Yellow G-string

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“I guess its mine turn to touch you,” Jess said, “you know, you’re the first girl I’m about to touch.”

I wanted to pretend that Jess loved me, as I loved Jess. I wanted to pretend that Jess wanted me. I wanted to pretend that she found my long nose and mousy hair sexy, and that she had fantasised about my body as I had about hers. My body seemed so large framed and discombobulated, compared to her smallness and light coordinated movements. Even now that she was drunk, she seemed so flowing with movement. Despite this, I wasn’t ugly. Perhaps even more attractive than average, as most people in our family were.

Her eyes were bright grey, the same as mine. I was longing. Hers were experimenting.

“You always look so sophisticated and business like.” She told me, as though knowing my hang ups about my appearance. “Let’s get back to business.” She giggled again.

Her fingers moved back up under my miniskirt. This time they slid in under my g-string. She used two fingers, and forced them under the weight of my body so that all the newtons in me forced me down onto her hand. It was sensational. I could feel the electricity coming over me. My miniskirt was covering her hand for subtleness in case the taxi driver turned around.

The taxi came to a halt. We were at my Aunt’s house. Irritated and horny, I pushed Jess away from me and opened up my wallet paying the driver with a twenty-dollar note. I couldn’t be bothered collecting the change; I had an urge to get Jess into bed as soon as possible.

The lights in my Aunt’s house were off. Aunt was obviously asleep, so I hauled Jess to her room down the end of the hallway. I switched on a bedside lamp just beside her bed, which cast scarcely enough light to see what I was doing. Her small figure cast a long shadow on the wall.

“Are you going to put me to bed?” Jess asked. “I like going to bed. I wanted to go to bed with that guy with all the stubble. He was so hot.”

Ignoring what Jess said, I took down the covers of her bed, exposing the neatly folded sheets. Jess’s room was neat unlike my messy room, everything was in order. And it had been almost the same since she was five years old. I always felt like my Aunt was trying to preserve Jess in a pickle jar to keep her a little girl forever. Old fashioned barbie dolls and their hinged arms on the shelves of her room, and a little dollhouse, with all the little dolls sitting around tables, now a ghost house that Jess and I had once played with as kids. I unstrapped her very high heels exposing her ankles.

I opened Jess’s wardrobe and chucked them in with her other shoes. Jess was a girl of fashion, but me being so much larger than her it was a shame we couldn’t fit and share our clothes. I had always had a secret fantasy of being able to wear Jess’s clothes. Having part of Jess on me. Once I had taken some perfume from her room and sprinkled it on me so I could smell like Jess all day.

My eyes caught a clear box of make-up on a dresser with a mirror above it. There was something strangely erotic about the make-up.

Jess interrupted my memories.

“Undress me.” Ordered Jess.

“Your very demanding.” I said, half joking with her. Jess giggled.

I went back over to her bed. She was smiling at me with her eyes closed.

“Surprise me.” Ordered Jess.

I pulled her lycra top away from her body, and watched it free fall into a pile on the floor. She was lying with her hands against the sides of her body. My eyes were caught on looking at her bra. Some flesh oozed out making a magnificent cleavage at the top of the bra. Her bra was white and lacy; what I’d expect of someone like her. My eyes drew a line down to her belly button, which had a gem pierced into it. Jess looked so dollish. Her skin was firm and I could see her breasts rising and falling with her breathes.

It was a challenge to take Jess’s bra off when she was lying on her back, but I pulled her light body forward and undid the hooks. Her breasts were perky; but not pointy, and they didn’t sink into her supine body. I let my fingers touch them as she kept her eyes closed. She giggled. I traced the outline of hearts on her breasts with my finger.

Next jess grasped my hand and drew it down to the crotch of her jeans. “Let’s go down further.” She said. She was giggling as I touched her skin.

I undid the zip of her tight jeans, and pulled them down her smooth legs, off her ankles, and added them to the pile on the floor. A bright yellow G-string drew attention to my eyes. I wanted a G-string like that. I pulled that off her too, exposing a landing strip of pubic hair on a bare pussy. I left her body on top of the bed naked whilst I began to undress myself.

I pulled my clothes off and left them in a pile on the floor as is in my messy nature. Lastly, I took of my small white almost translucent panties. I had shaved my pussy in the bath before the party; on the off chance I would have sex after the party.

I lay down beside her naked body. The fact she was my cousin made this even more exciting. I had only ever touched one other girl before. “You know this is wrong, Jess.” I stated, hoping for her consent anyway.

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