Wife’s Unusual First Time

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He replied and nervously chuckled, “I told you, I desperately need this.” As she began stroking slowly back and forth, she was spreading the slick pre-cum all over the length of his cock. Although she hadn’t commented on it, I know she was amazed at the size of the head of his cock. Not more than thirty seconds into it, he asked in a very out of breath way, “Is it ok if I lie beside you while we do this?”

She said, “I guess,” and scooted up onto the bed on her left side as he slowly moved and laid on his right side.

As he lay down beside her, he rolled slightly to his right side and my wife rolled to her left. Once again she reached and began stroking his cock with her right hand almost in a pulling motion. After only a few seconds he acted like he was positioning more to his right side, and as he did, he put his left hand on my wife’s right hip and onto her panties. Neither of them knew but I had made my way down to a chair by the foot of the bed and had begun very slowly and inconspicuously stroking my cock underneath my pajama bottoms. Keep in mind this was all taking place within a span of only few minutes. As I kept stroking my cock I began to notice he kept leaning in as if he was trying to kiss her, when suddenly my wife looked up from staring at his cock and they began to kiss.

Only seconds into kissing, he slid his left hand down between my wife’s legs, and by the time she grabbed his wrist as if to say, “No,” he was already feeling her pussy through the crotch of her panties. I had no idea what to expect because, although she still held his wrist, he continued to rub the crotch of her panties. Meanwhile she had stopped stroking his cock. They continued to kiss as he went from gently rubbing the crotch of her panties to trying to get his fingers under the side of her panties. He fumbled for a few seconds and finally managed to get his fingers under. He instantly pushed his middle finger inside her pussy as far as he could get it.

I kept stroking my cock as I watched in a combination of shock and complete erotic ecstasy. As I stroked I had to stop every few seconds or I would have exploded in my pajamas. Every few seconds I could hear my wife exhale with a sharp but low, “AAHHHH,” when he would thrust his middle finger in deeply. The entire sight was driving me out of my mind with eroticism. I watched for maybe another minute, and then had a moment of temporary insanity. I rose out of the chair, walked over to the foot of the bed, grabbed the waistband of my wife’s panties, and began to pull them off of her. The entire time I was inching them off, they continued to kiss. Jack pulled his finger out of her and was helping scoot them off the opposite side under her ass. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

As I got them halfway down her thighs I began to question why she wasn’t saying or doing anything to stop me, but was so worked up I realized I was getting even more turned on because she wasn’t. After I slid them down her beautiful legs and off her sexy feet, I made my way back to the chair at the foot of the bed. My excitement level was beyond any experience in my entire life. My hands were actually shaking. Before I had even sat down and put my hand down my pants, he once again was fingering her. I just knew Jack’s nuts must be aching at this point with anticipation of the unknown.

He kept fingering her when suddenly he removed his finger from her pussy, and reached midway down her right thigh and pulled her leg over him as he scooted as close to her as he could. My wife still wasn’t going along with the entire thing as much as he would have liked. I was sure he was trying to see if she might roll on top of him, but instead she had her right leg over him and he was rolled on his left side. They continued to kiss and with every second, he kept trying to scoot down further as if to angle himself to enter her, but again, she wasn’t exactly making his life easy. In fact, I was thinking she was just teasing the hell out of him and perhaps still playing chicken with me.

Finally after about a minute, he had angled himself in such a way that he reached down and moved his cock to her crotch. The way they were lying, there was no way he could easily enter her. At one point he began barely pulling at her ass and slowly half thrusting his cock across the opening of her pussy. This went on for several minutes with him stopping suddenly on occasion, which I knew was to keep from shooting his load. I too had to abruptly stop stroking my cock many times or I too would have shot my load. The fluid leaking from the head of his cock kept smearing against my wife’s inner thighs and pussy, so much that it looked like she had already been fucked by three guys.

He continued pulling at her ass trying to get any angle at all to put his cock in her, when at one point he reached over her ass and with his finger tips pushed the head of his cock against her slick pussy lips, and I just about passed out. In only a few seconds, I watched as the large head of his cock spread her pussy lips. As he kept pushing the head of his cock and thrusting his hips, it kept popping out, until at one point, he scooted maybe an inch further down, and this time when he pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips, he slowly and carefully thrust his hips and I watched as my wife’s pussy spread around the head of his cock until it stretched and finally enveloped it. They continued to kiss as he sat motionless for at least thirty seconds. I figured he thought he had worked so hard just getting the head of his cock in her he didn’t want to end it with his worst nightmare at this point: a premature ejaculation.

It was at this very moment; I had an episode of good ole reality, like getting hit by a bus. It finally hit me that I was looking at another mans cock in my wife’s vagina, without a condom, and I had basically orchestrated the entire thing. My better judgment had gone bye-bye the second she put her hand on his cock though. Still, there was an entire mixture of emotions from slight jealousy, to extreme eroticism, to impatience wanting to see more. After thirty seconds or so of them kissing and him lying completely still with only the head of his cock inside her, he pulled her ass with much more force than before and thrust his hips simultaneously. As he did, my wife let out a quick and slightly stressed exhale of, “AAHHH…” He thrust several more times and after the third or fourth thrust, he was inside her as far as he could get at this angle, and once again he lay motionless only kissing her and rubbing his hand over her ass. Even with this bad angle and the fact that my wife wasn’t making this easy, he was inside her all but about an inch. The tube or shaft running along the underside of his cock was as large as my thumb and looked like it was about to burst open. Every vein on his cock was also standing out very prominently. My view couldn’t have been better from where I was sitting.

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