wife and I Discover a new Desire

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“Randy, Kim wants to watch me suck your cock. I want it too. Would you allow us the privilege of having our fantasy?” I say.

“Michael look over into the camera and puck up.” Amy demands. I do it.

“Now, lick your lips sexily and while looking into the camera, beg to suck Randy’s cock!” Amy commands.

I lick my painted lips, and hungrily say, “Please Randy, I want to suck your big cock! Feed me, Randy, make me a cocksucker! Make me your cocksucker!” I pout.

“Oh, you sexy little faggot!” Kim groans and begins stripping down to her bra and panties.

I then turn to Randy and get busy fulfilling my fantasy. I first reach out and begin gently squeezing and stroking his leather clad manhood. The leather covered pouch grows and gets tighter and firmer as I touch it. Very quickly, Randy’s cockhead begins peaking from the top of his leather briefs. Then more and more begins showing from the top of his briefs. As I stroke his manhood, his cockhead and shaft are now sticking out from the top of his briefs. At least 4 inches are straining against his flat, muscular, hairless stomach. I lean in and for the first time, my tongue tastes and begins licking another man’s hard flesh. I lick hungrily at Randy’s cockhead.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…that’s nice, baby!” I hear Randy moan. Then I pull his leather briefs down and pull them off his ankles leaving this hunk of a man reclining on the chair in front of me completely naked.

“Go, on, honey, do it, suck it! Be my cocksucker!” Kim orders. I lean back in, while kneeling and for the first time, feel another man’s throbbing cock slide into my mouth. I draw down on it, sucking hard as I begin licking it.

“OH God! YES! Baby, suck his cock! That’s it Michael, draw his load out!” Kim begs. I begin sucking and bobbing. Flicking my tongue, and sucking. I feel as Randy holds the back of my head.

“That’s it Randy, feed him, make him a cocksucker! He’s your bitch! It’s so kinky to watch this sissy suck your cock. Do it, baby!” Amy taunts.

I continue to suck and lick. Randy’s cock is huge, hot, soft, hard, and now slippery with my saliva. I can’t believe I waited so long to suck cock! It’s so good. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM….” I moan as I suck.

“I knew you’d love it, honey! Just wait until he feeds you his warm cum! You’re going to be eating another man’s sperm!” Kim taunts.

“Oh, YES! Kim, Oh, that’s so good! That’s it, suck them! Oh, bite my nipples! You slut! Yes!” Amy begins moaning as I suck her husband’s cock.

I stop sucking and turn and look as my wife Kim has her head buried in Amy’s huge tits. She is squeezing and sucking her nipples. I realize how hard my cock is as Randy grabs my head and pushes me back to his cock. I go back to sucking as I realize my wife is sucking another woman’s big tits. I go deeper and deeper on Randy’s hard cock. Randy then takes control, holding my head and thrusting his hips as I work to suck him off. After a good 15 minutes of cocksucking…the room is full of wet sucking and slurping sounds and men and women moaning. I begin tasting Randy’s pre-cum. He is flowing a constant and steady stream of pre-cum. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….” I moan as I taste another man’s sweet, sweet pre-cum.

“Go on baby! Cum in that slut’s mouth! Fill it and make him eat it! He wants to swallow your load, baby. Make him do it. Make it messy for him, Randy!” Amy tells her husband.

I am sucking hard and flicking my tongue, when I feel Randy’s cock twitch, and then thick, hot sperm shoots to the back of my throat. I pull out until just the head of his cock remains in my mouth and begin swallowing Randy cum load. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Randy screams as he pumps my mouth full of his cum. Another hard spurt fills my mouth and I swallow. Another, swallow, another swallow, then Randy pulls out of my mouth and thick ropes of hot cum spurt across my nose, lips; and open mouth. He finishes cumming all over my face and then plants his still hard, cum covered cockhead back into my sucking lips.

I suck and clean his cock off with my tongue. Then as Randy pulls out I turn to look at my wife. FLASH! Kim is snapping picture after picture of her husband still on his knees with Randy’s cum all over my face.

“Lick it up, cocksucker!” Kim tells me.

After some more champagne, Randy and I watch as Kim sucks Amy tits and then I watch my wife eat Amy’s pussy to orgasm. Then I take digital photos as Randy uses his big cock and fucks my wife silly. After he cums inside her, I lay down as she sits on my face and I eat my second load of Randy’s cum – this time from inside my wife. Kim masturbates me into a glass while Randy and Amy watch and then I drink it while they cheer me on.

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