When I Came Home Early

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I was finally going home. It was about 10:00 at night, I had just gotten off work, early if I recall, and was heading back to my house for a night of easy sleep.

A bit about myself though, I am 22 years old, and I work on call, 24/7. I am 6’6″ and weigh in at about 200 lbs. I work out regularly and because of my on call status I get paid even when I don’t have to go in to work, so I get a bit of free time on my hands. I moved back home when things didn’t work out so well with my girlfriend and she kicked me out. Jokes on her, she can’t afford the apartment and she’ll be kicked out soon enough. Even her “sugar daddy” won’t pay the rent. I love redheads and boobs, it’s my thing. My last girlfriend dyed her hair red just for me, but it’s just not the same.

So I was driving home, remembering that my mom and dad wanted to have a night on the town. They had asked me to baby sit for my younger sister, I told them that work would call and they did so everything worked out. I had figured that my parents would have scrapped their plans and stay home…boy was I wrong.

I pulled my truck into the driveway and parked. I sat back in my seat looking at my spit cup, knowing that I had to get rid of my chewing tobacco before I could go inside. I spat it out sad because I knew there was another good half hour left in that hit, but I figured that I would have another one in the morning and my nerves would be just fine. As I dug out the wad of wet tobacco I noticed an unusual amount of movement behind the window of our livingroom, sure the curtains were closed but I could see the silhouette of someone moving around. I figured it was Beth, my baby sister, she’s only ten years old and I thought old enough to watch herself, but my parents came home early one night and found her smoking a cigarette. So now she needed a babysitter…but not me, not tonight.

I spat the last of my chew on the ground as I got out of my truck and felt my pockets for my house key.

“Shit,” I swore aloud, I must have locked my key in my truck, looking through the window I saw it lying there. I’d need to ring the doorbell. I looked at my phone; the clock said 10:22 PM.

‘Not too late to ring the doorbell,’ I thought to myself.

I walked up to the door and pushed the glowing button, listening for the sound of the bell…sure enough there it was, and I listened to the scuffling sound of feet moving and doors being opened.

I sighed, waiting for my mother to yell at me for risking the waking of my sister, but nothing could have been further from my prediction…nor could it have been better.

“Can I help you?” A beautiful redheaded girl answered the door; she had two pony tails at the sides of her head. I took a moment to reassure myself that I had come to the right house…yea it was mine alright…but who was this?

“I live here.” I said, “I’m Beth’s older brother.” I took the opportunity to glance her once over. The door she left closed blocked most of her from view, but her cleavage was clearly visible, and ample. She easily had a size DD cup, and her tube top showed all of it.

“Oh,” her mouth formed the cutest most perfect circle, “Yes, your home earlier than your parent’s expected, though they said you might get home.”

She opened the door for me and I saw the tightest pair of jeans you could have imagined, it looked as if she was sewn into them. She smiled and said, “What happened, forget your house key?” she giggled a little, such a cute giggle.

“Locked it in my car.” I answered shortly, mainly because too much blood was rushing away from my head, but I forced myself not to get a hard-on. I could not afford to pop a woody with this girl standing here it would be too obvious.

“Well come in.” she said and turned and walked inside. As she walked I got a view of her ass and all her curves. She had a perfect ass, like two soap bubbles that stuck together, and she had all the curves in all the right places (it sounds so stupid saying it like that but it was just so true). I had to force myself to look anywhere but at her, the picture hanging on the wall, the vacuum cleaner, anything. I decided to focus on undoing the laces on my boots, which got some blood flowing back to my head.

“Nice boots.” She said obviously trying to make some light conversation.

“Thanks, they cost me two hundred dollars.” Why did I say that? I always have to flaunt how much money I can spend on something like boots and other stuff around pretty girls.

“Wow, they must be really good boots then?”

“Best you can buy.” They were really good boots.

“So you wear them when you ride your motorcycle?”

“Yea.” She must have seen my bike in the garage.

She smiled that cute little smile and a voice in the back of my head thought, ‘what a tight little mouth, just the kind of mouth born to suck cock…maybe my cock.’ I shook my head violently to chase the thought away; luckily she had left the coat room and was in the kitchen so she didn’t see me shaking my head free of any thoughts.

“I made some dinner, there’s not much left but you can have it.” I heard her calling from the kitchen.

“Sure.” I called back.

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