Wife Exchange

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It took me a couple of minutes to catch my breath.

“So what’s the surprise?” I asked.

“From a phone conversation we had today, Bob knows about the swinging, but believes that it will take place on Saturday, not tonight. I drove here in your wife’s car, so when Bob gets home in an hour or so, he will be surprised to open the door and find Isabel waiting to be taken and I have arranged it so you and I can watch the whole thing.”

Suddenly my limp dick became hard.

“Let’s go,” I said to Sally, “This should be interesting.”


It felt strange, walking around almost naked in Sally’s home, waiting to surprise her husband with an impromtu fuck. It felt strange, but also erotic. I was naked except for a linen robe I had borrowed from Sal that was mid-thigh in length and offered a good view of flesh in the front.

I was ready. Totally ready. I had crossed the line with Sally so the line was crossed and all I could do then was let go, live out the wicked dreams of sexual lust with happy enjoyment.

Sally and Nick arrived five minutes before Bob. They parked my car around the corner and came in through the pool deck area, where the glass door had been conveniently left open. Nick, Sal and I did some light kissing and hugging, but the lights of the car coming up the driveway announced Bob’s arrival.

The master bedroom had a large walk in closet and Nick and Sally hid there, both protected by darkness but able to see the room through the slats on the wood door. The lights in the bedroom were dimmed down to a comfortable, sexy haze. As a precaution against Bob hearing noises coming from the closet, I turned on the stereo system, tuning in a soft, romantic FM station.

I heard him come in the house and my heart thumped inside my chest. This was for real, not a dirty conversation or a daydream. This was a real man and a real cock while his wife and my husband looked on.

I shivered in fear but felt the warmth between my legs moist with desire. I stood by the bed, waiting, as Bob came near, as he approached the room expecting his wife and finding me… so very ready to be fucked…

“Nice music, honey,” he said as he entered the room, “Are you ready?”

He stopped and stared, confused at finding me in his bedroom.

“I am ready.”

“I…eh…where’s Sal?”

“Fucking my husband.”

“Are you serious?”

“This is how serious I am,” I said as I opened the robe, exposing myself, “It will be good, Bob…real good.”

I let the robe fall and stood naked in front of him. I cupped my tits in my hands and the fingernails caressed my nipples. Bob was frozen, speechless.

“Oh, Bob, it’s okay…It will be real good…I am going to suck your cock dry and ride your meat like a Texas bronco…come here…”

He came into my arms and we hugged as our lips met and his hands roamed over my nude flesh.

_____________________ ________________________ ______________.

There it was, just like in the fantasy, only now it was real. There was my wife in naked splendor being gropped by my friend, his fingers probing between her legs or opening her ass cheeks while she undressed him, her hands undoing his shirt, tie and pants.

Sal and I had both undressed in the closet and now we gropped each other in the darkness of the closet without taking our eyes off the wooden slats, where we watched her husband and my wife standing by the bed, both naked, kissing and touching.

Isabel went on her knees, one hand stroking Bob’s cock while her mouth engulfed his mushroom head. With her other hand, she grabbed the back of his thighs and guided him back and forth. Bob moaned, threw his head back and clenched his ass as his cock slid in and out of her willing mouth.

My prick twitched in Sally’s hand as she stroked me in the closet. I touched her back, my hand massaging her hairy mound as we both continued staring at my wife sucking off her husband.

Isabel was sucking Bob’s dick with a flourish, letting it out, licking the sides of his shaft, circling the round cock head with her tongue and then sliding the flesh tube in and out of her mouth, his cock slick with her saliva, her fingernails teasing his balls as she increased the tempo. Isabel made wet sucking sounds as she blew him and he groaned deeply, overwhelmed by her mouth.

Isabel turned her head, continuing to suck Bob’s dick, but looking towards the closet door. She looked right into my eyes and moaned.

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