Wife’s Cocksucker

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With a huge groan, the man came. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into my throat while mistress pushed my head down, forcing me to swallow the whole cock again. I had no choice about eating this load, since it was shooting directly into my spasming throat. Each gag massaged the massive cockhead, intensifying the man’s orgasm, causing more cum to shoot from his twitching penis. Mistress continued to push hard on the back of my head, making sure I kept it buried in my throat. “Eat that cum, cocksucker! Suck his cock, swallow it all!”

Finally his big cock stopped shooting, though it kept jerking in my mouth. His balls were pulled up tight next to his body and pressed hard against his chin, all the while my nose remained buried in his pubic hair. He pulled out as mistress pulled back on my hair, causing pain to shoot through my scalp. With my eyes squeezed shut, I let out a yelp. But it was suddenly cut short as another massive hard-on was shoved into my mouth. My eyes snapped open in surprise at this intrusion as the new cock pushed in until it hit the back of my throat again. When mistress heard me gag, she shoved my head down onto the throbbing penis until my lips were pressed against this man’s balls and pubic hair.

“Did you forget I said I’d have to keep you quiet when your asshole gets a cock rammed up it, cocksucker? And, after you swallow this man’s load, there are two other cocks for you to suck. Plus, they will each fuck you up the ass as well.” As she said this, mistress was pulling my head back and shoving it back down onto the huge cock stretching my lips apart.

“As a matter of fact, while I’m forcing you to suck this hard-on, the other two men will jerk off in front of you so they can cum on your face.” She shoved my head forward again, making that huge cockhead penetrate deeply inside so that my throat was bulging around it. Holding me down, she caused me to gag repeatedly. When she finally pulled back, I saw two more large cocks before me, one on each side of the man who’s huge member was currently being masturbated with my mouth. Mistress shoved down hard again, making me gag hard as my throat was filled.

Back and forth, mistress forced my mouth to go from the man’s cockhead down to the base of his thick, hard shaft. Then she pulled my head back so that about half of the cock remained between my lips as the other two men began to jerk off right before my eyes. The cock in my mouth was suddenly thrust forward as mistress pushed down on my head, impaling my throat on that big penis. Unable to breathe, I tried to struggle back but couldn’t move due to the restraints and the tight grip mistress had on my hair. As the man began to drive in and out of my mouth, mistress let go of my hair and climbed off the table. A few minutes passed as I lay there getting face-fucked while watching helplessly as the two cocks were jerked a few inches away.

My throat was spasming with every thrust, causing me to gag over and over. The man pounded in and out, his spit-slickened cock ramming into my mouth and pushing my tongue down. A bright flash to my right startled me until several more followed. I realized with dread that mistress was taking pictures of me getting face-fucked while waiting for two loads of cum to be shot onto my face. “Now we have some proof that you’re a cocksucker, slave. It looks like you’ll soon be swallowing some more cum, and I’ll have a picture of your face as you’re force-fed.

Imagine what the people at the photo place will think when the see pictures of you, tied down with a cock in your mouth and loads of sperm dripping off your face.” As she said this, I felt hands roughly spread my ass cheeks apart and pull the butt plug out of my tight hole. I tried to let out a yelp, but no one heard it due to the cock that kept slamming down my throat. Seconds later, I felt the massive cockhead of the first man pressed against my already lubricated asshole just as the two cocks in front of my began to twitch. Huge spurts of cum fired into my face as the man fucking my mouth stopped and held his hard weapon so that just the head remained between my lips.

As the two were cumming on me, the man behind me shoved his ten inch penis straight up my ass with one, lunging push. I tried to scream from the sudden pain, but the rough entry from back there pushed me forward enough to once again impale my throat on the cock in my mouth. The one up my ass was withdrawn slowly, letting my bound body settle back so that my face slid off the member shoved in it. The other two continued to shower me with their gigantic loads while mistress snapped picture after picture.

“You should see yourself, cocksucker. A big penis in each hole and cum from two different men dripping from you face. You are such a dirty whore, letting yourself be used like this. You’re nothing but a cum receptacle, cocksucker.”

Both men rammed their large weapons into me at the same time, pinning my body between them. I gagged around the cock in my throat as my asshole was tightly stretched by the ten weapon shoved up it. Mistress made sure to take plenty of pictures of my cum-covered face, and of the sperm dripping onto the cock slamming in and out of my mouth. As the man raping my ass began to fuck me with savage strokes, the man in my mouth pulled out and rubbed his member through the huge loads of sperm on my face. Mistress took close-ups of that.

Then, once it was coated in a thick layer of cum, he rammed his huge cock back into my mouth and stopped pushing only when his balls slapped against my chin. In and out, both men made sure they fucked my ass and face as roughly as they could, making me feel every inch of those massive tools. “Yeah, fuck him hard! Use that cocksucker as roughly as you want. Drive those cocks into him, fill him with your hot cum!” All the while, mistress continued to catch every degrading step on film while I remained helplessly tied down to the table, arms behind my back and legs spread wide apart. With the rapid pace they set, the two men raping me soon reached orgasm.

Each rammed his cock all the way in and held them there while they fired their large loads of sperm up my ass and down my throat. The cock in my mouth was so far inside that I had to swallow each spurt or risk choking to death on the stuff. They crushed my body between them, both pushing their spurting cocks into my body as far as they could. I was filled with cum as the stuff dripped from my sperm- drenched face.

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