Young Female Doctor’s Exam

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When Marsha told me there was a 58 year-old married man on the phone looking for a new doctor I hesitated only momentarily. You see, as a 34-year old female MD, the vast majority of my patients are children and women. I can count on one hand the number of male patients I have had, and most were the sons of my female patients who came through every now and again for a sports physical.

“What does he want,” I asked Marsha, my 49-year old lead nurse. “He’s says it’s been 10 years since he’s had a physical and his wife is bugging him to get it done this winter before he leaves to go on the road again in his job,” she said. “Sure, OK. Set him up with an appointment,” I replied. If nothing else, it would be a learning experience for me since I hadn’t really studied male geriatric health since medical school.

A week later I had completely forgotten about my new “old” patient, if you call 58-years old geriatric, but he was old enough to be my father. Marsha advised me that Mr. Roberts was waiting on me in exam room number two. I had done some cursory reading the past week on testicular and prostate health, but other than that, I was hoping I could answer his questions. I had to admit I was a bit nervous, but also curious as to how the whole physical would unfold. Since Mr. Roberts was married, I knew I could probably expect some questions about erectile dysfunction and related problems. I had prescribed the blue pill to my own dad. As I walked down the hall to the exam room, Marsha stopped me briefly and made me promise to include her in the examination when the time came. I just smiled and winked as I made my way down the hallway to the exam room.

I knocked on the door, took a deep breath, and walked in.

Mr. Roberts stood and shook my hand as we exchanged pleasantries. He was a handsome man, about six foot or so, and stocky. He looked 10 years younger than his stated 58 years. He was dressed in blue jeans and a blue sweatshirt.

I rolled my stool over and asked, “Well Mr. Roberts, what brings you in today?”

He went on to explain how it had been 10 years since he had been to the doctor for a physical, and even though he felt he was in fine shape, his wife had been pressuring him to get a thorough check up, so here he was. As we talked about his health I could feel his eyes roaming up and down my body as his sexual compass sorted itself out. We discussed his weight and slightly elevated blood pressure, and then I had him take off his shirt, shoes and socks, and sit on the exam table.

As I turned to wash my hands, I could almost feel his eyes disrobing me from behind. It made me flush, and when I looked into the mirror above the sink. I could see him looking at my well-rounded ass. I looked at my own reflection and I noticed a deep red blush on my neck and throat and felt it creeping down my chest into the deep cleavage of my 36D buxom. For some reason, this strange, polite married man, who was old enough to be my dad, was making me sexually excited.

I forced myself to calm down and perform in a professional manner as I checked his lungs, ears, abdomen and feet. “Everything looks quite normal,” I said. It was now time to perform the genital and prostate exam, but I really needed to gather myself so I casually asked Mr. Roberts if he performed regular testicular exams on himself in the shower. Of course, like most men, as I had read, he did not. In my best professional tone of voice, I explained the importance of this then told him I would demonstrate the proper technique as I performed the genital and prostate exam. I then told him I would have to call in my nurse to assist in that examination. As I left the room, I could sense Mr. Roberts was a bit embarrassed, but so was I.

I tried to clear my mind of any erotic thoughts by discussing my children and other domestic concerns I had with the other nurses. When I finally felt I had control of my erotic emotions, I motioned for Marsha to accompany me into the exam room. For some unknown reason, I unbutton the top three buttons of my pink silk blouse just to be fair. Mr. Roberts was going to have to expose himself to me, so it was the least I could do to allow him a chance to look down my blouse and explore my deep cleavage. The thought of what I would do or say if he were to develop an erection, while I fondled his most private parts, had left me somewhat petrified with fear of the unknown. So with a knock, and a deep breath, we both entered the exam room. I noticed that Marsha locked the door behind us.

“Mr. Roberts, this is Nurse Marsha. She is going to assist me with the next part of your physical. If you will, just stand up here in front of the exam table and lower your jeans and your briefs and we’ll get started.”

As I turned to again wash my hands with warm water I could see that Marsha was positioning herself so that she would have a clear view of the proceedings. I could also see she had a slight smirk on her face, trying to hold back a mischievous smile.

Mr. Roberts, standing in his bare feet, unbuttoned his trousers and belt and deliberately bent at the waist and lowered his jeans to his ankles. He stood back up and repeated the procedure lowering his white boxers to mid thigh. His flaccid, perfectly circumcised hose length member hung long and thick from his hairy groin. In contrast, his scrotal sac was shaved smooth and was filled with large egg sized gonads, hanging low between his thighs. As I rolled my stool in front of him, his genitals were at eye level, giving me a clear view of his attractive package. I focused my gaze on his genitals, and was somewhat relieved that he did not show any signs of arousal. Well so much the better, I thought. My own personal fantasies must be getting the better of me. This was simply an old-fashioned, polite and honorable gentleman who obviously had his erotic feelings fully under control. He probably had realized I was young enough to be his daughter, so of course he would practice self-control.

I deliberately chose not to wear latex gloves for this part of the examination, partly because I had a more sensitive feeling with bare fingers to detect any bumps on his genitals which might be out of the ordinary, but also, because I wanted to start the exam with soft warm hands for his comfort. For some reason, I reached out and lowered his underwear to his ankles, and asked him to step out of his trousers and briefs. This left him standing in front of my nurse and me completely naked. As he stood there I momentarily felt a bit of power over him, but diverted my eyes as I reached out and began to delicately fondle his scrotum, feeling for any bumps on his egg-sized balls. I rolled them gently between my fingers, fully conscious of their enormous size as I cupped and fondled them. I couldn’t help but compare this older man’s package with that of my husband, who I could see was not as well endowed as my patient. Mr. Roberts penis appeared to be about six inches soft and was as thick as my wrist. I could only wonder how big he was when sexually aroused. To my surprise, as I continued to fondle his scrotal sac and hefty penis, I could feel him begin to swell in my hands. Perhaps he was not under as much control as I thought. I’m sure he was probably looking down at me and getting an eyeful of my deep cleavage. My nipples were hard and seemingly on fire. I’m also sure my face and neck were flushed with sexual excitement as I continued to examine his most private parts.

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