Yellow G-string

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“Oh lets.” Jess said, “touch me like that other girl you said you once touched.”

I separated her legs with my hands, as I became more and more tingly. Then I turned my body around so that our heads were at opposite ends of the bed. Jess kept giggling.

I slid one of my feet under her buttocks and then slid it all the way up her back so our legs were scissored together. I could feel her wet pussy against mine. For a moment, I just lay still, and then I began to move my pelvis up and down rhythmically so the skin between our legs rubbed up and down each other’s. After a while she followed and moved her pelvis up and down too, grinding our sex together. I had swollen up between my legs with the excitement, making me extra sensitive to being able to detect her flaps of skin.

I found myself breathing deeper and deeper and could feel my heart rate accelerating, and then I was unsure if it was Jess or I, I heard some moaning in the room. I was becoming oblivious to the rest of the world with the sensation, and wanted everything faster and harder. I felt her muscles pounding in orgasm against mine. We were out of sink. Then we said nothing, and just lay there resting.

I slid my foot out from under her and got up off her bed. My eyes returned to the yellow G-string that I had left on the floor. Jess’s eyes were closed, and she must have fallen in deep sleep from the orgasm. I turned the yellow G-string around the correct way, and pulled it up around my legs so that it covered my pussy. There was some wetness lining the G-string that must have been Jess’s. Then I got changed back into my clothes. It was exciting, wearing such an intimate garment belonging to my cousin.

Seeing her sleeping naked body, I kissed her lightly on her forehead. She remained asleep. I pulled up the covers around her and tucked her in a little. She looked so beautiful with her blonde hair encircling her head. I wanted to be with her forever, but knew I must sleep downstairs on the sofa so things wouldn’t look suspicious.

I have kept her G-string to remember her by.

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