What My Husband Made Me Do

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One afternoon when Scott came home from work he grabbed me in his arms and lifted me off the floor. He carried me into the bedroom and literally tore all of my clothes off. I didn’t wear very much around the apartment – my tits weren’t large enough to require a bra now and I seldom wore panties because Scott liked to be able to run his hands up my legs and touch my cunt whenever he liked. Of course I always wore a bra and panties to work. This afternoon, Scott threw my naked body on the bed and fucked me like crazy. He didn’t seem to care too much about my feelings – all he wanted to do was fuck me! Later when we were in bed he fucked me again but this time he was much more considerate and this was more like the way we made love. I asked him, while he was in me but before he had cum, why he had been so rough with me in the afternoon. His reply shocked me. He said he had been in a hotel with some other men from his work having a drink, because one of their mates was leaving, when the talk got around to having other men fuck their wives! He told me he had thought about it but had never asked me because he didn’t think I would do it for him. I was very shocked because I had never thought he would even think about letting another man fuck me! I love Scott so much I would do anything for him so I asked him if he really thought he wanted me to let other men fuck me! He replied with a definite yes, but he said he wouldn’t want me to do that unless I was completely happy about doing it.

I told Scott I would have to think about what we were talking about and wouldn’t give him any answer yet but I wanted to really know what he was thinking and did he think it would have an effect on our marriage. He seemed to be sincere when he told me he had thought how wonderful it would be to be able to watch his wife getting fucked by another man because it would prove to him how much I loved him. I told him I loved him anyway and surely didn’t need to do that to prove it. He kept on about this for several days asking me if I had made up my mind yet. I didn’t want to be fucked by anyone other than Scott but I could see he really wanted to see me get fucked by another man so eventually I gave in and told him to go ahead and arrange it!

I knew I would regret giving in to him but I love him so much I hoped this wouldn’t do anything to our marriage. Scott was the only man to play with my body, the only man to fuck me and the only man to make love to me! Why on earth would he want me to be with another man? Once I had given him the go ahead he didn’t mention the subject again for several weeks. I hoped he had forgotten about it but my hopes were short lived. He came home one evening after work and told me he wanted me to get dressed up real sexy because he wanted me to try to pick up a man in a hotel this evening. I didn’t want to do this but what else could I do. After all I loved Scott.

Scott insisted I have a long shower and he showered with me making sure I was washed completely. He washed every part of my body before he was satisfied. Mostly when we are in the shower together he will fuck me but tonight he didn’t because he told me it was someone else’s job tonight. He didn’t want me to shave my pubic hair (he loves my hairy bush) but he made me shave my legs and my underarms. Next he found some body perfume which I had been given by a grateful customer and he sprayed this all over my body. It certainly smelled nice and I felt good. He told me I needn’t wear any underclothes but he would choose a blouse and skirt for me to wear. I was all the time wondering what on earth I was supposed to do tonight but I just went along with whatever he wanted. The blouse he chose was almost see-through and the skirt was very short and a little bit tight. He selected shoes with a high heel and then told me to apply lipstick to my lips and my nipples and areolas to make them look darker. My tits are not very big but Scott always tells me they are just right. My areolas are not as dark as my nipples but they are much larger and are a deep contrast to my pale breasts. I applied the lipstick lightly to my areolas and then Scott took the lipstick from me and applied it to my nipples. My nipples don’t stick out a long way but they are quite firm. Scott loves to lie in bed and suck my nipples. I certainly don’t mind him sucking on my nipples because it turns me on.

Because Scott had darkened my nipples so much, they were almost visible through my blouse and, if the material was held tight against them they were certainly visible. Before I made up my face, Scott held me tightly in his arms and told me he loved me and he was very pleased I was doing this for him. I still didn’t know what I was supposed to do for him. Once I was dressed and ready to go he told me he would look after me and bring me home. If it turned out that I was to stay with the other man, he would arrange for someone else to bring me home. I wasn’t too happy about this and told him I didn’t want him to leave me whatever I was to do! It was then, for the first time, that Scott told me what I was to do. I had to go into a hotel he had selected for me. I was to go to the bar and buy myself a drink and then wait until someone else offered to buy me one. I was to flirt with this man and when he would be sure to ask me to go with him, I had to tell him my husband was at the hotel too and I could go with him but my husband had to come too. Scott said he would arrange for a room to be available in the hotel and when the three of us were in the room together, I was to let this man fuck me while Scott was watching. I thought this was silly and told him so, but he said I had agreed to do it so there was no turning back!

We arrived at the hotel, which was on the other side of the city from where we live, and Scott patted my backside and told me to be a naughty girl! He then left me and I wandered over to the bar and bought myself a drink. I sat on the stool very conscious that I wasn’t wearing panties. I had never been out before without my panties and I felt very insecure without them. I hadn’t finished any more than half of my drink before a man who looked to be about 35 came up and stood next to me. He said hello and asked if he could buy me another drink. I gulped down the rest of my drink and said yes. He told me he was called Tom and he had seen me sitting here by myself and thought he would come over and talk to me. We chatted for several minutes about nothing in particular when he placed his hand on my knee! I was shocked because no man had ever touched me like this before.

I didn’t take his hand away but I did look around for Scott. I saw him standing in the shadows of a planter box, well out of the way, and he nodded to me when I looked at him. My short skirt was well above my knees as I sat on the stool and Tom now began moving his hand steadily up my leg and under my skirt. When he reached my cunt he began to stroke me and I moved my legs apart a little bit to give him more room. I actually felt very good having this man play with me but at the same time I knew it was wrong. I am sure Tom was surprised to find I didn’t have any panties on because he hesitated when he first touched my pubic hair and looked at me with a surprised look on his face. His fingers had, by now, penetrated my cunt and he was pushing them in and out making me very excited. He then changed his position and kept his fingers inside me but moved his thumb up so that it played with my clit! Now I was fast approaching an orgasm and didn’t know what I could do about it. Suddenly I climaxed!

Tom then asked me to go out with him to his car and he would treat me well. I told him I wouldn’t go out to his car but if he wanted to take me up to a room in the hotel and allow my husband to watch that would be O.K. with me! He looked at me rather startled and said he didn’t like husbands watching and then pulled his fingers out of me and walked away! I was devastated – I had let Scott down.

Only a few minutes passed before another man moved up to the chair Tom had vacated. He, too, placed his hand on my knee and soon had his hand up my leg and playing with my cunt. It didn’t take him long playing with me to bring me to another orgasm and by now I was very excited. He, too, asked me to go out to his car and I repeated Scott’s instructions. This man was scared of Scott too and soon left me sitting there feeling very frustrated. It was a while before a third man presented himself and told me he was Buzz and he had been watching the other two men who had been with me.

He asked me why I hadn’t gone out to their cars with them. He added that was the usual thing to do when a man picked up a girl in a bar. I repeated Scott’s instructions and he immediately agreed to go upstairs with me and was quite happy Scott would be there too. While we had been talking he had been playing with my cunt and I now had my third orgasm in such a short time. When I felt I would be able to walk, he tucked his arm in mine and we walked from the bar towards the main entrance. Scott soon caught up with us and told Buzz he had a room upstairs and we should go up in the lift to the third floor. Scott opened the door to the room and all I could see in front of me was the big bed which had already been turned down ready to be occupied.

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