With My Husband’s Permission

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I learned more later. The doctor said it was very rare to have a tubal pregnancy at the ovary, but that is what had happened. The egg had started growing right there. My ovary had to be removed.

Earl cut short his business trip and visited me the next day. When I told him what the doctor had said about that anxious sperm cell meeting my egg where it did he had an explanation. “I’ll bet you didn’t tell the doctor that it was a black man’s sperm that did it. If you would have told him he would not have been so surprised. Most doctors know that black sperm are stronger, swim faster and live longer than white men’s sperm.” Maybe he is correct. I do not know about such things.

Earl also offered his theory of how I became pregnant. He claimed that he impregnated me when he inseminated me while I was sleeping. “After I shot my seed into your pussy I kept my ‘love muscle’ in there so the seeds couldn’t leak out. My seeds had a better shot to get up inside you.” he told me that his wife got pregnant the same way. Maybe it did happen that way. Who knows?

I returned to work the following week. The office was abuzz with rumors. I guess everyone there suspected that Earl was the father of my aborted pregnancy. I guess he was, but it could have been my husband. We did have sex the night I returned. Checking back, I had obviously been ovulating while I was with Earl. Well, I’ll never know who did it, but it does not matter.

I quit my job after another week. I just could not tolerate all the racist remarks and innuendos. And the following week Earl also quit. He told Hugh that he felt the pressure to resign, and he had a better job lined up with a competitor.

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