When I Came Home Early

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“You do have such pretty eyes.” She said, and kissed me one last time before turning to leave.

She then grabbed a piece of paper and jotted something down on it, and handed it to me.

“My phone number.” She said simply. “Call me when you can get me and my sister somewhere alone.”

She winked at me, turned and I saw her sexy red hair sway as she left to go see my parents.

Soon after I heard my father’s low voice saying something, I assumed she was getting paid and he would be taking her back to her school dorm. I saw the car lights again, pulling out of the driveway and knew she was gone.

I grabbed my phone, noting that my room still smelt of our sex, and punched her number in, then saved it.

As I lay back down I started to drift to sleep, being exhausted from the day’s activities.

And as I lay there, I said one word before I fell asleep, “twins.” And I thought, ‘well I was wrong, I could die happy after my fun with the twin redheads.’ And with the though of two redhead girls titty fucking and sucking my cock, the thoughts of two incredibly hot sisters sharing me and one another, I slept.

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