Virgin Hooked On An Older Man

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**This is a true story, which yes, is long and slow a bit in the beginning but, it does get better.**

I was brought up with strick parents. Sex was taboo, wasn’t allowed to watch movies rated over PG-13, wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, had to be inside the house by dark. Being the only child, this made it more rough on me. There wasn’t anyone to talk to. I was daddy’s girl and he didn’t want anything bad happening to me.

At the age of 18, I met George, who was 24. I couldn’t believe that I still had a curfew. I had to be home by midnight. This continued on til I was 19. We met at the drug store down the street from where I lived.

When we met, he was right behind me in line at the check-out counter. He got really close to the back of my neck and whispered in my ear “your beautiful!” This scared me, I jumped away from him. I looked at him and replied, “thank you, but I am not interested.” He was gorgeous. My heart fluttered, the butterflies were flying in my abdomen. I gathered my purchases and started walking home.

A few minutes into my walk, he approached me again, this time he was on his bike. He offered to accompany me home. “No, thank you, I can manage on my own.” This didn’t stop him, he continued to walk with me. We passed one particular street and he mentioned that he lived on that block. This was only 4 blocks away from where I lived. “That is nice.” I said. My name is George. I would glance at him from time to time, I knew he could tell that I was blushing. When we approached my block, he stopped and said, “Well, your home safe”. I looked at him and asked “how do you know I am home?” He replied “I only live down the street and I have seen you many times, your either on your bike, walking and I have also been watching your swim meets at the pool. This freaked me out even more. Because, I never knew he had been following me. “Well, George have a nice evening.” I walked up to my house. I turned and he was still at the corner sitting on his bike.

After that night, he would ride by my house every evening and around the same time. One night, about a half hour before his normal time, I decided to go across the street and talk with my girlfriend Jenny. She stood on the inside of her fence and I was leaning on the fence from the outside. She had 7 taco bell dogs and they were the meanest little guys I have ever seen. I told her about George and that he should be riding around in a few minutes.

Sure enough, there he was coming around the corner, but he was focused on my house and didn’t see me standing across the street. Jenny took one look at him and said….”Oh my god!”…”He is gorgeous!” He passed by, not noticing me at all. He turned the corner at the other end of the street. A few minutes past and here he came again. This time Jenny let out a sexy whistle, he looked over, I was embarrassed. I put my head down on her fence and mumbled to her “why did you do that for?” She laughed and remarked….”we are finally going to get you a boyfriend!”

He turned around and approached us. “Hi ladies!” As he neared. My head not lifting from that fence. “Are you praying?” He asked. Jenny replied…”Maria pray?….Never!….Maria is shy.”

“Shut up, Jenny!” As I lifted my head, looking at her.

So your name is Maria? He smirked.

Jenny at that point, took over the conversation and said…”This is Maria and she is (very) single, she’s also very athletic…she plays volleyball, softball, skates, rides bikes, she competes in swim meets and is hoping to make the olympics, and a very good friend!”….”Now, who are you and what do you do and do you have a girlfriend?” I wanted to kill her.

“I am George, I am a professional cyclist, I am also a mechanic, and no not yet,… but, I am still working on the girlfriend part here!” As he looked my way.

His brown eyes melted my heart. He was 6′ tall about 180lbs, long layered black hair, his body was firm, not an ounce of fat on him. He looked like a latin version of John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

“Do you have a car?” I asked.

“Yeah!…why?” He asked.

“Is it broken?” I asked.

“No!…why?” He asked.

“Just wondering, because it seems that your only means of transportation is that bike.” I responded.

He laughed and replied, “yeah, I am a lousy mechanic!”

“So… Maria can I take you out for dinner or even a movie?” He asked.

“Maybe!” I replied.

Maybe? He responded.

“Well, yeah, even though I am 18 now, my parents are still strick, with me. They don’t want nothing to interfere with graduation in 3 months. And since, I still live there… I have to follow their rules.

Jenny then butted in and said…”you don’t want to mess with pops, it took him awhile to get use to me!”

“Your joking?” He asked.

“No, man!….The man don’t play!” Jenny said.

“If you want to start dating her, you need to work on {pops} now….and if your lucky maybe you can start dating her before she moves off on her own!” Jenny said laughing.

George was silent for awhile. Then he chuckled and said….”I don’t think he would give me a problem, I can talk anyone into anything!”

“Okay then, Mr. George….here’s your chance to show us ladies your charming affect you have on people!” As Jenny nodded her head down the street as my father was coming home from work.

My father pulled up to the driveway and looked over in our direction. He got out of the car as George headed over into his direction. In the meantime, my heart fluttered. I couldn’t move. I noticed that George extended his arm, and my father looked down at it and looked back up. My father didn’t return the handshake. George stuck his hand in his pocket. My father just looked at him as he talked, then he looked over at me. He had a mad look on his face. Then my father shook his head no and walked away. But, when he got to the door of the house he turned and called me home.

George walked back over, with a disappointed look on his face. “You were right.” He said as he mounted his bike. “I will see you tomorrow, Maria.” He said to me. I told him that I was sorry. He smiled and told me not to sweat it a bit.

When I got home, I told my father that he was rude and didn’t have to act that way. All he told me was…”No boyfriends until you finish school, no ands, ifs, or buts about it!” As soon as my mother got home, she heard all about it. To my shock she wasn’t upset. As a matter of fact, she came up to me and told me that later she would talk to him, once he absorbed it.

Within a few days, they finally met George. George told them that he was 20, he fooled them with that age. Finally, I was able to go out with him to the movies and so forth. I would never let him go any further than kissing.

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