Wife Exchange

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“Watching this is so hot,” Sal said, “You are really going to be fucked hard, Isabel, from both ends.”

My husband shoved his cock against my face and my mouth found him, grasping the thick head, lapping the crown of his shaft. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue over his meat as Sal went under me, nibbling at my nipples. We all fell into a rhythm, gasping and groaning as we fucked, sucked and licked each other, hands playing with nipples, twisting and pumping, entering, slamming, fucking without inhibitions.

“Yeah, baby,” I heard my husband say, “suck my cock while Bob fucks you hard. You like it, Isabel? Sure you do, you cocksucking whore…..Yes, suck it bitch, suck it like that… Look at you getting fucked…ooh…I’m almost there…Oh…. You like it when people look at you fucking like this…”

Bob came first, filling me with his cream and I came while Sal bit my nipples with lusty abandonment. Nick did not come, holding back, allowing me to explode in orgasm, pulling his cock away from my face as he reached for Sal.

“You said you liked it up the ass,” Nick said to Sal, “So consider this your lucky day.”

————– ——————-

I fucked Sal in the ass as her husband and my wife watched, mesmerized by the situation.

My cock head forced itself through the little rosebud ring as I entered her to the hilt. Sal bucked and jerked, impaled on my rod. I began to slowly slide my cock out until her rosebud ring tightened around my meat. I felt her squeeze my head and I rammed my cock into her ass once again.

I fucked her deep, my cock disappearing between the moon globes of her ass cheeks that jiggled every time I hit bottom. I made her mine, my cock inside her ass and she surrendered completely, accepting my cock deep inside her. Slowly I slid in and out of her tight opening, increasing the power thrusts as she became more relaxed with my cock inside her rear.

My stomach was against her butt as I sodomised her and I felt the tension in her body increase, then grind back against me, her rosebud asshole tightening a grip around my hard cock. My meat was wedged between her ass cheeks and the warmth of her flesh around my dick was making it difficult to keep control, but Sal was was going beserk impaled on my cock.

“Fuck my ass,” Sal said, “fuck me, crack my ass….Oh, I love your dick in my ass…oh, yes, fuck my ass!…. Rape my behind, fuck my ass. Oh, ..fuck me, baby. I’m your toy, your whore…please do me. I’ll swallow your cum… anything you want…. Oh…Bob, look how Nick fucks my ass… fuck me in front of my husband…stick it in me, fuck me, use me…oh, fuck me Nick …. I need to be fucked in front of Bob… I want my husband to see me get fucked up the ass….. I’m …going to cum…Oh. Fuck me…ram it into me, Nick …Oh, God…Oh, yes… Yes!!…Fuck me!! Oh, God, ..I’m coming…OOOOOHHHHH!!…Fuck me!!… OOOOOHHH!!”

She came but I kept on pumping, going in as far I could go. I filled her up completely, stretching her on all sides and she responded by tightening her ass cheeks around my cock. It was intense…the hard pounding inside her behind, rough thrusts into her, drilling into her ass, sweet ass as she moaned, groaned, spasmic jolts running through her and my cock dripped my cream inside her willing behind.

It was a great foursome.

A Good Exchange Between Friends

“You like it? You like my cock in you, inside your hairy, wet cunt?”

“Yes…I love your cock….Oh…Oh…I’m almost…there…fuck me…fuck me… fuck me…I love your dick.”

“Take some more,” I said as I rammed my cock deep into her, my hands grasping her waist from behind, guiding her, “Here’s more cock for you, for your wet cunt…here’s my dick right inside you….deep in you…”

“ Ooh, yes, just like that…Oh, yes, use me…fuck me good…what a sweet cock… I am close…yes…..fuck me deep with that thick dick…Oh…Oh….OOOOOHHHHH…OH….I am… there…..OOOOHHHH….YYYYYYEEEEESSSS!!!”

Her ass was pressed against my belly as I pumped my load, my hands grasping her waist, pulling her against me as she made animal sounds, her body shaking, trembling, her breathing gasping and uneven as she was jolted by her orgasm.

My own orgasm followed, my senses exploding as I emptied myself into her, felt her contracting her cunt muscles, gripping my meat, milking me and I moaned as I came, then collapsed by her side.

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