Wife Exchange

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I blushed and Sally smiled.

“You have, haven’t you? That’s flattering.”

“It was just one of those things, Sal…you know, a fantasy to make the sex more interesting.”

Sally smiled again .

“Want to?” she asked.

I hesitated answering. Was she serious?

“Chicken?” she asked, enjoying her friendly teasing as she placed the “closed” sign on the store door.

“No,” I said, “and neither is Nick.”

“Of course he would not be. Men are always ready, it is us gals who need convincing…”

“ How about you guys?” I asked, “Have you ever talked about it?”

“Sure, like all men he wants it, but I always say no because I don’t want to do it with a stranger or know how to approach the topic to a friend. Now that the subject has come up, I’m willing to do it with you guys, to trade for fun, and it will only take me a minute to convince Bob. How about it?”

“It sounds very erotic but I still have doubts…when would we do this?”

We decided to set a date for Saturday night, as soon as we obtained our husbands’ agreement, which was deemed to be easy.

“Oops,” Sally said as we were closing up in the back office, “one topic we did not discuss.”

“You mean….?”

“Yes,” she said, “every man’s fantasy of two women…they will ask. You know they will ask.”

In all our years as friends, including as college roomates, we had not engaged in any sexual play. Being roomates we had seen each other naked often, but nothing had ever happened. Now, Sally was right. If we did swapping, the boys would surely request some girl-girl action. What would we say?

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “I… I’ve never had a woman… I’ve known you so long it could be difficult… but…also possible… If I did it, then it would have to be just us, at least the first time. How do you feel about it?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “you have always been my best friend…. I feel comfortable with you…”

“Have you ever fantasized about something like this, us… getting together?” Sally asked.

She caught me by surprise and I did not answer right away, remembering one time, after a few drinks when I had masturbated in the shower of our dorm, thinking what it would be like to make out naked with Sally, to touch her…

“Well?” Sally asked again.

“I…once or twice.”

“Me too,” she said.

I did not know whether to leave or continue talking. My face felt flush with sexual hunger. How far was I willing to go?

“Bob is attending a banking dinner,” Sally said, “and won’t be home until late. If you want to stop by my house, we could…you know… have five or six hours….Listen, just forget I said anything…”

“I’ll follow you in my car,” I answered, surprising myself.

——————– ———————— ———————-

I was alone in the house, just showered and dressed only in a long terry cloth robe, when Isabel called me on her cel phone, telling me she was on her way to Sally’s house to break the ice for our festivities planned for the weekend.

“Sally and I are going to start this by ourselves,” Isabel said, “and I’ll tell you all the details when I get home.”

I was stunned and incredibly aroused. For several hours I paced around the house, smoking, drinking a beer, turning the TV on and off. I could not concentrate on anything, thinking about my wife and Sally in a naked embrace.

——————– —————— ————————-

It happened fast, with little talking. I entered Sally’s home and we kissed right in the living room, petted, reasured each other, kissed and petted some more, undressing each other in a somewhat awkward, yet exciting moment.

We went into a naked embrace on her living room couch, kissing, when Sally opened her legs and I went down on her, tasting a woman for the first time, feeling her juices on my lips and face. It was wicked and dirty and I buried my face in my best friend’s mound and lapped her clit as she bucked and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her wet snatch. She opened her legs even more and pushed upwards, pressing her wet slit against my face while her lips kissed the opening between my legs.

We took turns, switched and she was above me, touching, probing, kissing, nibbling, whispering in my ear how much she was enjoying her first experience. We rolled on the carpeted floor, kissing, licking, our body heat making us feverish with desire and raw lust. We nibbled on each other’s nipples and frenched like teenagers.

I tasted her sweet juice and felt the feverish heat of her warm flesh, as I licked her clit and folds, swirling and swallowing. I reached up and grabbed her round asscheeks with my hands, opening her slit even more as she pushed into me, face fucking me as she let out an animal moan and her mouth buried into my slit, her tongue flicking out, licking the clit, playing, teasing and my hands graspped her tits, the fingers rubbing the hard nipples as she continued licking me, raking my cunt and ass cheeks with her fingernails.

“Oh, yes, Sal,” I moaned, “lick my cunt, eat me good, use me…. yes, honey, eat me, taste me good…”

Sally was beyond herself. She later confessed that Bob was not very vocal in bed, so the hard language was a new experience that she totally enjoyed. She buried her face between my legs and I answered the same, enjoying the intimacy of my best friend, nibbling her wet mound until we both came together, the whip of the orgasm jolt rushing through our bodies.

We cuddled for awhile, then showered together, soaping each other, fingers touching each other’s slits, pinching nipples as we kissed each other.

“We still have a few hours,” Sally said as she turned off the shower and reached for a towel.

——————— —————————- ———————–

I was horny, dressed only with a long terry cloth robe, my cock semi-hard with anticipation as I waited for Isabel to come home and tell me of her first liason with Sally. I pictured them in bed, licking and kissing each other as the minutes ticked by slowly.

When I saw the lights of Isabel’s car turn into our driveway I was instantly aroused. I walked towards the foyer as the front door opened and Sally –dressed in shorts and a tube top- entered the house, holding my wife’s house keys in her hand.

“Sally, what are you doing here?” I asked, “Where’s Isabel?”

“Back at my house, waiting for Bob to come home so she can fuck and suck my husband as I come to suck and fuck hers…”

“I thought it was set for Saturday…”

“Why wait?” she said, giggling in a girlish manner.

We kissed and I wrapped my arms around her, then kissed some more. We moved to the living room couch were we continued kissing and petting, the tube top and the shorts soon on the floor as Sally kneeled naked on the couch in front of me. Unlike Isabel, who shaved her mound smooth, Sal had a hairy bush that was dark and inviting.

I undressed, the tip of my dick grazing her lips as she opened her mouth, anticipating me, but I entered her mouth slowly, the thickness of my flesh sliding on her tongue. Sal took me willingly; sucking me until my testicles slapped against her chin and her face was pressed against my naked belly.

“Talk to me,” Sally said as she paused for a moment, “the way you like to talk to Isabel.”

“She told you?”

“She did, right after we spent about an hour with each other….Oh, that made you even harder. Yes, Nick, I did your wife and she did me. She told me you both get off with dirty talk, which is something Bob and I never really use, but today you wife called me names and it turned me on… Now talk dirty to me while I suck your cock. I have another surprise for later.”

“You give good head my whore,” I said as my hips bucked in motion, the meat between his legs sliding back and forth in Sally’s mouth, “Oh, yes…lick the underside. Bob is a lucky guy to have a cocksucker like you….with those pouty lips……that tongue of yours feels real good on my balls….my wife must have enjoyed your mouth…yeah, make mydick slick in your mouth…..Do you like my cock?”

She grunted an affirmation; her tongue licking the pulsating flesh, her teeth nibbling at the tip of the head as she delighted in the sheer sexual energy of the moment.

“Yes,” I said, “just like that, you cocksucker. Sal, you suck dick like a pro. I love your mouth on my meat….oh, Sal, I enjoy fucking your face.”

She had warmed up fast. Her skin was warm with desire as she moved away from my cock, turned around and assumed the doggy position, on all fours.

“Fuck me now,” she said, “and I will reward you with a surprise later.”

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