Wife Exchange

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“Are you ready to fuck me, Bob?” she asked, pausing her oral mistrations but still stroking his meat, “Are you ready to stick your big, fat cock into my wet pussy?”

“Oh…” Bob gasped, still in awe of the moment, stunned by Isabel’s raw language,“Sure. Yes.”

“Come here,” Isabel said as she stretched on the bed, her legs open, “come and fuck me deep, baby, fuck my wet cunt.”

Then it happened, before my eyes. His cock vanished between her legs, the thickness inside her as she moaned in delight and pushed up, meeting his thrust. There was my wife, legs wide open, taking Bob’s cock to the hilt, his shaft slick with her wetness.

“ Oh, Bob,” she moaned loudly, “let me be your whore… fuck me with your hard cock…yes, grab me hard…use me as fuck toy, Bob….yes, yes, you slam your cock into me…oh, you are so hard and thick….my husband wants to see me get fucked by you, Bob.. he likes it….he likes to see me get fucked by other men….fuck me, Bob….oh yes, fuck my wet cunt… fuck me hard…Fill my cunt with your cum, Bob, fuck me like a whore…”

Bob was silent but active, on top of her, pumping his hips to a rhythm of motion, a cadence of penetration and withdrawal and I watched from the closet while Sal stroked my cock and I fingered her. I looked at my wife, legs open, the thick cock sliding into her smooth cunt, her hips bucking against him, fucking back while they frenched kissed, their faces glistening with each other’s juices. They rolled over and she went on top, his cock vanishing into the slit between her legs. This was Isabel, my wife of fifteen years, her nipples hard as they rubbed against my friend’s chest, her chestnut mane of hair twirling around as she rode his meat, bucking and twisting, moaning and talking while Bob gasped and fucked her in amazed silence.

———————— ————————-

Every second was exciting, from sucking him to have him impale me with his fat cock, everything was beyond description.

His cock had fucked my mouth well, as I looked towards the closet door. Was Nick playing with himself while his wife sucked a friend’s thick cock? Was Sal playing with my husband as they watched me blow her husband?

I licked Bob’s cock with total lust, thrilled at the feeling of a new dick upon my lips. It tasted and smelled different than my husband’s and I enjoyed it, licking the head and shaft while my fingernails caressed his hairy balls. I felt like a whore sucking him and I liked the feeling.

I teased him.

“Are you ready to fuck me, Bob?” I said “ Are you ready to stick your big, fat cock into my wet pussy?”

“Oh…Sure. Yes.”

“Come here,” I said as I stretched on the bed, my legs wide, “come and fuck me deep, baby, fuck my wet cunt.”

Suddenly, Bob was above me, his weight coming down on me, his thick cock sliding into the wet folds of my cunt. He pumped his hips, pushing his dick deep into me and I responded, grunting with animal pleasure, opening my legs more, feeling his meat lodged tight inside me.

“Oh, Bob, fuck me. I am so wet….feels so good…oh yeah…oh…I like…you…enjoy me…”

We moved and moaned while our mates watched in secrecy. I thought of my husband looking at me, at Bob on top me, cock inside cunt, his hardness inside me… Sex had never been so erotic or wantonly wicked. I contracted my cunt muscles, squeezing his thickness and he gasped in delight, his tongue flicking out, licking my face.

I was loving Bob’s cock inside me. I rolled over, now on top, opened my legs wide and pushed down on his thick head, feeling his hardness inside me. I was filled with lust and the more I talked to Bob the harder his meat became.

“Oh, Bob…” I said as I rode him, “you have a horse cock….it feels so warm inside my wet cunt…use me….I’m your fuck toy….fuck me good with that horse cock…oh, Bob you are so hard, so stiff….fuck me good….fuck me nasty with your horse cock, Bob….give it to me… I’m your nasty, cock sucking whore.”

————————- ————————-

In the closet Sal sensed I was coming and went down on her knees, my shaft sliding into her mouth as I came, biting my lip so I would not scream and betray my position. As I exploded in Sally’s mouth I saw my wife and her lover also orgasm.

“Oh…Bob!” Isabel screamed, “I’m ….now….you fuck so sweet….with that thick cock…come baby….come to your whore, your fuck toy…. OOOOHHHH!…. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!”

Isabel collapsed on top of Bob. For about two minutes the only thing happening was the sound of the stereo as both bodies were tangled, unmoving on the bed. Sal and I were on our knees, also recuperating from our own orgasmic releases.

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