Wife Exchange

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”You like me rubbing the tip of my dick over your earlobe like this?”

“Oh… yes, you are driving me crazy.”

“Look at your wife, Bob,” I said, “Look how she begs for dick while she fingers herself.”

“I’m going crazy also,” he said as he stroked himself.

“I want cock…anywhere; in my mouth, ass or cunt…. Please Nick, let me have some cock.”

“Not good enough,” I said.

“Please, I will do anything…I ….please…you are driving me crazy…put your dick in my mouth. I want to suck your cock. Please, I want it, I do, please… I want your meat in my mouth. Please, fuck my face hard.”

“Bob, your wife wants my dick. Where do you want me to put it, Sal?”

“In …my mouth.”

“Are you going to suck it hard?”

“Yes…any way you want. Hard, soft, slow or fast, I need your cock.”

“Beg some more.”

“Shit! You are torturing me…..I need to be fucked now, I want to feel penetrated… do it…. Be as dirty as you want…touch me….defile me, abuse me, fuck me in every hole and use me like a slut… I want to be fucked and suck your dick.”

“Not good enough.”

“What do you want me to say? Fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock.. abuse me… Please fuck my mouth. I am a dick licking slut and I want to suck and fuck both of you.”

I took my time. The tip of my dick barely touched her lips and she opened her mouth, anticipating me, but I entered slowly, the thickness of my flesh sliding on her tongue. Sal took me willingly; sucking until my testicles slapped against her chin and her face pressed against my hairy belly. Her tongue curled around my cock as she sucked with a desperate hunger. I ran my hands through her hair, guiding her head as I fucked her mouth.

“Hey Bob,” I said, “Check out your cocksucking wife. She’s good at giving head and later this afternoon I’m going to fuck her ass. Did you hear that, girl? I’m going to put my dick inside your ass when my wife gets here…. Sal, you suck dick like a pro.”

Her tongue felt wet against the underside of my cock as I moved my hips back and forth, fucking her face. Sal kissed, licked and nibbled down the shaft, back up, tongue sliding along its length and took the purple head in her mouth. Her hands wrapped around the base and she stroked me while her other hand fondled my balls.

“I’m going to fuck her soon, Bob. You want her mouth while I fuck her?”

Bob did not waste time. He entered her mouth as I kneeled behind Sal, grasping her waist and jamming my cock into the wet folds of her cunt. I pumped my hips, pushing my prick deep into her and she opened herself more, enjoying the two cocks in her.

“Here we go, Bob” I said, “Look at the way she takes a cock up her cunt. She’s soaked.”

Sal pushed back against my cock, her cunt contracting and tightening around my meat and I pushed harder, moving and moaning, cock inside cunt filling her. We rocked back and forth, fucking, sucking, pounding a rythm, licking and grasping.

“Her cunt is soaked, Bob. She’s giving you good head. Look at that head bob up and down. Sal you suck dick like an experienced slut…. Can you see my cock sliding in and out of your wife?”

I knew how to thrill her with my cock, pumping from behind real slow, penetrating -sliding in and out- almost pulling out before plunging back in hard and deeply. She was sucking off Bob, and making grunting, harsh noises and I increased my tempo. Sal bucked back, driving herself against me, taking my hardness to the hilt. She writhed in pleasure as she sucked Bob’s prick and took my dick into her wet cunt.

Bob came first, shuddering, moaning, and exploding in his wife’s mouth as he watched me fucking his wife. Sal took the load, swallowed and concentrated on my cock, pushing back against me hard as she talked to her husband.

“Oh, Bob, he’s fucking me. Nick’s cock feels so good…oh yeah…oh, oh…I like…you to see me get …fucked… fucked just like you want…fuck me, Nick. Fuck me like a whore….fuck my cunt in front of my husband….stick it in me, fuck me, use me…oh, please use me like a whore. I’m almost there…”

Do you want more?” I asked.

“Yes, you dirty, fucking animal,” Sal grunted in response, “Fuck me. Take me and use me, fuck me hard! I’ll be your whore!”

I used her, rode her hard, pumping into her, grabbing her hips, guiding her, sticking my fat meat into her hole and she moaned in delight, pushing back, both coming together, in spasmic, deep orgasms that jolted our bodies, leaving all three of us drained, satisfied, naked and stoned on the pool deck.

“Save some energy,” I said, gasping for breath, “Isabel will be here soon.”


When I arrived at their home, the three of them were naked. Bob and my husband were drinking beers while Sal was in the pool, floating belly up, her tits above the water.

“Did I miss something?” I asked and all answered with a laugh.

I drank a beer and puffed on a joint while they told me about their ménage au trois, describing the fucking and sucking in lurid detail.

“Nick fucked me hard…. He put his dick in my cunt in front of my husband and Bob loved it, loved seeing me get fucked by his friend. Your husband fucks like an animal, Isabel. He jammed his cock up my cunt and moved hard and fast and filled me with his meat…”

The description of their liason made me very wet. I stripped down naked, the same as them, and we went into the pool.

After a few minutes of splashing around and more sex talk, Bob came up behind me, his prick rubbing against my ass then all three were all over me. Hands grasped my boobs, pinched my nipples, caresed my cunt as I asked to be fucked.

They placed me face down over a wood tea table in the patio, all three working on me, using me as I wanted to be used. My pussy was ready and Bob said that I needed a good fucking. I wanted Bob to fuck me, to fuck me right there in front of Nick. His cock rubbed up and down my gash. I squealed as my legs were pulled wider, then groaned as Bob shoved his fat prick deep into my cunt. It felt good, huge as he rammed into me, filling me in one long stroke, before he began to move. His cock pulled back, slid in again, then back in, pumping into me.

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