wife and I Discover a new Desire

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My sexy wife and I had just finished having sex. Many nights after sex, we would talk about what turns us on. For years, I had been eating my own cum. My wife loved to watch me eat it. I loved to eat it. Tonight, after filling my wife’s shaved pussy, she sat on my face and I cleaned my cum from her bringing her to an explosive orgasm. My wife loved having me suck and lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Tonight, she asked me if I had any new fantasies. I have for years fantasized about watching my gorgeous wife being fucked by at least 2 other men while I watched. I also loved thinking about my sexy wife having sex with another sexy woman. My wife, Kim, knew of these fantasies and loved to tease and taunt me by talking about it – many times at inappropriate times. While out in public, we would see an attractive woman, Kim would notice me looking at her and then would whisper, “I’ll bet you’d like to see me suck her big tits!” She would give a sexy, little grin and my cock would immediately stiffen in my pants.

Many times, I would have to try to hide the bulge in my jeans while my wife would giggle at my predicament. Other times, we would be shopping at a home improvement store and Kim would spot a couple of macho construction guys and she would grab my arm and point to 2 or 3 of them and whisper, “Imagine those studs, fucking me silly while you watch!”. Again, my cock would begin throbbing and I would turn red and try to hide my erection. Kim loved teasing me.

What Kim didn’t know was that while I had been fantasizing about watching her with a couple of other men, I also fantasized about cleaning their cum from her delicious pussy or tits. What was even more amazing was I had recently starting fantasizing about being submissive to Kim and the other men including sucking their cocks.

Many times I had masturbated thinking about sucking a cock for Kim while she watched me and taunted me about it. So this night, after eating her cum-filled pussy, she asked me if I had any other fantasies I wanted to talk about. As we laid there, Kim began licking and sucking my nipples (which I love) and when I told her I couldn’t think of any new fantasies, she asked: “Are you sure?” Almost as if she knew I had new fantasies. I wasn’t sure how Kim would react to my new fantasies and I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit them – even to myself.

Instead of answering, I asked her, “Do you have any new fantasies that are turning you on?” Kim gently flicked her tongue against my hard nipple and my cock stirred. Kim gently grabbed my balls and sucked my nipple hard, gently biting at it.

“Well, since you asked, yes, I’ve had something on my mind, that really gets me wet.” She responded.

“Honey, I love you, you have such a dirty mind!” I add.

“Well, we’ll see how much you love my dirty mind after I tell you my kinky fantasies.” She comments.

“Please, do tell!” I ask.

“Well, I do love that you enjoy eating your own cum, it makes me quite wet watching you drink it, lick it from me or even swallow it after I pass it to you when you cum in my mouth. And I’m quite turned on by the thought of another man or two fucking me while you watch, but what’s really getting me wet is…well…” Kim hesitates, and licks my nipple again.

My cock is stiff. “Go on, baby, tell me your hot fantasy!” I plead.

“Well, just like you get turned on by two women making love, I love fantasizing about man to man sex!” Kim announces.

“Really?!” I ask incredulous.

“Yes, honey, I want to see two men having sex, actually I want to see two men sucking each other…mmmmmmm…to watch as they pleasure each other with their mouths! I desperately want to see a man suck a cock and swallow another man’s load!” she finally says.

My cock twitches in her soft hand. I see her grin wickedly. “You want to see two homos go at it?” I answer, trying to act surprised. Kim is back at sucking my nipples and is now stroking my very erect cock.

“You heard me, and I think you like it!” she teases.

“Oh really, You think…” I start, but Kim cuts me off.

“Oh, you’re going to try to deny it? Look how hard you cock is! You got hard as soon as I said it!” she says in a domineering way. My cock jumps again in her hand again. I have secretly wanted my wife to make me a cocksucker and hear her call me that. “Uh huh, you like the idea, don’t you?!” she taunts.

“MMMMMMM….Oh, Kim, that feels so good!” I try to avoid answering. My cock is beginning to leak pre-cum. “Well, good luck on seeing that, I wish you the best.” I tell her.

“Well, Michael, I was hoping you could help me with that.” She answers.

“Really, how would I do that, do you want me to rent you a gay video?” I respond.

“Well we could start by watching some gay porn together, but I when I said I wanted to see two men together, I meant one of them to be you!” she adds. Kim continues to stroke me and it’s impossible to hide my excitement, but I try.

“What makes you think I would want to be a part of that?” I ask.

“Well, for one, you have to admit, you like eating your own cum, and two, you get turned on thinking about watching another man fuck me, so you’re open to being in the same room with another man who has a hard cock, and lastly, I just think you’d like to try cocksucking!” she finally adds.

“Well, I don’t know what gave you that idea, but for one, you want me to be the cocksucker and not the cocksuckee?” I ask, actually wanting nothing more than that.

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