Wife’s First Interracial Massage

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April and I have been married for 7 years and our sex life has been strained since the birth of our first child. One of the fantasies I have had for us is to see her pleased by a big black cock. I found the way for this to happen and here is how it played out.

Let me tell you about us. My wife has blondish-brown hair, hazel eyes, stands around 5’7″ tall and is about a size 14 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass and all the people who have seen her thinks she looks good. She is very self conscious though and doesn’t think like me. I am 6’1″ tall, brown hair, hazel, eyes and 205 lbs. I am open-minded and love to play out fantasies. I brought the idea to my wife about bringing a well endowed black man in to pleasure her. She told me no way to her ever sleeping with someone else. It would break her wedding vows and she wouldn’t do it. Now on that, let me say my wife has only been with me and two guys before me, so I think that had a slot to do with it.

For several months I tried to convince her to play out this fantasy to no success. I knew that if I ever wanted this to happen, I had to either plan really well or just give up. I am not in the habit of giving up, so I thought about it for a while. I finally came up with finding her a male masseuse to massage her like never before. She had had therapeutic massages before, but this time, she was going to be in for a real treat.

I informed her on Tuesday that I had a surprise for her on Saturday night and that I was going to have the kids go to their grandparents for the weekend. She gave me the fiery go to hell look because she hates surprises. So through the week, I talked to Jonathan, the man I had found on craig’s list that previous week. I had a lot of guys reply, but Jonathan took the time to talk with me, wasn’t vulgar, and was well educated. I found out he had been through massage school. I explained to him my fantasy for her and told him that she had been unwilling to agree. He asked me about her and what she liked and didn’t like. We traded pictures and I was very impressed so I decided on using him for the massage.

Saturday night rolled around and we dropped the kids off at their grandparents. After that I took her to dinner and we enjoyed a quiet dinner without kiddos screaming and yelling. I had rented a motel room that had a Jacuzzi in it and had gone there earlier in the day with her favorite bottle of wine and the stuff we would need for the massage. I took a blind fold and glasses and some of her lingerie for the evening.

We arrived at the hotel about 8 pm and I filled the Jacuzzi with water and turned it on for her to get in and relax since Jonathan wasn’t to show up till 9:30. As she took her clothes off, I poured her a glass of wine and explained to her that she was set up to have a massage. I told her that the hotel offered massages for guest and that I had asked for them to set one up for her. She was reluctant about it but said that since I would be there, it would be ok. I told her there was nothing to worry about. I explained that I had packed a blindfold since I knew she was shy, and that she could think it was me. So at 9:00, I helped her to dry off and had her lay face down on the bed. I put the blindfold on her and nibbled at her ear just to get her going a little. I then covered her up with a towel as to make this look completely professional. I pulled out her favorite massage oil from the house which is a blend of herbs to produce an aroma for sensuality and tranquility.

At 9:30 there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and Jonathan was standing there in a nice pair of slacks, a button down dress shirt, and a nice pair of dress shoes. I said hello and he said “Hello there, my name is Jonathan and I was informed that I had a massage scheduled in this room.” I said “please come in as the massage is for April, my wife.” He entered the room and I swear he had to be 6’5″. He probably weighed 230 but was muscular and very trimmed. He made his introduction to April even though she had the blindfold on. He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it and remember it forever. He asked if there was a bathroom he could use and that he needed to change into his massage attire. I pointed him to the bathroom saying that he could change in there. As he went in to use the restroom, I could tell she was nervous. I told her I would be there the whole time and to just relax and think of me. Jonathan emerged from the bathroom with the flush of the toilet and was naked as we had discussed. He was at least 9 inches and he wasn’t even hard yet. He washed his hands and walked over to the bed. He proceeded to ask April if she was ready to begin and she nodded her head yes.

He started by standing on the side of the bed and bending over stroking her back. After a few minutes of this, he asked her if it was ok for him to kneel on the bed to get a better angle. She agreed and he knelt next to her and began to stroke and knead her back. He slowly folded the towel down to where it was just resting on her but. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. She was relaxing real well at this point and starting to take deeper breaths. He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her complete leg on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and she would gasp lightly thinking it went unheard. He finished her legs and massaged her feet and arms before asking her to turn over. He said that the towel would be in the way and asked if he could remove it off her. He told her it was totally up to her though. She agreed in what seemed to be a reluctant nod, but there was something strange about it. He removed the towel and I could see his member starting to grow as he looked at her body. She has an unshaven pussy which is one thing he was extremely happy about as it seems nowadays, every female shaves almost. He again focused on her massage and started with her upper body.

First he worked on her shoulders some more and then her stomach. He did not ask her if she was okay with the next part, but I found she was. He started massaging her breast from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see April’s stomach twitching as he did this. He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, working to turn her on more. He stopped doing that and move down to her legs again. This time he started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread enough to where he could massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy to see if she complained. After this was done for a short amount of time, he said he was going to finish her full body massage on the last part of her abdomen. He began right up where her bush started, worked her hips and all around. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy.

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