Wife’s Cocksucker

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Variations of these scenes went on for the next two hours. I took as much cock as mistress decided she wanted me to take. Tied like I was, I was helpless to resist. Eventually, every one of the men shot a load down my throat and one up my ass. When they were all satisfied, mistress said she had one more task for them to perform before they go. Lining up all four in front of me, she had them jerk off and fire one last load. Onto my face.

It was unrecognizable as the four loads mixed with the cum that was already gleaming there. As the men got dressed and left, mistress sat down on the couch in front of me with the camera in hand. She grinned wickedly as she took more pictures of my sperm-covered face, making sure to take several close-ups. Then she used her bare feet and red-nailed toes to wipe through the cum and force-feed it to me, once again making me gag on her cum dripping toes. And she took pictures of that as well…

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