Wife Exchange

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We were both in heat and moved with some of the hesitation of a first time, but soon we developed a good rythm, our hips moving back and forth, bumping, grinding, my hands holding her, guiding her to my tempo. I was deep inside her, this naked on all fours taking my dick up her cunt woman whose husband was fucking my own wife…Sally knew how to fuck. She knew what she was doing. Knew it well, for she would allow me to guide her but would set her own rythm, contracting, holding my cock tight inside her.

“Talk dirty to me…” she said, “my husband does not talk…much.”

“I’ll talk to you,” I said, “while I fuck you, ram my meat in you…yes….oh, your cunt is wet and my cock feels hard in there…Oh, honey, you are a good piece of ass….you are a sweet fuck…a very good fuck.”

“Oh, Nick…this is great…”

“Do you like it, Sal? Do you like my meat inside you?”

“I love it….. I’m going to….come soon…oh, Nick what a great fuck you are….yes, that’s it…that’s yes, that’s it…that’s perfect….”

A Good Exchange Between Friends Ch. 02

The mate swapping night was enjoyed by all. The usually quiet Bob was outspoken over breakfast as he bubbled over how exciting it had been to fuck my wife –Isabel- while I assured him that his wife –Sal- was an outstanding bed partner.

We spent the rest of the week at our regular jobs, planning for a weekend together. Isabel and Sal being partners in the art gallery worked together and gropped and played with each other during the week.

We decided that the weekend bash would be held at their home, which boasted a backyard pool with a high wall and thick covering of trees to protect us from the eyes of prying neighbors, not that I minded in the least….


The days leading up to weekend went by slow but Sally and I kept busy at the art gallery, working hard and playing occasionally.

On Wednesday, the morning after the swap, we talked, kissed and hugged, without going further, reassuring ourselves that things had worked out very well. On Thursday we talked some more and kissed some more.

After closing on Thursday, Sal asked me if I was in a hurry to go home. I answered her with a wet kiss, which led to us making out on the office couch. We made out with gusto, licking each others’ face as we undressed.

“You like this, Sal?” I asked as I removed her blouse, “You like my hands on your tits?”

“Oh, yes and I want to suck your tits.”

Sal sucked my hard nipples as I fingered myself then moved my wet hand to her face, so she could taste me. Sal licked my hand then continued licking my naked breasts, nibbling my nipples, making me gasp.

She fingered me and I begged for her tongue inside me.

“You want me, Isabel? You want my mouth on your pussy?”

“Oh, yes,” I answered.

“I’m going to eat you sweet, Isabel.”

Sal lowered her face, kissing my bare belly, her head burrowing between my legs and she tongued me. Her thumb moved on my wet slit and touched my clit, making me moan in delight as she buried her face in my mound and I bucked, pressed her head betweeen my legs and came quickly in her mouth, my senses exploding with the excitement of the moment. I moaned in orgasm and went down between her legs, returning the favor. My face dove into her crotch and I licked her, drove my tongue deep into her hairy, wet cunt, drinking all of her nectar. My hungry lips locked onto her clit and her thights squeezed my head. I opened her legs wide, and she wiggled under my face, moaning.

I used my fingers to fuck her as I used my tongue on her wet slit. I licked her and touched her clit with my soaked fingers, rubbing her erect nub. My fingers slid inside her mound, two of them twirling inside her and she moaned, pushing against my hand. My fingers probed deeper and Sal made whimpering, moaning noises. Her hips bucked against the pressure of my tongue on her clit and she came in a hard, thrashing orgasm, her hands grasping my hair, pushing my face down between her wide open legs.

That was Thursday. On Friday Sal brought a vibrator and used it on me as soon as we closed up shop. Her hands fondled my naked tits, pinching the nipples as I grasped the vibrating plastic cock and jammed it deep between my legs while I talked the filthy trash that made Sal gasp with excitement. Dirty talk was one of her buttons and I pushed it for her enjoyment.

“You like this, Sal? Look at the thick, fat plastic dong in my cunt. Did you enjoy it when your husband fucked me? I’m so wet, Sal…. After I come I am going to take this thing and stick it between your legs while I sit on your face and you niblle on my hard clit…. That’s it. Rub your hand on my pussy while I fuck myself with this…”

“Oh, this is so incredible…”

“On Saturday, we are all going to fuck together, all four of us…. You will see me fuck your husband, suck his fat cock…. You like that? And you will suck Nick’s dick while we watch… doesn’t that make you wet?”

“Oh, you are driving me crazy. Maybe they will fuck us in the ass…. I like that…”

We went on the couch, she fingering me while I ran the vibrator up and down her wet slit. Her touch was electric and I opened my legs wider as her fingers pinched my swollen clit. She stroked her fingers into my slit, making me wet. Sal pumped two fingers inside me and I whimpered with delight.

The vibrator did his work and Sal let out a moan as she orgasmed, clinging to me, continuing to finger me and rub my clit. I came, crying out hoarsely as I spasmed with the energy of the climax, my naked, sweaty body collapsing on top of Sal’s, the vibrator rolling off the office couch to the floor.

I could not wait for Saturday afternoon.


The get together was to be an overnight affair starting Saturday afternoon. I would go over sometime after lunch while my wife Isabel would have to stay at the art gallery until four o’clock. Sal would work at the art gallery until noon and then go munchie shopping for our foursome orgy.

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