Wife Exchange

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There is nothing that compares to seeing a man mount my wife. I have seen it, the thick cock sliding into her, her hips bucking against him, fucking back while they frenched kissed, their faces glistening with each other’s juices. This was Isabel, my wife of fifteen years, her nipples hard as they rubbed against my friend’s chest, her chestnut mane of hair twirling around as she rode his meat, bucking and twisting until she exploded as he came inside her…

Until recently it was a fantasy, a game, stories we made up to get us hot, to spice up life after fifteen years of marriage. Isabel is a sensual woman, but although she enjoyed such adventures as sex in public areas or light bondage, she always refused a threesome or swapping situation.

A Saturday night, several months ago, we went to the theatre with Bob and Sally. Bob is our age –thirty-eight- and is a computer programmer for a bank. Sally is my wife’s best friend since childhood and her partner in a Miami Beach art gallery that does very well. As for myself –my name is Nick- I earn a fair living as a real estate broker and property manager.

Isabel and Sally have known each other for over thirty years and are often mistaken for sisters. They grew up as neighbors, shared gossip, double dated, were college roomates and became partners in the gallery. Both are fair skinned; Isabel is the larger of the two at five-eight, a couple of inches taller than Sally, who is a striking woman with short, dark hair and pouty lips that make a man go hard with desire. I envied Bob knowing the feeling of having those lips wrapped around his cock, but since the grass is always greener… I also figured the sight of Isabel in a bathing suit at our pool parties had surely made him hard more than once. He probably stroked himself often thinking about my wife as I had handled my own cock while thinking what a blowjob from Sally would feel like, her wet mouth around my hardness.

The theatre we went to in South Beach was showing a French movie that was advertised as a comedy, but was very erotic, dealing with two couples swinging together at a cottage in the woods. I enjoyed the movie and was aroused more than once, but little did I suspect the effect it would have on my wife.

That night, as soon as we were home alone, she went down and took my cock in her mouth. In between nibbling and licking, she spoke with lust in a hard, vulgar language, which I always enjoyed because we are very vocal and creative in our lovemaking.

“You like this Nick?” she said, “Do you like me sucking your cock, or should I pretend that this meat belongs to Bob?”

I was somewhat surprised. Although we often introduced a third party in our sexual foreplay, it was usually a stranger or celebrity, never a friend. Bringing up Bob’s name gave a new twist to the situation.

“Would you like it to be Bob’s cock in your hands?”

“Sure. Don’t be surprised. That movie made me hot, so hot that by the time it was over I would have said yes to going to a hotel and swapping with Bob and Sally.”

I did not complain as she stroked and sucked me, her tongue licking my shaft and testicles as she continued speaking. Was she role playing or serious?

“You like that?” she said, “You want Sally to suck your cock while I suck Bob?”

The image of Sally with my meat in her mouth made me hard as tempered steel. I was ready to burst and she sensed it, picking up the speed of the hand strokes as she continued talking.

“I’ve seen Bob in swim trunks,” Isabel said, “he’s got a thick, fat cock. I would lick him dry after he fucked my mouth. You want to see that, don’t you? Your sweet wife on her knees, sucking Bob’s fat cock, licking his meat dry, swallowing his load… or maybe you would like to see me on all fours while he takes me from behind, puts his horse cock inside my wet cunt and fucks me hard….deep, so deep…”

I pulled away, turned her around on all fours on the bed and jammed my cock into her well shaved cunt. I was pumping in a frenzy, breating hard and so was she, but still kept talking, making me harder with every word.

“Are you going to let Bob fuck me like this? Do you want me to pretend you are Bob?”

“Yes…pretend Bob is…fucking you.”

“ Oh, Bob, let me be your whore…I like to be used like a fuck toy, Bob, to feel you slam your cock into me…oh, you are so hard….my husband wants to see me get fucked by you, Bob.. my husband likes to see me get fucked by other men….I want to fuck you and lick your hairy balls… I want your dick in me, Bob….oh yes, fuck my wet cunt… fuck me hard…Fill my cunt with your cum, Bob, fuck me like a whore…”

Our orgasm was intense and afterwards she avoided the topic but I knew that the desire was there, buried underneath the fear of a new experience.

———————————– ————————— ———————-

I married young and was somewhat inexperienced in sexual matters. I only had two lovers before Nick. One was my high school sweetheart who took my cherry in the back seat of a Buick and faded from my life when I went to college and he joined the army. The second one was a college boyfriend who was pretty orthodox and lacked imagination.

Since marrying Nick I had never considered a walk on the swinging side. I am a member of charity groups and community organizations. My whole adult life –fifteen years of marriage- have been dedicated to my home, sex with my husband and my partnership in an art gallery.

I am not a prude. Nick and I have always had a good sex life and I have been open-minded. He taught me to enjoy sex and I have learned well. The first thing we discovered was “dirty talk,” finding it very erotic to vocalize harsh, agressive fantasies, some of which we had acted upon, like giving my husband many a blowjob using ice cubes, honey, whipped cream or wine while he called me a dick licking slut.

We also discovered a mutual enjoyment for outdoors sex. We fucked on rooftops, boats, beaches, a public park, naked on the ground, by the light of day and even parked like teenagers on isolated roads, humping on the back seat. A most exciting experience happened in an alley, against the wall of a warehouse, late at night, while a security car drove past without spotting us. I felt like a whore that night, kneeling on the asphalt alleway, taking Nick’s cock in my mouth, sucking him until he exploded in my mouth.

We enjoyed role playing, improvising scenes and situations. I was a teacher seducing a student or a hooker entertaining a client or a nympho nurse giving blowjobs to patients. My favorite role was playing a college student who is raped and dominated by a ganster. The last time we did that scene I started out wearing an old dress that he ripped up as he chased me around the house, wrestling me and pinning me down by the foyer. I ended up tied-up on the bathroom tile floor while my husband spanked me before he pounded my ass with his sweet cock, unloading his warmth into me as I begged for more.

The concept of others in our sexual universe was only a fantasy, usually involving celebrities or strangers –never people we knew- and our reality was one-on-one with each other for fifteen years but that French movie set me off. It was not hard porno but it had provocative scenes and a plot with a hot, teasing build up and it boiled my blood just right. I watched the movie flushed with sexual warmth, wishing I was the one in bed with the hairy Parisian actor.

It was daring of me to suggest a fantasy with Bob and Sally but I felt comfortable with both of them. I did not intend to really swing, yet I felt safe indulging in a fantasy about it….perhaps I wanted it to happen, although at the time it was just a fantasy, but Nick picked up on it and would mention it often as we made love.

“Wouldn’t you like Bob to be here right now? Would you like me to watch you being fucked by another man? Imagine he is rubbing his cock against you, ready to fuck you…”

“Yes,” I would gasp as he fucked me, “yes. I want you to look at me as Bob fucks me…I want.. his dick and he sticks it….right in my cunt…and he slides back and forth while you watch, then come closer…It feels good to be fucked by Bob and I lick your cock while he fucks me.”

“I want to see you take Bob’s fat cock up your cunt,” Nick would say, “I want to see another man put his thick dick in your mouth, sucking cock like a slut.”

”And I want to see you fuck Sally,” I answered back, “I want to see your face buried in her wet pussy.”

The thought of a foursome seemed very exciting. After all those years of monogamous sex, the thought of a private orgy was electrifying. For a few days after, my husband would bring up the topic in our foreplay.

“Imagine it’s Bob who’s playing with you,” he would say as he pinched my nipples. “Imagine he’s here on the couch with you and I am hiding in a closet, watching you as he plays with your tits…”

“Oh, Nick, you are making me so wet…”

“Pretend it’s Bob sticking his fingers in your cunt…”

“Oh…play with my cunt, Bob…my husband won’t be home for hours….yeah, Bob…that’s it.. finger me, feel how wet I am….let me be your whore…I like to be used… let me be your fuck toy, Bob….oh, you are so hard….my husband wants to see me get fucked by you…by other men….my husband likes to watch me sucking cock and I want to eat your cock, Bob…I’ll give you better head than your wife gives you….”

At first the foursome idea was just a turn-on, then a private joke that developed into a hot fantasy.

Two weeks after the French movie, Sally and I discussed the topic at work, near closing time when the store was empty. After a brief chat on the social implications and other yadda-yadda, we discussed our personal feelings on swinging.

“Well,” Sally said, “I think most men would say yes at once. I know Bob would love it but how do people do it the first time? I would be afraid of a stranger and I wouldn’t know what to say to a friend…”

“I wouldn’t either,” I said, “but if I was going to swing it would be with you guys.”

“Really? Us? Have you ever discussed it with Nick?”

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