When Good Girls Go Bad

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“Holy shit! I gotta pee! I gotta pee!” Alex cried. “Get off, I have to go the bathroom!” She yelled to them. Mike was busy licking the whipped cream off of her tits, which was in its self a wonderfully erotic feeling. Alex had never been touched like this before, and she loved it.

‘Oh fuck!’ Alex said to herself. Distracted by the warm feeling of Mike’s lips on her nipple, she forgot to hold it in and was positive that she had peed all over Ryan’s face. Instead, he picked his head up to look at he, with what looked like whipped cream on his face.

“Alex, you’ve got sweet cum.”

“What?” Alex asked confused. She thought that only guys could cum.

“See this white stuff on my face? That’s cum, baby.”

“Oh, shit,” was all she could say. She didn’t have to go to the bathroom after all; that burning sensation inside of her was just an attempt to cum. “Now, I want to see the two of you cum. Mike, Ryan, go stand over there,” she pointed, directing them to stand in front of her. They did so obediently. “Pull down your pants, but leave on your boxers.” They did this as well. “Now, I want each of you to pull down the other’s boxers with your teeth.” They both looked at her in disbelief. “You want head, don’t you?” Apparently they did, and Mike got down on his knees and pulled down Ryan’s red boxers, exposing Ryan’s large cock. It was the first one Alex had ever seen, except for the diagrams in Sex Ed. She was inching to put it in her mouth. Then Ryan got down on his knees and pulled down Mike’s gray boxers with his teeth. Just seeing their dicks hanging out filled Alex with the desire to piss.

They turned toward Alex, their delicious cocks hanging out, aching to be touched. Alex had a better idea in store. “Now, Ryan, I want you to rub Mike’s as Mike rubs yours. Do it, and you’ll be rewarded.” They obeyed, and each placed a shaky hand on the other’s shaft stroking it. Alex tossed her blonde hair back, her legs upon, as she pushed her hips forward, touching herself. She had never seen something so exciting before; this was almost as good as the feeling of Ryan eating her out. Again, she felt the burning sensation in her pussy. When they pulled their hands away, they looked to Alex like two little kids in search of a pat on the back for a good deed.

Alex got down on her knees and crawled over to Mike and wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding it in further and further and then sucking it like a tootsie pop. With her free hand, she ran her soft fingers along Ryan’s until it felt hard, and then some. Then she switched, pulling her mouth away and moving it to Ryan’s cock. “I’m gonna cum!” Mike shouted.

“What you, Ryan?” Alex asked.


“Hold it in, Mike.” Alex licked the tip of Ryan’s cock until he too shouted out that he was going to cum. “I want you both to cum on me, at the same time.” Alex moaned as they sprayed their cum all over her naked body, drowning her tits in it. When they finished, Alex went back to sucking Ryan’s cock, as Mike ate her out. It was hard to concentrate on Ryan because the feeling of Mike was so outrageous. When she felt the need to pee, she did not hold back, and let her sweet cum slide into Mike’s open mouth.

When everyone’s oral sex desires and needs were pretty much fulfilled, they moved onto the bed, as Mike directed. Mike lied down on the bed and Alex saddled on top of him, feeling his hot sweaty skin press into hers. As she gazed into Mike’s eyes, her mouth opened wide as she suddenly felt something shoot up her pussy: Mike’s cock. Her eyes bulged out as he began to ride her, slow at first and then faster and faster.

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