Wife’s Niece

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It had been a week that I had been looking forward too for a while. I would have the house all to myself as the wife and kid would be gone visiting family out of town. I was planning on doing a few thing that I had put off for a while, but that all came to and end on the very first night when I received a call from my wife’s niece, Cindy.

Cindy was calling because she had messed up her computer in someway and need some help because a lot of her work depended on it. I told her I would be right over, after all Cindy is not that bad of looking 38 year old with 5 kids. The yard work had to be put on hold as it had been trying to rain all day. So that was a good enough excuse for getting out doing it.

Once I got there Cindy lead me to her computer and explained what happened. It took about a hour to get it back up and running. As I was trying it out making sure that it would be ok she came over and stood beside me watching me on it. As she stood there I felt her hand rest on the back of the chair. I asked her about the usual things and soon learned that all her kids were out of state visiting their dad except for the youngest one. Since her divorce Cindy had not really gotten wide but she had opened herself up to more things.

As I made the finishing touches she was very happy for me helping her. I had not even noticed that she had been cooking while I had been doing what needed to be done. As I turned off the computer she told me to sit down and eat with her. After a delightful meal I was helping her in the kitchen when a loud clap of thunder rocked the house. I thought she was going to jump out of her skin.

After we had put the last dish away it happened again and she threw herself against me like a frightened child. I told her to calm down that nothing was going to happen. She knew I was about to leave but she asked me to stay a little while longer and have some wine with her. I figured that the wine would calm her down, boy was I in for a surprise. One glass turned into 2 and then the whole bottle. By that time we where both feeling the effect’s of it. Then the rain really started coming down. We were standing by the back door looking out when she leaned her head against my shoulder. At first I remembered that she was family but only by marriage so I let my arm go around her.

Then she put her arm around me. This was the really first contact the two of us had ever really had. After all I was only 10 years older that her. She went into the kitchen to get another bottle and I followed her. As we were standing in the kitchen having our wine a noticed her looking at me like I had never noticed before. She set her drink down and came toward me as I also set mine down. She put her arms around me and hugged me as I slipped my arms around her as well. She then looked up at me and before we knew it we were kissing. As she ran her hands across my back I started doing the same in return. I felt her move even closer to me and I allowed my hands to move down to her hip’s.

As we kissed Cindy began to respond more and more to the kisses and hugging. I began working on her neck and that really got to her. I felt her press even more into me by this time she could feel my hardness for sure. She pulled back for a minute and just looked at me. I picked her up and sat her on the table began kissing her more. I felt her legs part as I moved closer to her. I began unzipping her dress and felt her bare skin for the first time. I reached down and lifted the dress up until it was off of her. Next was her bra and I began to kiss and suck her breast and her erect nipples. By this time she was moaning her approval and undoing my shirt.

Once she had my shirt off she undid my pants and pushed them down as I stepped out of them in just my boxers. I leaned her back onto the table and drew her panties off. I slowly began working my way into her honey pot. At first she tried to stop me but once I slid my tongue into her she began to moan her approval it did not take long for her to have her first orgasm. I stepped out of my shorts and again moved between her legs this time I lifted her legs and entered her very slowly. As I rocked into her she locked her legs around me and started moaning my name. Just as I came in her she also came so hard the table moved. I pulled her up still in her and began kissing her and rubbing her breast.

I withdrew from her and stood her up. She stared to lead me into her room but I stopped her and pulled her close until my dick was resting against her ass. I reached around and began pulling and twisting her nipples as I did she rubbed her ass against me. I then bent her over the table and slid back into her from behind. As I fucked her she was moaning for me to fuck her good and hard. I stared really getting into her and has bouncing into her ass so hard she was asking for more and then she came again.

With this we went into her bedroom to continue. Once there she told me that was the first time she had ever done it in the kitchen. Since it was a Friday neither of us had to work the next day. I told her we could try a lot of things tonight and the next few days and she was readily agreeable. I led her to the bed and together fell into it. As we lay there kissing and fondling each other I moved her right leg up and moved between her legs and entered her again.

Once again we began fucking as I slipped my hands down toward her ass. As we going at each other I pulled her ass and my fingers entered her between her cheeks. At this we both came like to screaming demons. We rested for a while and then she began feeling me and stroking me, all the while I was playing with her and sliding my fingers in and out of her. I felt her becoming more and more turned on. I then turned her over on to her stomach and continued to work on her. I began kissing her back and neck working my way down lower.

As I reached her ass a moan come from her. I raised her ass into the air and began sliding my fingers faster into her as I licked toward her asshole. At the first touch of my tongue to Cindy’s asshole she moaned noooo. But before long it to turned into ohhhh. As I continued to fuck her pussy with my fingers I pierced her ass with my tongue. With that she began humping into me forcing my tongue deeper into her lovely little ass. I then brought another finger into play and slid it into her asshole. At that point she moaned louder into the pillow. I then inserted another finger into her tight ass which brought a cry out of her of ohhhhh yesssss.

I then moved up and entered her pussy and withdrew I then aimed my dick for that tight asshole I had been working on. Ever so slowly it slipped in until I had about 2 inches in her. I stopped to let her get use to it. As she did she pushed back and I pushed more into her until I heard a gasp. I stopped again and let her get use to having the biggest thing that had ever been in her ass. With one more push I had all 7 inches in Cindy’s ass. I slowly began moving into her. As I did she began to rock her ass back against me. The more she loosened up the more she rocked into me. I kept my pace slow as I wanted it to last as long as possible. Then Cindy began shaking and coming again. That was all I needed as I began the move more forcefully into her ass. I as fucked into her ass harder she began moaning and coming again. When she did I came in her ass. I rolled us on to our sides and we fell asleep with my dick still buried in her ass.

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