What My Husband Made Me Do

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My name is Stella and I am 25 years old. I have been married to Scott for 2 years after being his girlfriend for over 4 years. I know I have been very stupid in the past but then I guess lots of us are not very bright when it comes to love.

It all began while I was a college. I lived with my Aunt because my Mother had died when I was only 12 and my poor father was so upset at her death he just couldn’t look after me at all. He gradually became worse and worse and eventually he too died not even 2 years after my Mother. My Aunt has always been a very kindly woman and she certainly treated me right but I could never get really close to her and this left a rift between us which I just couldn’t close.

One evening when I was 18 years old I had been allowed out for a dance on the condition that I was home by 11 pm. To make completely sure I wasn’t late I left the dance about 10 pm and was waiting for a taxi to take me home when along came Scott whom I recognized as one of the football heroes who was admired by all the girls. He hardly stopped in front of me but sort of slapped my thigh with a newspaper he had in his hand and said, “Hey Sweetness, how about coming with me for a good time?” I don’t know what came over me but I just walked off after him and followed him down the street to where his car was parked. He hardly said a word to me but ushered me into the back seat and began kissing me.

His kisses were very passionate (so I thought) and his hands were all over my body. Silly as it may seem I hadn’t really been kissed deeply or felt up by other boys before and this was really an experience for me. Soon he had my blouse completely undone and my bra pulled out of the way and he was handling my breasts rather roughly. No boy had ever played with my tits and although he was rough it felt kind of good. Soon he had his hand up under my skirt and inside my panties and touching me intimately. I know I should have resisted but I didn’t and I just let him do to me whatever he liked. Soon he had me stripped naked and he continued to kiss me and play with my entire body. I was certainly turned on by all of this attention.

Next he took his own clothes off and made me hold and play with his cock. I had never seen a cock before and was fascinated by it. He made me rub it up and down and then made me put it in my mouth. I didn’t really know if it was wrong but it felt very good so I kept on doing it. Soon he began to moan and made me stop. Next he laid me down on the back seat, reached up onto the back shelf of the car and took down a box which I later learned contained over 100 condoms! He selected one of these condoms and slipped it onto his hard cock. Next he spread my legs wide apart and without much preliminary attention he went ahead and fucked me! I was a virgin by the technical sense of the word – I had never been fucked before – but I didn’t have a hymen.

While I was at a school camp a year or so ago, several of the girls grabbed me in the dormitory and accused me of being a Miss TooGood and said they would teach me a lesson. They stripped me and held me down while one of them found a candle. They teased me unmercifully having lit the candle and dripped the hot wax all over my body. They dripped the wax over my nipples and although it didn’t burn it certainly stung. When they had filled my belly button up with the wax they thought they would move further down and dripped a lot of the wax into my pubic hair.

This didn’t hurt at all except for a few bits of wax which found its way down on to my skin but they then blew out the candle and shoved the blunt end into my pussy. They only pushed it in a little bit but it hurt me just the same. When they seemed to have had their fun and it looked like they were finished one of the girls grabbed the candle and shoved it hard up inside my pussy. I felt a very sharp pain as it tore my hymen and then they were able to shove the candle right up inside me. There was some blood which the girls were sorry about and later apologized for breaking my hymen. I wasn’t terribly upset about my hymen because I really didn’t know what it was all about because my Aunt never talked about anything of a sexual nature. Anyway I was busted.

While at the camp I found I had another problem. The candle wax which they had dripped into my pubic hair and set hard and there was no way I was able to pull the bits of wax out of my hair. Fortunately I had a small pair of scissors with me and so I managed to cut some of my pubic hair and remove some of the wax. I couldn’t get most of it because I was a bit dangerous cutting down there for fear of cutting myself. I asked on of my friends to help me. She laid me down and carefully cut away almost all of my pubic hair (without cutting my skin) but in doing so she made me look very untidy there. Although I had a lot of pubic hair after it was cut back it took a long while to grow back. It was while it was growing back that I had to hide myself when it came to showers at the college after sports because I was so embarrassed by it.

After Scott had fucked me he told me to get dressed and I watched fascinated as he pulled the filled condom off his cock and dropped it into a small container which I noticed already held about 20 used condoms! He then told me he liked me and would like to do this again soon. I stupidly thanked him and then, when I was fully dressed, I climbed out of his car and walked back to the corner where I managed to catch a taxi. The episode with Scott hadn’t taken very long and I was back in plenty of time to go home in the taxi before curfew. I never told any of my friends about Scott and just kept that as my secret.

I can only assume that Scott thought I was an easy fuck and so he arranged to meet me often. He would take me to his car, play with my body and then when I was naked he would fuck me. I kept watching his box of new condoms noticing that the number grew less every time I went with him. It took him about 3 weeks to empty the box before I saw a new box on the parcel shelf. It said on the outside that the box contained 144 condoms! It didn’t take me very long to realize he was fucking lots and lots of other girls and I wasn’t the only one as I had thought!

To this day I don’t know what made me stick with Scott! I don’t know whether it was the actual sex which I enjoyed so much or if it was more hero worship! He was certainly the idol of most of the young girls.

Eventually he started taking me out regularly and, of course, we fucked every time we went out together. He certainly liked fucking me – perhaps it was because I never refused him. I knew afterwards that many of the other girls who went out with him played hard to get and made him beg for sex. I also don’t know if he loved me or not but I didn’t care – after all I was now Scott’s girl and I was so proud.

Later on we became engaged and a long while after that we married. I knew he was fucking lots and lots of other girls while he was engaged to me but I didn’t care because I thought he was mine. After we married and moved into our cramped little apartment he seemed to change and seemed to be much more devoted to me. We fucked almost every night and it was rather rare for him to go out alone at night. His job allowed him plenty of freedom and I was sure he was fucking other girls during the day but so long as he came home to me and told me he loved me I didn’t care.

Our sex life was great. He had arranged for me to be on the pill long before we were engaged and he said the sex was much better because he hated using condoms. I rather liked the condoms because it didn’t make such a mess of me when we had fucked. He always seemed to shoot such a lot of cum that it always ran out of my cunt and made a mess of my clothes or the bed. The condoms were not so easy on my pussy because they were not the lubricated type which he bought and they always seemed to be very dry in my cunt until I had become excited enough to provide natural lubrication. Anyway I liked the pill because he liked the pill!

Our marriage was going along quite well despite what a lot of people had said about us. It was always said he wouldn’t stay with me but he did and I was so proud to prove them wrong! I had a part time job in a dry cleaning shop and I looked after the customers at the front counter 4 days a week. We weren’t wealthy but we had enough money to manage and we had decorated the apartment so that it looked really nice.

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