What My Husband Made Me Do

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Scott introduced himself to Buzz and we talked for several minutes before Buzz said he was here to fuck me and we had better get on with it! There was no finesse about Buzz at all. Scott told us he would sit back in the chair and we were to just go ahead and he would watch. Buzz moved over to me and kissed me. He then undid my blouse in record time and pulled it off my shoulders and threw it over to Scott. He next undid the catch on my skirt and soon that was in Scott’s lap as well. Now I stood completely naked in front of this stranger I had just met. He quickly stripped off his own clothes and when he was naked I saw another man’s cock for the first time! His cock was slightly longer and fatter than Scott’s cock but they were both circumcised and apart from the size looked the same.

Buzz took the first action by pressing down on my shoulders until I was kneeling on the floor. He then pushed his hard cock to my mouth and I just opened my mouth and he pushed his cock inside. I knew I had to suck him just as I sucked Scott and so I tried to suck him hard. Unfortunately his cock had an unusual taste about it and I found it hard to enjoy sucking him. When he had had enough, he pulled me up onto my feet and led me over to the bed. He pushed me back on the bed and positioned me so that my ass was just on the edge of the bed. He pulled my legs wide apart and looked intently at my cunt which was, by now, pulled open wide. Next he started licking my clit and cunt and soon I was very close to another orgasm. He stood up between my legs and pushed his hard cock into me. It was a shock because I expected him to play with me more before he fucked me. As soon as his cock was inside me, I looked over at Scott and saw he was smiling at me while he had his pants undone and he was playing with his cock which was sticking out of his pants.

It really felt terrible lying on my back with this strange man looking at my body, sucking my body and then pushing his cock inside me. He didn’t seem to care too much about me and just went ahead and fucked me hard. Soon he was grunting and then stiffened his back and shot his load of cum deep inside me. I had just been fucked by the first person other than my husband. Buzz hadn’t worn a condom and had just shot his cum into me. When he had finished he pulled out his cock and laid down on the bed alongside me. He took my hand and made me play with his limp cock. When it didn’t spring back to hardness he moved up so he could place his cock near my mouth.

He then pushed it into my mouth and for the second time this evening I was sucking his cock. It still didn’t taste very nice but I don’t mind my own taste and so that made it a little better. After a while he became hard again and fucked me for a second time while Scott sat in the chair still playing with himself. When he was finished, Buzz began dressing and then left the room! Now I hoped I had made Scott very happy and that would be the end of this stupid venture. I was still lying naked on the bed feeling rather exhausted when Scott came over to me. He was still playing with his cock and as he neared me, he started to cum. He shot his load of cum all over my tits and when he was finished he tucked his cock away and told me to get dressed. I asked him if he was satisfied now that another man had fucked me but he said we were only just getting started! I didn’t want to hear that!

I wanted to have a shower but Scott told me to just stand in the shower naked and move my legs apart while he watched Buzz’s cum run out of my cunt. It took quite a while before the cum started to drip out but when it did, Scott couldn’t take his eyes off it. Eventually he thought I was clear of most of the cum and told me to put my skirt on again. He took my lipstick from my purse and started applying the lipstick to my nipples again because Buzz had sucked most of the color off them while he was fucking me. Once Scott was satisfied with my appearance, he handed me my blouse to put on again. Scott seemed rather cold towards me as he led me back downstairs to the bar. Surely he didn’t want me to do this again! I was wrong. I had to buy another drink and sit at the bar until I was picked up again.

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