mind. “First we must shave your groin area she said. “Once we have you shaved and clean I’ll help you submit the sperm sample.” She said it so matter of fact that Mr. Roberts did not worry about how he was going to produce another hard erection.

“I’m ready,” he announced. “But what’s the purpose of shaving my pubic hair,” he asked in all honesty.

“Don’t worry about your pubic hair. It will grow back,” she replied as she reached to grasp his stiff penis. “Just lay back and relax, and I’ll lather you up and get you nice and smooth. It’s important that we don’t contaminate the sperm sample with any bacteria that might be on your pubic hair,” she explained in a professional manner.

Mr. Roberts believed her and decided to just go along and enjoy the ride.

Before long, she had Mr. Roberts shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She then poured a generous amount of warming KY Jelly into the palm of her hand and began to fondle his stiff shaft while she tugged on his low hanging scrotal sac. It was almost more than Mr. Roberts could bear as he felt that familiar feeling of an orgasm beginning to boil deep within his loins. She expertly began a rhythmic up and down jerking motion on his now fully erect penis as she tugged on his sensitive balls. She made sure that each up stroke bumped the fully swollen ridge of his glans. She new that was the most sensitive location on a man’s penis when fully erect.

Instinctively, Mr. Roberts reached out and ran his hand up Nurse Marsha’s blouse and began to play with her large mammary glands as she continued to stroke his rigid penis and fondle his balls.

“Go ahead and touch me all you want,” she cooed. “It will only help to speed things up. Do you like the way I am touching you,” she asked? Mr. Roberts only moaned as her soft warm lubricated hands continued to manipulate his erection and low hanging scrotal sac. It felt good as he concentrated on her mammoth breasts, pinching her nipples, and lifting the semetrical globes and allowing them to fall heavily from his hands. Within about 30 seconds he felt obligated to announce he was ready to cum, lest he spill his seed all over Marsha’s soft hands and she fail to collect a good sperm sample. What would the lovely doctor say, he thought devilishly?

With obvious pleasure and erotic excitement, Marsha continued to stroke his thick salami length member in earnest as she reached for a Petri dish with her other hand. Sensing his approaching orgasm she urged him to stand up. Mr. Roberts stood and held up his gown as Nurse Marsha repositioned behind him, her heavy breasts pressing tightly into his back. She reached around him with the glass dish in her left hand and continued to masturbate him in earnest with her right. The feeling of her soft heavy breasts pressed tightly against his back pushed him over the edge as he announced in a grunt that he was cumming “Right now.”

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