What My Husband Made Me Do

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At the next party I was required to suck 22 cocks until they came in my mouth! I was so full of cum my belly felt bloated and very uncomfortable. Many of the men came back for a second blowjob and my mouth was so sore I could hardly suck a cock. How I wasn’t violently sick I don’t know but I just had to put up with all this cum flowing down into my belly. After several blowjob parties, Scott contacted my doctor and asked if I had to abstain from all sex or could I have anal sex? The doctor said it wasn’t advisable to have anal sex but there was no fear of catching the disease from that. I was now made to attend parties where I either gave blowjobs or was fucked in my arse! The feeling I had when I had been fucked by 20 or more men in my arsehole is like busting to go to the toilet with a great fear of shitting my pants but unable to get rid of the huge build up of cum in my arsehole. I was terribly uncomfortable and every load in my arsehole made things worse. My arse was completely full of cum, not to mention how sore I felt after all of these cock in my arse shooting their loads.

I made a firm resolve that I wouldn’t go to any more parties now – that was the finish! Scott rarely made love to me any more now that I was such a hit at these parties. I knew Scott was making a huge amount of money from these parties but I never saw any of it. I told Scott I still loved him just as much as before but I wouldn’t fuck other men any more.

For the next 4 years Scott and I lived like brother and sister, not sleeping in the same bed and hardly ever communicating with each other. Eventually Scott began to change and became more friendly. We later made up and resumed our lives as husband and wife and from hereon we enjoyed our sex life together. We because a loving couple and Scott told me he was truly sorry he had let other men abuse my body but he had received such a huge boost watching me being fucked by other men that he just couldn’t let me stop.

We are now living together fairly happily. There is always that doubt in the back of my mind that Scott will want me to do something dreadful in the future but so far everything is going along well. No matter what he did to me or made me do, I still love him dearly.

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