Wife’s Idea

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It started with my wife Pam. She has a love for cock that I have never witnessed before in anyone else. She is constantly playing with mine, in public and private; she can’t keep her hands off of it. She loves to tease me, loves to watch me grow hard, and loves to suck endlessly on it afterwards. She takes great pleasure in slurping my cock in the most delicious ways and always insists that I watch while she performs her magic. Slow, fast, deep, soft; she does it all and it’s incredible. I have to admit that after two years of watching her supreme enjoyment has caused me to be curious of the act myself.

It was a Saturday night and we were both feeling the need to get out of the house. We decided to get dressed up and go dancing. Pam dressed to the nines in a low cut dress that had a pretty short hemline. We went to a dance club for some drinks and it wasn’t long before many of the men inside were eyeing Pam. She gave them her famous ‘fuck me’ look and a few came by the table and asked graciously if they might dance with my wife. I didn’t mind and I knew Pam loved the attention, so I always said yes.

One guy came by for a dance and I could tell Pam was really interested in him. They got up to dance and I watched from the table. While they were up the music went slow and they held each other close for a slow dance. I watched them dance and noticed one of Pam’s hands was missing from around the guy’s waist. On closer inspection, I saw that she had worked it down between them and knew she had to be playing with the guy’s cock!

Now we hadn’t talked about this. I didn’t know what had gotten into my wife, but decided to sit back and watch. I knew exactly what she was doing to him because she had done it to me a thousand times before. I could see his hips thrusting ever so slightly and knew he had to be horny as hell. I wasn’t sure where this was going, or what she had in mind, but decided to let things unfold and see what happened. When they came back to the table I invited him to share a drink with us, which he quickly accepted. I did notice that his pants did a poor job of hiding the massive erection he was sporting compliments of my wife.

We talked and sipped our drinks getting to know each other. I noticed Mike had this huge smile on his face during the entire conversation. Then I noticed that Pam’s hand was under the table and knew she had to be playing with his cock! Jokingly I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she just smiled. I then felt her hand find mine under the table and guide it to what ended up being Mike’s lap where I felt the warmth of his exposed cock sticking up through the zipper of his pants.

“Pam!” I shouted withdrawing my hand quickly. I felt a flush come over my face. I wasn’t sure if it was from anger, shock or the fact that I had just touched another guy’s cock for the very first time in my life.

“No, no, no” she said sweetly. She grabbed my hand once again and placed it on Mike’s cock. “Feel the size of his cock!” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. But as she said it I was struck with the fact that his cock was huge! It was thick and long, and hard as a rock. I found myself unconsciously running my hand up and down its length gauging its size.

I knew that Pam would love to suck a cock of this size and the thought of watching her do so certainly intrigued me. I even envisioned them fucking with this cock splitting her in two. That intrigued me as well. We had never talked about having sex with another man, but if we were, Mike certainly seemed right for the job.

Suddenly I came to my senses and realized what I was doing. I released his cock and withdrew my hand back into my own lap only to find the two of them smiling back at me.

“Can we take him home?” Pam asked with lust-filled eyes. There was no way I could refuse her a cock like Mike’s. The thought of watching her with such a magnificent specimen had me going and I said yes. Mike readily agreed, but asked what to do about his friend Jordan who had come to the club with him. Before I could respond, Pam invited him as well and I could see we were in for a very different night.

Pam ushered everyone straight into the bedroom as soon as we got home where Mike and Jordan set about undressing my sweet wife. Soon enough she was sprawled butt-naked on the mattress and purring her approval as Mike and Jordan fondled and licked her lovely breasts while taking turns toying with her wet folds. When she could take the teasing no longer, she ordered the three of us to get undressed—and to be quick about it.

The three of us began to undress and I could see that our two visitors were making a show of it. I stood to one side so as not to interfere and continued to undress finding myself strangely curious to see them naked. I was amazed when Mike’s cock came into clear view as it was indeed as large as it felt in the club. And his friend Jordan was a close second. Both were sporting tempting erections.

Jordan knelt by Pam’s head and seconds later it disappeared between my wife’s lips as Mike positioned himself between her spread legs, feasting on her lovely, sweet pussy. I knelt at her side, savoring the sight of these two attractive studs pleasuring my wife as I idly stroked my hard-on. It was when I caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples that she exploded in her first orgasm, moaning around Jordan’s cock while Mike kept his face plastered to her convulsing sex.

When she’d calmed down some, Pam ordered Mike onto his back and then, squatting over him, asked me to guide his cock into her pussy. I bent down and took his cock in my hand once again. It felt good and I surprised myself by pumping it a few times, which he obviously enjoyed, before steering to my wife’s pussy. I held the base while she sank down consuming its entire length in one swoop.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t let go of it until she rode it a couple of times bumping into my hand each time. Somehow, we were fucking her together and I liked that. And from her moans, Pam enjoyed it too. She then looked me in the eye and asked me to guide Jordan’s cock back into her mouth.

I looked at Jordan’s hard cock, sitting just inches from her lips, and wrapped my hand around its base. His cock felt so much different than Mikes. I was amazed by how easily I had grown accustomed to handling other men’s cocks. I took the opportunity to stroke Jordan’s cock a few times and found it most erotic. I marveled at its warmth and hardness and looked up to see him smiling his approval.

Then I held the base and ran the tip across her lips lazily watching as she nibbled away with her tongue. Then I held it still and watched her consume it lovingly in her mouth. Inch by inch, her lips gobbled it up until his balls were right against her chin.

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