Wife’s Niece

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I awoke a few hours later with her kissing me and gently rubbing me. Cindy then told me she wanted more of me. I asked her how and she told me point blank that she wanted it in her ass again. For some one who had been an ass virgin a few hours before she had discovered something new. I noticed some cream on the bed side table and told her to turnover. As she did I reached over and grabbed the cream and began to work some into her ass I then coated my dick and slid it back in to her ass. It was easier this time and she was moaning my name over and over as I fucked her asshole. Just as I felt her reach her orgasm I came in her ass again. This time we slept till mid morning.

I awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon being cooked in the kitchen. I went to the bathroom and took care of business and washed up some and headed toward the kitchen. Before I got there Cindy met me with a cup of coffee and a kiss. I followed her into the kitchen gazing upon her ass that I had fucked twice already. She sat me down and brought me a plate and told me to eat up that we had a long day ahead of us. As we sat there naked in the kitchen eating and holding hands. I knew indeed that a long hard day was in store for us both. I watched her wash the dishes just the sight of her ass got me hard again.

When she was down she came over and kissed me and took my hand and stared head back to bed. But I stopped her and wrapped my arm’s around her grabbing her tits which brought a moan out of her. I moved one hand down and stared working on her pussy and found soaping wet. I then bent her over the back of the sofa and entered her in once swift push. As I began fucking her there in the living room she moan for me to give it to her and so I did. I fucked her so hard we were pushing the sofa along the floor. With one final lunge into her we both came. I then lead her around to the front of the sofa and made her kneel down and bend over the cushions. As she did I brought my dick up to her asshole and began pushing it in. As I entered her ass she began begging me to go easy as she was sore be wanted me there. So I slowly began fucking her ass taking my time and making her moan with pleasure. Shortly after she came I began pounding into her ass as shot my third load into her ass. We then headed toward the bath and took a shower together.

As we got into bed I moved down to eat her. As I did I moved my dick toward her. At first she just stroked me as I ate her out. I then moved so that my dick was just inches from her mouth. Slowly I began to feel her licking me and then Cindy took me into her mouth for the first time. I did not want to scare her off so I tried to be as still as possible as she got use to me in her mouth. As we worked on each other she came with me in her mouth. At that point I felt the need to come too.

So I began moving more and more into her mouth. I felt her reach around with both hands and began to pull me into her mouth. When I shot in to her I heard her gasp and then swallow my load. For the next couple of hours all we did was just lay there holding each other. By the end of the day Cindy had sucked me off two more times and her pussy and ass both were used again. At the end of our long day together we knew we had started something that we did not want to end. I spent the night with her again but this time we were to tired but just to sleep.

Just before dawn I awoke and started moving against her ass. While at the same time playing with her breast. She turned her head toward me and we kissed. I then turned her toward me and placed her on her back. I moved between her legs and slowly began it enter her. As I did she moaned for me to fuck her ass. So I pulled out she started to turn over but I stopped her. I raised her legs and aligned my dick up with that asshole that I had fallen for and slid into it. As I did a smile came upon her face.

After a few minutes we both came and rolled on to our sides still joined together. We spent the rest of the day fucking like a pair of rabbits. Monday morning it was time for her to go back to work and I had to go back to doing the things I had intended to. But every night she either came to my house or I went to hers. By the end of the week she had gotten so use to having me in her ass that we hardly needed any lubricate at all. Not only that she became an excellent cocksucker as well.

Our only problem now is that we do not know how to stay away from each other.

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