When Good Girls Go Bad

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“I want to get laid.” Alexandria Thomas had confided in her best friend, Jill. Alex and Jill were as different as night and day, and yet, they totally bonded the first day of school last year, when they were seated next to one another. Alex, who forever had her head buried in a book, had gotten a free ride into Cornell. She always wore a cardigan, her long blonde hair pulled pack into a braid. Jill was everything that Alex wasn’t: a flirty, outgoing girl. Alex had never had a boyfriend before, she always too busy studying to date. Jill was linked to a new guy every week; she said she wanted to taste everyone once before she dies.

“What?” Jill had replied, completely shocked.

“That’s right! I want to have sex. I am sick of being Mary fucking sunshine twenty four seven! I want some ass, and maybe I’ll smoke a little pot while I’m at it.”

“Jesus, where did this come from?” Jill asked, a smile dancing on her lips.

“I just want to, okay? Studying is a blast, but I got into collage, so I think I can finally relax and get fucked.” Alex took a deep breath, looking down at her Mary Jane’s for a moment. “Do you think you could hook me up with someone?”

“Yeah, sure! Oh my God, this is going to be so much fun!” Jill had scurried off down the dormitory hallway, back to her room to make the arrangements. She called Alex up the following day, telling her she had found someone, and that Jill and her date would meet Alex at Antonio’s Pizzeria Saturday night, along with Alex’s ‘date.’

Alex arrived at Antonio’s at seven o’clock that Saturday night, with butterflies in her stomach. She tried to brush it off as she stepped inside the familiar pizzeria; it’s the closet one to campus and is always filled with students. She looked around and instantly spotted Jill sitting on a guy’s lap, in an itty-bitty tee shirt, as the guy slid his hands up and down her leg. The other guy seated with them seemed to be turned on by this, his eyes locked on them.

“Alex. Hey.” Jill greeted her friend in that sexy little voice of hers that she uses whenever she is around a guy. “Alex, this is Ryan,” she said, slapping the leg of the guy she sat on. Ryan gave her a slight nod. “And this, is Mike.” Mike had a full head of chocolate brown hair that fell just above his sky-blue eyes. “Guys, this is Alex.” Alex smiled at the sound of her name, and slid into the booth besides Mike. The dinner went all right, consisting mostly of Jill and Ryan’s sex talk while Alex and Mike just sat there. Then, all of a sudden, Jill stood up and grabbed her coat.

“Where are you going?” Alex asked, a hint of panic in her voice.

“I’m leaving. You three don’t need me here.”

“Are you just going to leave your date?”

“Oh, he’s not my date, Alex, he’s yours.”

“I thought Mike was my date.”

“They both are,” Jill smiled. “I was just playing with Ryan’s package, hope you don’t mind. They’re both yours, enjoy.” She gave a devilish little laugh, tossed her curls, and left.

“So,” Alex said nervously. Mike leaned towards her, and suddenly Alex felt something creep into her mouth, his tongue. At age nineteen, she had never been kissed before, unless you call the kiss her and her prom date, Allen Greene, had shared a kiss. As she closed her eyes, she felt a hand slid down the back of her pants, fumbling with her red G-string that Jill had bought for her. When Mike moved away, she noticed his hands were neatly displayed in his lap and that Ryan had moved his seat. She jerked forward as she felt Ryan run his finger along her ass crack.

“Want to get out of here?” Mike asked. “My apartment is just a few minutes away.” Ryan mumbled a yes and Alex just grunted. Ryan threw some money on the table and they sprung out of the restaurant.

Mike unlocked his black truck and they climbed in. Ryan slid into the backseat and pulled Alex onto his lap, prying open her legs, putting one on each side of him so that they faced each other. Alex, feeling naughty, pushed her hand down his jeans, underneath his boxers, and began to slide her hand down his cock, massaging it as she went along. Ryan groaned in approval. He bent forward and kissed her, and again Alex felt a tongue slide around in her mouth. This went on for what seemed like seconds when Mike yelled out that they were here.

The moment the threesome got inside Mike’s apartment, they ran to the bedroom, following Mike’s lead. As soon as they entered, Mike picked up Alex and threw her on the bed, and began to unbutton her jeans. Ryan disappeared for a few minutes, but neither seemed to notice.

“Do it with your teeth!” Alex yelled. Mike succumbed and bent his head down, wrapping his mouth around the zipper, and slid it down with his teeth. When her fly was open, he pulled down her jeans, leaving her legs exposed except for her white socks and red G-string. Mike slid down to her feet and began to kiss up her legs until he got to her panties. With his pinkies curved, he dragged down her wet G-string, and tossed it up in the air. At this time, Ryan had reappeared with something in his hand, which he put on the counter. He tapped his friend, who was busy yanking off Alex’s tank top and then unhooking her bra with his teeth, something that seemed to turn her on.

Alex laid on the bed, completely nude except for her little white socks as Mike and Ryan, who had both shed their shirts, had a brief conference. When they were done, Ryan shook something in his hand and then sprayed whipped cream all over Alex’s sweaty body until he had covered her entirely. When he was done, the two guys sat down at the bed, Ryan at her ankles and Mike up at her neck.

Ryan began to lick her legs upward, Alex thanking God that she had remembered to shave that morning. He swirled around her knees, and then made his way to her way to her vagina. When he had successfully licked away all of the whipped cream on the lips of her cunt, he pulled them apart, pushing his head down further. Using his tongue as an ore, he paddled around in her Bermuda Triangle, as Alex screamed out in delighted, her right leg twitching. All of these feelings flooded her head. Part of her wanted to push him off, but the rest of her wanted to shove him down deeper, so that he could explore all parts of the neglected territory. He pushed on, and she cried out when he hit the magic spot.

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