Wifely Needs

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We enjoyed the warm water of the hot tub and I took the opportunity to slide a finger into Robin’s hungry pussy. She got excited very quickly. This told me she was very excited by the prospect of getting her pussy filled by a fat black cock.

We tired of sitting in the hot tub so we got out and put our robes back on. Once her robe was on my wife quickly took her bathing suit off and wrapped it in a towel.

A few minutes later a tall black man walked into the fenced area around the hot tub. He was wearing a robe which he dropped into a chair just before he stepped into the hot tub.

He moved across the tub close to where we were seated and said, “Hello, I’m Justin, how are you folks tonight?”

“We’re great,” I replied.

“How long are you here for?” He asked.

“Just for tonight,” My wife answered.

The look in her eye told me that she wanted him badly. I looked down and saw that she had opened her legs a bit to give him an excellent view of her willing pussy. She leaned back in her chair and let her robe open enough to display part of her breasts.

Justin smiled and raised himself out of the hot tub. His wet swim shorts clung to him and left no doubt about how well endowed he was. His limp cock was bigger than mine when it was fully hard.

My wife let out a gasp when she saw his cock.

He looked at me and I nodded for him to proceed.

“We should take this to your room so we don’t get in any trouble, ” He said.

We agreed, and the three of us walked to our room. Once the door shut Justin took my wife into his arms and kissed her deeply. My wife instantly melted..

Justin took her over to the bed and sat her down on it. I sat in a nearby chair to watch as Justin took off his swim suit and let his huge cock dangle freely in front of my wife’s face. Without a word she began stroking it with her hand.

I could see her hand tremble as she stroked it.

“Suck it,” He said.

Obediently she took it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

Justin smiled, “That’s good. Keep doing that,” He said.

The pit of my stomach churned, partly with excitement and partly with anxiety. I could feel my own cock was as hard as a rock underneath my swim suit. I couldn’t help it, the sight of my wife sucking such a large black cock was a huge turn on for me.

Justin’s cock grew in Robin’s mouth. As hard as she tried, she could only manage to get about half of it in her mouth.

Justin’s cock was now about nine inches long and very thick. He was much bigger than Robin’s toy, and at least twice the size of my just average cock. I began to wonder if he would hurt her pussy with his monster meat.

Justin pulled his cock out of her mouth and eased her back onto the bed. He had her lay on her stomach facing me while her legs and ass hung off opposite side of the bed.

“Are you enjoying the show?” She asked teasingly.

“Very much,” I replied.

Justin positioned himself behind Robin and pressed the head of his cock up to the opening of her drenched pussy. He rubbed the head around the opening to coat it with her juices before beginning to press it into her.

Robin let out a gasp when the head of his cock entered her.

To his credit, Justin took his time and entered Robin by pressing in a little, and then pulling his cock back a little before pressing it in a little deeper.

Robin’s excitement was obvious, she panted like a bitch in heat. I saw in her eyes the look of a woman who was in hungry for what was coming next.

As Justin steadily continued his exploration of the depths of my wife’s pussy, I walked around to a position next to him to get a view of his cock in my wife’s pussy.

“How is it going?” I said, half joking.

Justin had a little more than half the length of his cock inside of her. He looked at me and smiled,

“It’s going pretty well. Her pussy is opening up nicely,” He said.

I reached out and placed my hand on my wife’s ass and ran it slowly up to her shoulders. I bent down and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Come here,” She said.

I knelt down beside the bed so my face was level with hers, “Feel good sweetheart?” I asked.

“Fucking unbelievable,” She replied, breathing heavily.

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