Yellow G-string

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My cousin Jess was gripping onto an empty wineglass in her hand and lazily slurping out a few corny words to a drunken guy leaning against a wall.

“Ooohhh…I like your stubble…It’s so sexy… Like sandpaper.” She said to the guy, touching his face and giggling. I could see where this was leading.

“Party’s over, its time to go home.” I told her, “I’m calling a taxi.”

I hauled Jess out of the party room. She was stoned or drunk, which was unlike her. She could hardly walk. She kept stumbling over her rather high-heels, and swinging her hips out to try and maintain her balance. I held one arm around her tiny waist and the other around the nape of her neck, under which her long blonde ponytail fountained over. Her white Lyra top had a silver embossed pattern on it, and stopped above her belly button. I felt her naked flesh around her midriff with my supporting arm.

“You must have drunk a lot.” I said annoyed.

“I only drunk one glass, I swear.” Jess said, slurring her words, the dilated pupils in her eyes lying to me.

Our taxi pulled up. I pushed Jess into the taxi against a window, and myself beside her.

“Where to?” The driver asked.

“28 Rhomes st.” I ordered. I would take my cousin back to my Aunt’s place.

“Looks like a hard night out girls?” The taxi driver said, taking a look at Jess. Jess was a “stunner” and everyone looked at Jess. She was a little on the short side, but slim and delicate with a heart shaped face and pouted lips. And her hair was so blonde it was almost white. How come she got all the hot genes? I wondered, a little jealous.

Jess’s body flopped back onto mine when the taxi started driving. I pushed her back forcibly against the wall, but she was on me again like a sack of potatoes.

“Don’t push me,” she said, giggling, “let’s do some cousinly bonding.”

“You’re trashed. You don’t know what you’re saying.” I told her.

She put her slim arms around my nape of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. But instead of smelling of alcohol, her breath smelt of fresh mints and I could smell her perfume.

“What are you doing?” I asked. She responded by pressing her big lips against my face. I felt smothered. Pretending to be disgusted, I pushed her aside. She giggled again.

“I’m having some fun.” She said. With one of her fingers, she pressed my nose gently. “Don’t you want some fun?”

“You’re off your face.” I told her. But then there was something erotic about the smallness and vulnerability of her body. She was much smaller than me and cuddled up like a little kitten. I let her hold onto me for a little longer, and when she pressed against my lips again I opened up my mouth to let her wet soft tongue inside. I felt her tongue explore the roof of my mouth and then slide under the base of my tongue.

Jess began untying the lace my peasant-styled shirt was tied up with. I liked the delicacy of which her fingers moved with against my breasts like butterfly wings and let her. My black bra was exposed. She sank her head heavily into my chest, above my breasts. My heart began to beat heavily as I felt the warmth and weight of her head. I rested my chin on her blonde hair and felt the light flittering of her heart.

I felt one of her hands tracing its way up my leg, and stopped at my knee. I sighed. It squeezed my leg slightly, sending shivers up me. My skin was becoming ultra sensitive. Then it progressed upwards, stroking the flesh of my inner thigh, and then the area covered by my mini skirt. Her hands swept down and searched for me inside my g-string. Teasingly, she flicked the back of the g-string backwards, then she withdrew her hand and closed her eyes.

Feeling responsible for my drunken cousin, but wanting the touch of her butterfly fingers, I wasn’t sure what to do. My mother and Jess’s mother were very close; and Jess and I were good friends as well as cousins. I had been attracted to her on many occasions; but as far as I knew, she was as straight as a broomstick. The thing I liked most about Jess was her natural friendliness and affection she showered everyone with. Men were always interpreting that the wrong way, and I was becoming scared that I could now be interpreting her the wrong way too.

Jess seemed to be falling asleep, and loosing interest in our little fling. Her eyelids were fluttering as she was struggling to keep her eyes open. I was becoming very tense as I was becoming horny looking at her body; and wanted things to progress, although I knew it was wrong.

I began to feel the sensation down there, in my private spot. I reached out and put my hand on her retracted hand, and rested it there. I could feel the tendons inside of her hand and her knuckles. Her eyes were shut, but her face was turned towards me.

Cautiously, I guided her hand down the back of her jeans. Then she pulled her hand away from mine and rested it on my shoulder. I kept my hand inside of her jeans.

“Do you wanna feel me?” Jess asked sleepily. Then she giggled again.

I felt the roundish moons of her buttocks, and then traced her canal, dipping slightly into her arse, and then tracing her crack down as far as I could with her bottom resting on the seat. She lifted her bottom up slightly, so I could get my hand up further. I felt some wetness on my hand and the delicate folds of skin where her slit opened. Everything about her body seemed so fragile. She gently moved her hips so the skin between her legs pulled against my hand, massaging herself. Then she opened her eyes and stared at me.

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