Wife’s Idea

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Mike started thrusting harder, deeper and I knew he was ready to climax. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock explode inside me. I pushed back as hard as I could and then it happened. He held my hips tight, taking full control, then moaned uncontrollably. I knew at that very moment he was pumping his load deep inside me.

He started swaying from side to side as his orgasm took control of his body and I swayed with him receiving his sperm. After what seemed like years, Mike pulled his cock from me and I collapsed on the bed.

I lay there in an erotic haze, drifting in a sea of passion. I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced. In all my life, I would never have guessed that it could be nearly that intense.

But the boys were not finished with me yet. It appeared they wanted me to have a full male-male experience. I felt hands along my body and suddenly I was turned over, my erection exposed upward. I felt two sets of hands wrap around my cock and balls. With the taste of Jordan still in my mouth, my ass lost without Mike’s cock, they began to pleasure me.

The feeling of two pleasuring me at once was beyond description. I just closed my eyes and luxuriated in the sensations washing over me. First Jordan took my in his mouth and began worshipping my cock. Now they say that no one gives a blowjob better than another man and Jordan seemed intent on proving that.

Now Pam loves to suck my cock and she can get me hard in about three seconds. There is nothing I like better than to feel her lips wrap around the end of my cock. But Jordan was entirely a different story. He knew every little thing about my cock. His tongue was everywhere, doing everything, and I was going crazy.

As Jordan expertly sucked my cock, Mike scooted underneath and danced his tongue along my balls. The combination of the two was indescribable. Once again I felt like I was being taken, they were in control.

After some length of time, they switched places. It was clear that Mike loved the head of my cock. He slipped it just past his lips and then danced his tongue around the mushroom shaped head driving me this side of insane. Then he applied this sucking sensation, running the tip back and forth across his lips while teasing my slit with his tongue.

Just when I thought I was in heaven, Mike pulled my cock free and then held it straight out between them. Then I felt two tongues, one on each side, teasing, licking and sucking. It was more than I could have imagined. They took turns sucking the end inside their mouths; sucking hard and then letting the other take his shot. I was totally convinced that my cock was the only thing keeping them alive.

I started moaning and swaying, taken by the sensations that flooded my mind. The boys knew I was close to orgasm, and as if by pre-arranged instructions, went into full slurping mode. The increased intensity was just too much and I felt myself growing feint. Then it happened.

The sperm came rushing up from my balls and shot out the end of my cock with such force that it struck Mike in the face. He quickly took the end of my cock inside his mouth and sucked the next spurt from me. He just as quickly turned my cock over to Jordan so he could get some as well. He wasted no time sucking the next few spurts from me as well. By the time I had emptied my balls I was totally exhausted.

I slipped into a dreamlike state filled with erotic sensations and visions. Somewhere in a far off place I heard the boys putting on their clothes and getting ready to leave. I was too exhausted to move. I was surprised by what happened next. I heard Pam giving the boys some money saying, “That was great guys… he never suspected a thing. I’ll give you a call when we are ready to go again.”

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