With My Husband’s Permission

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After a leisurely late breakfast we took our last shower together. Earl wanted to have sex with me again. He carried me back to our bed, but I kept my legs tightly together. No more fingers or other foreign objects were welcome down there. I told Earl that I did not want to take that airplane flight with his semen leaking out of me to add to the discomfort.

Earl had hinted several times that he would like to have me give him oral sex. I do not care to have a penis in my mouth. I had done it a few times on my husband, but he always withdrew before he ejaculated. I can recall only one time when he spilled his semen on my mouth and face because he waited too long. I did not like it. Well, when Earl stood alongside the bed with his egregious erection and that pleading look he did not have to tell me what he wanted. Without a word I took his magnificent symbol of manhood into my mouth. I had mixed feelings about asking him not to ejaculate in my mouth. He was enjoying it so much, and he had given me oral sex a few times, that I did not say anything. It did take a long time, and although he had emptied himself in me a couple hours earlier he just kept squirting and squirting as I attempted to keep from swallowing that copious quantity of semen. I did manage to spit out most of it, but it is impossible to get all of that snotty stuff out.

One interesting thing that I remember is that his semen had a garlic odor. Later I mentioned it to him. He recalled putting a lot of garlic sauce on his spaghetti at our Saturday supper. I guess that was the source. I wonder if such things like that do affect semen.

Earl drove me home from the airport. He carried my things in and he had a chat with my husband while I was in the bathroom. They both did a lot of laughing, but as soon as I returned the talk ceased, but not the laughter.

After Earl left the questions began. The first question of course was “how many times did he fuck you?” (My husband disputes that. He claims he asked me first if I had a good time). I answered most of his probing and intimate questions truthfully, but not all. I had to lie about a few things. I did not want to hurt my husband’s ego too much.

I had to go back to work the next day. I received many sly looks from my coworkers all day. I don’t know what kind of rumors were flying, but I can imagine. No one at work actually asked me if I had sex with Earl, but I know some of the women were eager to hear some intimate details. I think most white women have entertained thoughts of having sex with a black man, and like to hear about such things from women who have experienced it. Earl and I had agreed to tell everyone that we stayed in different hotels. I don’t know if anyone believed us, and I really did not care.

We had so much office work to do that I had to work almost two hours extra that first day back. Earl drove me home. When he walked me to the door Hugh invited him in for coffee. I rushed into the bathroom, and when I came out I could hear them laughing. I heard Earl say “she really likes it.” My husband said something, but I could not make it out. Next I heard Earl’s reply: “I emptied my ‘nuts’ in her at least a dozen times. She really liked it.”

When I heard those words I cringed. I had told my husband that we had only had sex three times on that trip. I knew I was going to hear about that from my husband, and later I did. I admitted I had fibbed because I did not want to hurt his feelings by creating the impression I really liked all that sex. I had already calculated that Earl had probably inseminated me ten times, not over a dozen times as he had boasted. I told Hugh that four of those times he did it while I was asleep.

One thing that so many of my coworkers mentioned that first week was that I looked so nice and fresh, and my demeanor was so much better. People who had thought I was rather aloof before now made so many favorable remarks. Everyone seemed to agree that the trip was just what I needed. I did feel real good, too. Even Hugh remarked about how much more radiant I was. I know Hugh was better in bed. We had sex the night I returned, and twice more within the next week.

My period was due about two weeks after our return. My periods had been regular for several years. Well, no period. Coning back on the plane I dozed off and awakened with a sudden strange feeling that I was pregnant. After my period was a week late I knew I was pregnant. In the early years of our marriage I had missed a period a few times, and I remember that my doctor had told me that I had probably had my egg fertilized, but that the fertilize egg did not attach itself and start growing. I hoped that this was my problem this time.

By the time my period was three weeks late I knew I was pregnant. I was planning to wait for my next period due date before doing anything, but I bought a test kit and it confirmed my fears. The next day I called my doctor and made an appointment for the next week. The next morning, a Saturday, I told my husband. We had already discussed the possibility, and I really think that Hugh was happy about it. He reiterated that if I had a baby by Earl that he would accept it as his. That morning he suggested that we could say that we paid for an in vitro fertilization, but that the doctor had mistakenly put a black man’s sperm in the dish with my egg, and that Hugh’s sperm had been used for the black man’s wife. Such things have happened.

I did not feel very good that weekend. I spotted a little Sunday evening, and I contemplated staying home Monday, but I went to work anyway.

I had been at my desk for about an hour when I got the worst cramp and sharp pain in my abdomen that I had ever had. Hugh was away on a business trip, so I was alone. I practically crawled out into the main office area before I doubled over. Someone called 911. The paramedics correctly diagnosed that I was pregnant, and within 20 minutes I was in the hospital.

When I awakened my husband was there with the doctor. “That sperm was sure anxious to attack your egg,” said the doctor. “It didn’t even wait for the egg to get into the tube. It hooked up with your egg right at the ovary.”

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