With My Husband’s Permission

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“Look, I don’t think …” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence as the head of his penis rested on my lips. “Sorry, Sandy, my mistake. Now what were you saying?”

“I was trying to say …” And then his penis interrupted me again. I looked up at him, and him down at me. I should have been furious, but I laughed. And when I did, he pushed his head into my mouth.

He looked down at me and spoke. “I get what you want to say. But think about this. No one you have ever met wants you as badly as I do. No one. And your vacation will be over soon. You’ll be gone, I’ll be gone, no problem. But right now I have one problem. I fucking need you.”

He just paused and waited. He was very bold, but very honest. I started stroking him with one hand and then with both. I licked his head, licked his shaft, and then took him into my mouth. I wanted to be great for him. I cradled his balls in my fingers, then gently sucked on each, I stroked him with long strokes, I took him deep into my mouth. I did everything a woman could do to please a man.

“Oh, fuck, baby I’m close. Does this excite you? Do you like feeling my cock in your mouth?”


“Fuck — that’s so hot. Take those shorts off.”

I pulled from him. “Not now.”

“I said take those fucking shorts off and get that sweet ass on the bed. I’m never gonna want to cum in that gorgeous mouth what I can fill that perfect pussy.” His word were rude, but honest. He loved me the way all biological creatures show love for their mates. He needed to be inside me.

I lay back for him and he mounted me once more. My body was sore, but he was not to be denied. He extracted from me orgasm after orgasm, and then finally, with my calves on his shoulders, he came in me again. The passion of the moment was too real, and the truth too deep. I could speak only two words. “Thank you.”

Saturday afternoon attendance dwindled, and we were able to pack up our exhibit quickly. By seven o’clock everything was ready to be hauled away.

Earl took me to dinner at a place that was almost exclusively black. It was a new experience for me. I did not see any white couples there, but there were several white women with black men. I did not have to endure the stares we usually received at meal time. After dinner we moved to the dance area and we danced for an hour or so. Earl was not much of a dancer, and he seemed glad to have me dance with other men. I enjoyed dancing, and all the men were so friendly. It was a nice evening.

Since we did not have to awaken so early Sunday we took our time retiring for the night. Earl was so sweet and loving. He does knows how to please a woman, and does it so completely. That had to be the best sex I have ever had. Earl made sure I was well satisfied in all ways. What a wonderful man.

We always talked openly and intimately about our feelings and our relationship, but that last evening we discussed things that opened my eyes about black men. Earl had already told me that he had sexual relations with three other white women when he was in college, but now he told me more:

“When I was in high school we guys used to talk and dream about having sex with the white girls, bu most of us never did. The goal for most of us was to make a white girl pregnant. Don’t ask me why. I guess we just like to show that we can make black babies in white women. When I finally got to fuck white women in college I always had to use a condom. I am so glad I did not have to use them with you. I can’t explain why, but being able to squirt my seed into you is a real turn-on. Even doing it while you are sleeping gives me such unbelievable feelings, and I am able to really unload so much. I am sorry to do it that way, bu it is so mind-boggling.”

Earl had “parked in my garage,” as he termed it, every night, and that last night was no exception. I slept so soundly, probably due to the intense pleasure he had given me earlier, and I did not awaken that night.

In the morning we did not have to get up so early so we lay in bed loving and talking for a long time. He told me that he really liked his nighttime ejaculations in me after I was asleep. “All sex with you is really the best, but those when you are asleep are especially good. I get to keep my ‘plug’ in you longer, and it keeps all those seeds from leaking out. I think that just thinking about the possibility that my seed could be doing its thing in you heightens the intense feelings.” His words were scary, but I tried not to think about such things. Yet what he said did cause some unwanted chills and feelings in me. Heaven knows he did put a lot of seed in me, but I did not think all those tail-wagging swimmers would have any success in their search, but the thought did cause some emotional feelings that come from taboo thoughts. I tried not to think about pregnancy, but that subject always lingered in the background all during our affair. I hate to admit it, but that pregnancy fear undoubtedly enhanced all our sexual couplings.

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