When I Came Home Early

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“No problem.” I said trying to keep my cool.

“It’s just so scary out here in the dark.”

Just then an owl hooted and something broke a branch in the woods right beside my house, these things occur naturally and to someone like me isn’t much of anything, but she let out a small scream and jumped on me.

Feeling her big tits pressed in against me, knowing that there was only a small patch of fabric between me and her gorgeous tits made my cock twitch and grow yet again.

She eased her grip around my neck and asked me what it was, I replied, “Just an owl, he’s harmless.”

She let go and I had to work hard to conceal my boner. Meanwhile she did some more laps and swam around, in an almost taunting manner.

Then she swam up to me in a seductive manner and said, “Having trouble with that?” glancing down.

I looked at her, her beautiful green eyes darted from my boner, which I had been unsuccessful in hiding very well, and back up to my eyes.

I managed a small “Uh” before she put her arms back around my neck.

“I like you.” She said breathing her sweet breath on my face.

“Uh.” Was all I managed to say.

She giggled that cute little giggle again and moved in to kiss me. She planted her soft, sweet lips on mine and I felt her tongue dance around in my mouth. ‘Why did I have to chew and have that beer tonight?’ I though to myself.

But she didn’t seem to mind, she kissed my more and more passionately. Then, reluctantly, she broke the kiss and backed away, raising her arms up so that her tits were raised up out of the water. I could see her nipples, they were hard now from the water and the air, and they were straining against their patches of fabric, holding them in, it almost should have been illegal.

“I wonder…would you like to do something to me?” she asked.

Just then I managed to get a hold of myself, “Cait, you’re my sister’s babysitter. We can’t do anything.”

“Well why not?” she put her arms down and did that cute pouty look again.

“Well…because.” It was all I could manage, what little will power I had regained was leaving fast. It was going to my cock, which was still growing bigger, straining against my trunks.

“Well…let’s see, it’s now 11:15, your parents won’t be home till 2:00. We have plenty of time.”

Before I could respond she reached out and grabbed my cock. That was it for me; I leaned in and kissed her reaching up to pull one of her tits free of its cloth prison. I pulled the bikini top aside and saw the most perfect boob. Her nipple was firm and erect and perfectly proportioned to the rest of her tit. I moved my kissing down her neck, nibbling a little as I went. Moving into her valley of tit meat, I kissed her cleavage, then made my way to her nipple. I sucked and nibbled on it which drove her to passionate moans. I then used my other hand to release her other tit. It came free, bouncing a little in the water. She then pulled her nipple out of my mouth, but only to bend over to take my swim trunks off. My cock sprang free, finally released. She gasped. True I wasn’t overly large, but I was a full 8″. It was obviously bigger than anything she’d ever seen, and I wasn’t fully hard yet.

She continued to stroke my cock as my swim trunks floated innocently in the water nearby. I continued to suck and bite on her nipple with twice the ferocity. Soon she was moaning very loud and she twitched her legs, but never let go of my cock. Then she stopped stroking and shuddered all over and I knew she was having an orgasm, just from me biting and playing with her nipples.

“Oh,” she breathed when her orgasm was done, “I never knew I could have an orgasm that way.”

“Your first nipple-gasm?” I replied very satisfied that I did that to her. It was one of my specialties.

“Yea.” She said still out of breath.

“Well, it’s my turn now.” I said and I hoisted myself onto the steps and positioned my cock perfectly with her breasts.

Without further instruction, and without taking her bikini top off, she wrapped her huge tits around my cock and began to stroke up and down. Her nipples protruding between her fingers, she worked my cock like a pro of titty fucking. Soon she craned her head down and started sucking my cock while still in between her tits, working her tongue over all the sensitive spots, still making sure to move her tits up and down.

Soon I could feel my balls filling with cum, and I knew that I couldn’t come on her in the pool. I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a small pop, and removed it from in between her tits. I then moved out of the pool and she followed me. Then I turned to her and said, “Its kinda cold out here. Wanna head inside?” She nodded and we both grabbed our towels and I retrieved my trunks and headed into the house.

Once in my room she got down on her knees and resumed her tit fucking and cock sucking routine. Soon my cock was gonna explode and I waited for the orgasm, trying to hold it off, trying to ride the storm as long as possible, but it wasn’t possible for long.

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