With My Husband’s Permission

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At my husband’s urging I have written an account of our first cuckolding experience. My husband Hugh likes to read such stories on the internet, and I have read a few myself. First I will tell you about us.

We married when I was 21 and Hugh was 32. He had been married previously, and had two children who lived with their mother and stepfather.

I always wanted children, but Hugh wanted to wait a couple years, so the only form of birth control we ever used was avoidance of sex on the days around my ovulation time. After a year or so we began to seriously try for a pregnancy. After over a year with no success I had a complete pelvic exam, but the doctor could find no problems. My husband had already fathered two children, but he had his sperm examined. He was told his sperm count was on the low side, but there were no problems detected. After about six years we concluded that we would never have children on our own.

I did have missed periods three of four times, and my doctor told me a couple times that my egg had probably been fertilized, but the pregnancy had not been successful. That always gave me hope, but the hope gradually waned over the years.

After we had been together about eight years my husband had a bad accident on his motorcycle, suffering injuries which caused a permanent limp. Gradually he seemed to lose interest in most activities, including sex. By the tenth year of our marriage we were having sex only a couple times a month. I wanted more, but nothing I could do seemed to arouse my husband.

I had been working for a growing electronic business for a couple years when I was promoted to a secretarial position for our marketing manager. He was a handsome African American, married with two children; and he was going through a nasty divorce. He was not a very friendly person, and barked at me often. We kept our distance from each other, and I often thought about quitting.

Well, after his divorce was final he gradually became nicer. Soon he began taking me occasionally to lunch. As our business was steadily increasing I would have to work late sometimes. When I did he always insisted on driving me home. When he took me to lunch we started sitting back in the corner, and we began holding hands. I don’t know who started it, but I liked it. Often at work we managed to touch each other, and our conversations became more intimate, if you know what I mean. He was always such a gentleman, insisting on opening the door for me, and never sitting until I was seated. I think all those little things helped foster I desire to be touched by him, and each touch caused a little electric thrill in me.

I had been Earl’s secretary for almost a year when our office was moved upstairs in the same building. On the day we moved it took all day for the workers to move everything upstairs. After the busy day Earl took me to dinner, and afterward we returned to our new office. The movers had finished, and we had to dig out the material that Earl needed for his business trip the next day.

When we reached our new office it was already dark outside, and before I could turn on the light Earl pulled me to him and held my hands. ” I want to thank you for all the help you have been to me, and for coning back tonight to help out.” He pulled me closer and kissed me on the forehead. “Let’s look out at the city lights.” he said, and w walked over to the window hand in hand. He stood behind me and put his arms around me. We stood there silently for a minute or so before he hugged me a little tighter. Then he tenderly kissed my ear while moving his hands up and cupped my breasts ever so lightly, as if waiting to see my reactions. He had never touched me there before, and it sent tingles of pleasure all through me. “You look so lovely, Ellen, I just can’t help myself. I hope you are not angry,” he said softly. His hands on my breasts felt so good, and I deliberately moved back against him. We stayed there for another minute in total silence. Then he turned me around. He had his arms around me and I put mine around him. I looked up, hoping for a kiss. As he pulled me tightly he gently gave me a fleeting kiss on my forehead. I wanted more. I stood on my toes and kissed him on the lips. In return he gently lifted me and returned my kiss. We remained in a tight embrace for several seconds. I could feel his sex organ pressing against my belly. I was getting very aroused.

I was hoping for more, but he quickly released me. We worked for the next hour digging through the packing boxes before we departed. We held hands all the way to his car in the darkened basement. We squeezed hands and had another passionate kiss. After reaching my house he walked me to my door and talked with Hugh for a couple minutes before leaving.

I remained excited, aroused and a little dizzy the rest of the evening. No man other than Hugh had kissed me since our marriage.

A couple weeks later Earl asked me if I could help him buy and install drapes in a duplex he had recently purchased. I asked my husband if he thought it would be okay. “You talk so much about him, that I’m beginning to think there must be something going on between you two,” he remarked. Then h smiled up at me and said that he had no objections, and that maybe it would be good for me to get out with someone else. I was so excited that I did not sleep very much the next two nights. I had long fantasized about having sex with Earl, and now that possibility could be more feasible.

Earl picked me up Saturday, and he explained to my husband why he needed a woman to buy the drapes. My husband iterated that he thought it was a good idea. “Ger her out of my hair for a few hours,” said Hugh.

The duplex unit was bare, only containing rugs on the floor and two chairs Earl had brought for us to stand on. While doing all the measuring for the drapes and curtains Earl managed to arouse me by touching me so teasingly while I was standing on the chair. Our conversations at work had become more intimate since that night when we had kissed, and that day Earl remarked that he would like to see what things I had hidden under those clothes. I dared him to look, but he only smiled and said, “When I look I want to see everything, and I would not want to undress you on this dirty rug.”

After drapery shopping and a light lunch we returned to the duplex. In addition to the window supplies Hugh bought a new blanket and a pillow. I was curious, and I asked him about it. “I don’t want you lying on that dirty rug in case we get real friendly,” he smile as he gave me a quick kiss.

We were able to install the custom drapes easily. Earl had to do most of the work, and I got to stand back and admire him. We did get in couple kisses. Earl had told me a few times that he was going to “take care of me good” after we finished our work. I did not know exactly what he had in mind, but I was hoping that it was sex. My husband was planning to cook dinner for us, and he called to find out when we would be finished. I let Earl talk to him.

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