Wife’s Cocksucker

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When I arrived home from work, I was met at the door by my sexy wife. She was dressed to play in a black bikini top and tight pair of shorts. I immediately noticed the bright red polish on her toes. “Strip, slave, and come into the living room.” I did so in record time and not long after, mistress had me helpless.

Blindfolded and tied kneeling over the coffee table with my ass in the air, my lips were stretched around her toes as she began to push more and more of her foot into my sucking mouth. She placed her other foot on my shoulder so that it hooked behind my head, using it to push my mouth forward. I gagged as her toes went deep into my throat. “Suck my toes, cocksucker,” she said smugly while getting me to gag again. With my hands tied tightly behind my back and ropes tied to either end of the heavy table keeping my knees spread apart as far as they would go, I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

To top things off, my asshole was tightly stretched by a butt plug mistress had shoved up there after tying me down. She slowly pulled her foot from my mouth, until only her red-nailed toes remained between my lips. Saliva ran down my chin, making my goatee wet. Then she shoved her foot back in while pushing my head forward with the other, causing me to gag as her toes penetrated my throat again. “It’s a shame my toes aren’t covered in cum, cocksucker. I’d make you suck it all off until they were clean,” as she continued to foot-fuck my mouth. This went on for nearly an hour; she watched TV while keeping me mostly quiet by making me suck her toes. The only sound I could make was gagging.

Then I felt as if someone was standing in front of me. It couldn’t be mistress, her toes were still far down my throat. I had no way to ask, since her foot made quite an effective gag. “Don’t say one word when I pull my toes out of your mouth, slave. If you do, I’ll get my riding crop and beat your ass black and blue.” Needless to say, I didn’t make a sound when she pulled her foot from between my lips.

A few minutes passed, filled with a strange sound I couldn’t identify. My blindfold was suddenly pulled up. Right in front of my face was a large throbbing cock, the head mere inches from my lips. The sound I had been hearing was from mistress using her feet to jack off this massive tube of flesh right before my eyes. It was circumcised and a dark shade of red, darker then the polish on the toes sliding up and down its ten inch length.

As she masturbated this huge cock, mistress said, “I plan to jerk his cock with my feet until he gets ready to cum, then guide it into your mouth so he can shoot his load of cum down your throat. He hasn’t cum in about two weeks so it should be quite a lot of sperm for you to eat, cocksucker. If you don’t swallow every drop he shoots, I will have him fuck you up the ass so he can cum up there as well. So get ready, slave, you’re about to be force-fed the cum of another man!” Her feet flew back and forth, jacking off that huge penis in a furious display of energy. Bound as I was, I could do nothing but lie there and wait for this humiliating thing to happen. I couldn’t believe my mistress wanted to make me swallow this man’s cum, any man’s cum!

Precum dripped steadily from the pulsing cockhead, precum that she took great pleasure in using to further lubricate the man’s meat. He grunted something to her, causing mistress to let go of his cock and hook both of her big toes into the corners of my lips and pull them open. Wasting no time, the man thrust his wet cockhead right into my defenseless mouth. Mistress then used her toes on him again, jerking him off while he held that big cockhead between my stretched lips. He groaned again and mistress said, “Here it comes, slave. Swallow every drop, or else it’s your ass!”

Then his hot cock twitched hard and a large spurt of cum shot from deep within his balls. I swallowed frantically, trying to keep up with the huge load that he kept firing into my mouth. But mistress used her feet to pull back on his cock while lightly squeezing it with her toes, pulling his spurting penis out and intensifying his orgasm. This resulted in her using her feet to finish jerking his load onto my face, showering me in the rest of his hot, sticky sperm.

Several more spurts shot out, leaving my visage covered. Mistress rubbed her feet through the mess, further spreading it around and serving to coat her toes. Once she decided there was enough on them, she shoved her cum-dripping toes deeply into my mouth with a happy sigh, thoroughly enjoying forcing me to suck another man’s cum off her feet. “Well, cocksucker, you didn’t swallow all of his load, so he gets to fuck you up the ass.” She made me suck her toes until they were completely clean, then pulled her foot out and hooked it behind my head. Pushing her other foot into my mouth, she forced my head forward with the clean one so that her cum-covered digits went far down my throat. During this, the man remained standing in front of me, his big cock hanging before my face in a semi-hard state.

As I gagged on her toes, mistress said, “After you finish cleaning the cum from my foot, you have another task to perform before your ass gets raped.” She took her foot from my mouth and the other from behind my head and rubbed them through the cum still dripping from my face. Once coated again, she placed them on the cock hanging in front of me and began to slowly jerk back and forth. He quickly became hard again as she covered his huge member with his own cum. Satisfied, she used her toes to force my lips apart and my mouth open.

I had no choice but to accept the wet cock as the man slowly pushed it in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw mistress get off the couch and walk behind me. Climbing onto the table, she straddled my bound body while grabbing a tight hold of the hair on the back of my head. The man kept pushing his cock in, causing me to gag as the large head hit the back of my throat. Hearing the noises I made as my throat spasmed around the massive invader, mistress pushed down hard on my head. She forced me to swallow the entire length of the penis, choking me on another man’s cock.

“Suck it, whore, swallow that cock!” She pushed my head down again, making me deep-throat the ten inch weapon and causing me to gag again, “After he fucks your face, cocksucker, he’s going to rape your asshole. And you can’t do anything about it. You get to lay there and take as much cock, eat as much cum as I want you to. I figure you’ll try to complain when he shoves his big penis up your ass, so i plan to force my toes back down your throat so we don’t have to hear you.” Another hard push from her forced my mouth all the way down that huge, hard cock. His balls were pressed against my chin and my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

She pulled back on my hair, then shoved my head down on the cock again. Several times she did this, basically masturbating his cock with my mouth. Then she held my head still so the man could fuck my face as roughly as he wanted. Ramming in and out, he fucked my mouth as if he were fucking a woman’s pussy. The man pistoned his big cock through my tightly stretched lips, not caring at all about the gagging he was making me endure. Over and over he shoved the entire length of his ten inch penis down my throat. Finally, after about ten minutes of hard face-fucking, his cock twitched and seemed to get even harder than it was before.

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