Wife Exchange

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I headed for their place before two o’clock in the afternoon. All I wore was a shirt and a pair of shorts. I carried an overnight bag with some toiletries, a couple of bottles of wine and a half ounce of a Jamaican red blend that boasted a swift and long rush.

Sal and I had worked out a fantasy and we told Bob he would be pleasantly surprised. They were both home. Bob opened the door wearing only a pair of swim trunks and beckoned me in.

“Sal just put away the groceries and went to freshen up,” he said, “let’s wait for her by the pool. Want a beer?”


I sat by the pool, on the cushioned lawn chairs and lit a joint, passing it to Bob. Not a big talker, he was numb with anxiety. After all, his fantasy of seeing his wife be fucked by a friend was about to come true.

Sal came down dressed in a green string bikini. She grabbed a beer and helped us finish the first joint and burn away the second. From the first moment we talked about sex and all three were extremely horny very fast.

“Your wife sucks cock really well, Bob,” I said and he nodded his head and smiled slightly.

“Sal is a fine cocksucker, Bob. According to my wife, Sal also knows how to lick a pussy well. Have you licked a lot of pussy, Sal?”

“Only Isabel.”

“And cock? How many men have you been with, Sal?”

“Before I married….I had about a dozen over a six or seven year period.”

“Ever have two men at once?”


“You will, soon enough.”

I reached over and pinched her nipples softly, my fingers grasping the thin fabric of her swim suit top. I winked at her, a signal that our fantasy was now set into motion.

“Look at this, Bob,” I said, “Look how I play with those tits. You know these tits, you know how hard those nipples get when you touch them just right. Look at the way she moves. Your wife is acting like a slut who wants some meat. Do you like me feeling you up, grabbing your tits in front of your husband?”

“Yes, Nick. It’s very exciting.”

Do you want a thick prick to play with, Sal?”

“Oh… yes.”

“You will have to better than that before I put my meat in one of your holes. First, remove your husband’s shorts so he can play freely with his dick. After you undress him, you will stand in front of my chair and maybe, if you beg hard, I will give you some cock.”

She nodded obediently and turned towards her husband. She tugged at his swim trunks and his dick sprang into view, hard and erect.

“Look at that, Sal,” I said, “Bob is hard just thinking how much he will enjoy seeing me fuck his wife. You must be wet also. Strip and kneel in front of me and take off my shorts.”

She moved fast, gasping softly when she saw my cock inches from her mouth.

“Don’t touch it. Touch yourself. Tell me about how a boyfriend fucked you in your college days.”

She felt her breasts with her fingertips while she looked at both us, smiling naughtily.

“I was in college….dating Bob already….his name was Armando and he was a student… he was older than us, had done a hitch in the service before college. We had dated and one night we studied together and we smoked afterwards and drank a little wine and then we were on the couch, making out. One thing led to another…”

“What happened?” Bob blurted out, one hand holding his hard prick.

“First,” Sal said as her hands roamed over her tits and down to her hairy mound, “I sucked his dick while he ate me…I was on top…. Oh, Bob, he had such a nice cock and I was so drunk and stoned…. I licked his dick and balls and came on his face and then he turned me over and fucked me doggie style. He entered me hard, his thickness stretching the walls of my cunt. Never in my life had I imagined I could be fucked so good… Armando grasped my waist pulling me towards him as his thick meat moved and pumped inside me…..I loved being fucked by Armando…. He was also the first one to fuck my ass. That took place in a cheap hotel room and I felt like a whore. It hurt at first, but I really enjoyed it after awhile. It was primitive, degrading and vulgar and his cock felt thick inside me and it was a sexual rush.”

“How many times did you fuck him?” Bob asked his wife as he touched his own hardness.

“A dozen times,” Sal answered as she toked a joint, “maybe more, maybe less. He fucked my ass outside my parent’s house also, while my parents were inside watching TV. We started by making out by the pool and I was so horny that night…. I went down on all fours by a clump of bushes near the fence and he lifted up my skirt, lubricated his cock with spit and stuck it right down my asshole. We were both quiet, not wanting to be found in a very lewd situation. The whole thing was so wild, so risky and kinky that we both came in less than two minutes. It was dirty and I loved it. I walked in the house and past my parents with my ass full of Armando’s cum.”

“Good story,” I said, “Do you like being fucked by me?”

“Oh, yes, Nick. Will you fuck me now so my husband can watch? Will you fuck my sweet ass?”

I smiled as I watched two of her fingers sink into the slit between her legs.

“I want Isabel to be here when I take your ass, but have patience and beg a little so your husband enjoys seeing you plead for another man’s cock.”

I stood up in front of the kneeling wife while her husband watched, mesmerized. As she begged and pleaded I moved around, the tip of my dick rubbing softly against her face, tracing the outline of her jaw, leaving an invisible line of moisture across her forehead.

“Please, I want to suck your cock. Please, I want it, I do, please… I want your meat in my mouth. Fuck my face.”

“Talk to me,” I said, “or I’ll stop rubbing my dick on you.”

“No!” she begged, “Please don’t stop. Let me suck your cock.”

“Convince me.”

“Oh, my God…please let me suck you…please fuck my face. I am ready. I…want your dick in my ass in my cunt in my mouth…please fuck me. Use me like a whore. Fuck me hard. Let me suck your dick, please. I need it. I will swallow but please, fuck my face.”

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