Young Female Doctor’s Exam

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As I continued my exam, I could detect, out of the corner of my eye, that Marsha was also excited because I could see her move her hand up to one of her over-sized breasts and squeeze her nipple. I was encouraged to continue giving his growing penis and plum sized glans a good going over. I noticed that clear pre-seminal fluid was beginning to leak from the deep cleavage of his urinal slit. This was a telltale sign that Mr. Roberts was becoming sexually aroused by my manipulations of his penis and scrotal sac. Without thinking, I rubbed the head of his penis with my thumb, spreading around the clear natural lubricant that was now leaking profusely from the deep slit of his swollen glans. My own pussy was leaking as well and I could feel that my panties were soaked. As I inhaled deeply though my nose I could smell the aroma of sex in the air as my own essence mixed with the musky aroma that emanated from Mr. Roberts’ aroused state. It had a direct aphrodisiac effect on me. My examination was more than successful for his once flaccid penis had now swollen into a full-blown erection. His member stood thick and proud and pointed straight out at me. For 58-years old, he sure had a smooth and attractive penis and heavy set of balls. His scrotum was smooth and shaved, accenting his package.

“Everything seems to be in working order,” I smiled as I stood and turned to wash my hands before performing the hernia check. My legs were shaking and weak. “I notice you have a strong erection. It is quite normal after going through an exam such as this. Do you have trouble maintaining an erection,” I professionally asked? “I can prescribe something that will help you maintain your erection for extended periods if need be.” Mr. Roberts mumbled that he would indeed like to try the little blue pill he had heard about. “I will give you a sample,” I replied. As I reached in to check for hernias I couldn’t help but bump into his erection with my hand. His penis had now grown to a full eight inches, as I dug my finger up under his fat pad and asked him to turn his head and cough. Everything checked out, but his erection refused to go away. It was like the 500-pound gorilla in the room that nobody was talking about.

I realized it was now time for the prostate exam, so I announced that nurse Marsha would assist me with the prostate exam.

“Mr. Roberts, please turn around and lean over and lay your head on your arm on the table.” Mr. Roberts attempted to cover his erection with his hands as he complied with my instructions. I turned to give him some privacy as I again washed my hands and put on an examination glove. “Nurse Marsha is going to apply some lubrication. You may feel a warming sensation, then I’m going to check your prostate with my finger. A swollen prostate may indicate a serious condition that requires further treatment,” I tried to professionally explain.

It was now Marsha’s turn to become flushed as she picked up the tube of warming KY Jelly and stepped beside Mr. Roberts who was now bent over on the table with his legs spread wide and his scrotal sac in plain sight hanging low between his thighs. His penis was still stiff and bobbing up and down and back and forth as he leaned over.

I pulled back Mr. Roberts’ left ass cheek with my left hand while Marsha squeezed out a generous portion of lubrication with her left hand, letting it run down his back passage, pulling his right cheek back with her right hand. As it flowed downward between his cheeks and onto his low hanging scrotal sac, I scooped some up and rubbed it onto his sac and gave his thick erection a few strokes. I then began to gently stimulate his tightly puckered anus with the tip of my right index finger. I toyed at the entrance to his sphincter muscle, flicking my finger in and out and around the sensitive anal lips, to help ease the transition to full penetration. Marsha looked at me with a twinkle in her eye when we both heard Mr. Roberts groan quietly with pleasure. He had reached between his legs and was unconsciously stroking his erection. “Mr. Roberts I am now going to penetrate your anus with my finger and check your prostate. This may cause an involuntary release of pre-seminal fluid from your penis, so don’t worry if you start to leak a bit,” I reassured him.

My knees began to quiver as I prepared to penetrate this older man with my well-lubed middle finger.

“OK, Mr. Roberts, you are going to feel some pressure. Try to relax and don’t worry, I will go slowly until I detect you are ready for me to penetrate you fully.” I motioned for Marsha to spread both of his his cheeks as I placed my middle finger against his nether hole and began to slowly work it in and out, making sure I had plenty of lube on my finger.

“Are your ready, Mr. Roberts,” I asked? He only groaned an “uh-huh!” I slowly pressed my finger forward against his tight sphincter muscle until the first joint slipped inside his warm back passage. I reached between his stretched thighs and cupped his scrotal sac with my left palm as I pushed forward, burying my finger as deeply as possible until I could feel his prostate. I began to rub it and simultaneously fondle his sac as Mr. Roberts groaned more loudly with pleasure.

“Mr. Roberts, it is normal for a man to feel some sexual pleasure when his prostate is stimulated. Does my finger feel good on your prostate as I rub it while fondling your scrotal sac,” I asked? Mr. Roberts could only groan in the positive in response to the pressure I was applying to his prostate. I could feel him beginning to pick up the tempo of his self masturbation as I continued to rhythmically and gently stimulate his prostate with my finger. I wondered why my stimulation was having such an effect on Mr. Roberts. I then realized that the only natural object could replicate the same stimulation to this man that I was applying with my finger would be a small stiff penis, much like my husband’s. I could only assume Mr. Roberts was fantasizing that another man was penetrating him with a small stiff penis. As I stroked his prostate through the thin anal wall I could feel his balls in the palm of my left hand begin to tighten and pull upward. Marsha nodded downward toward the tile floor between Mr. Roberts’ legs. Long ropes of white sperm were shooting from the swollen head of his penis onto the floor. I had brought this older man to orgasm just by rubbing his prostate and fondling his scrotum.

I slowly pulled my finger out of his anus and announced that everything seemed normal. Marsha set a box of tissues on the table for him to clean up with then quickly left the room. I stripped off my glove and told Mr. Roberts he could get cleaned up, and to put on the hospital gown I handed to him and Nurse Marsha would return to take some blood samples. “Also, here is a sample of the little blue pill I was telling you about.” I handed him a plastic cup with the pill and another cup with water. We’ll check its effectiveness a bit later I explained as I left the room and closed the door behind me. I could feel wetness in my pussy and could not help reaching down and squeezing my labia. Marsha was standing at the nurse’s station with a big grin on her face.

“My God,” she whispered excitedly. “You brought him to orgasm just by fingering his ass and cupping his balls. That is one sexy man!”

“Well, let’s try a little experiment to find out how fast he can recover. After you take his blood samples, masturbate him to collect a sperm sample as well, so we can check the effectiveness of the little blue pill,” I grinned. I’d give him about 15 minutes to recover, and I’ll bet he will be ready again.”

Marsha just smiled that mischievous smile as she prepared to service our new patient.

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