Vacation Fantasy

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He suggests that perhaps this time you should be undressed, politely indicating how your clothes are soaked. You nod, and as you take off your clothes, he also says that this time around, maybe you should start off lying down, so it won’t disrupt your experience midway.” I stopped for a moment, noticing how V was twitching her hips slightly. I was so incredibly turned on myself, with an erection that was so hard that it ached like hell. Excited, I continued.

“As you lie down nude, he asks you if you can tell him what exactly happened the previous time, before it all ended. Impatient to try it again, you tell him quickly that the last thing you remember is an overwhelming craving, a sort of burning sensation in your vagina, and then it exploded.

Then you shut your eyes and go through the meditation technique, barely paying attention as he tells you that perhaps some physical assistance is required to sustain the experience long enough.”

V let out a little moan as she heard that last sentence. Her eyes were had a faraway look in them. I rolled on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows. I gently bit her nipples, making her gasp, before continuing.

“You quickly reach the relaxed state again. Once again, the tingling sensation starts at your fingers, and gradually envelopes the whole of you. The tingling reaches your clit, and starts growing stronger. The familiar burning in your pussy starts again. But yet again, it’s all happening a little too fast, a little too intense. If you’re going to complete the exercise successfully, what you need is a little controlled fucking, to keep you at the high plateau. And luckily, that’s exactly what your guru is going to give you.”

Under me, V was groaning and shifting, her eyes now shut, picturing in her head, the things I was narrating.

“As the tingling grows intense, it consumes you almost to the exclusion of everything else. Then, the guru approaches you and spreads your legs. You’re not aware of anything he’s doing, or even of yourself. You’re completely in a different state, like a trance. Even when lowers himself on to you, you don’t realize anything. Then, he places his legs between your thighs and brings his large cock to your dripping pussy.”

V was grunting. She was bucking her hips, imagining the cock that was going to fuck her, and trying to get it in…

“And then he enters you, slowly. As the head of his cock parts your cunt lips and enters you, slowly stretching your pussy as it goes in, the tingling in your altered state suddenly changes nature. It no longer seems as though it’s going to explode.

He drives his cock all the way in, and then pulls out completely. Entering you, stretching your cunt again. As this goes on rhythmically, the tingling sensation becomes completely all-consuming. You’re no longer aware of anything but that sensation. Slowly, he picks up speed, fucking you harder.”

By now, I’d started fucking V, so it was hard for me to continue narrating. She was bucking her hips so hard I had to wonder who was fucking whom. But I somehow struggled on.

“As his cock rams into you harder and faster, the tingling too gradually builds up intensity… And then it nears orgasmic point… With the help of your guru’s cock fucking you hard, you reach orgasm, and it rips through you, completely shattering, like nothing ever before.”

By now completely like a wild animal, V was thrusting her hips upwards hard, in time to meet my own downward thrusts. I couldn’t last any longer, but thankfully, as rammed my cock into her cunt and exploded deep into her, V had her own massive, racking orgasm.

I’d never seen her orgasm so intensely before. She admitted to me later that the idea of being fucked by somebody else had turned her on so much that she felt like she was going to burst when orgasming. Since then, we’ve both shared fantasies of her getting fucked by somebody else. It’s true that fantasies need not be desires of what we want in the real world. But we’re thinking, perhaps, just perhaps, some of our fantasies might be.

Vacation Fantasy in Vegas

Dave had a business trip planned for Las Vegas and I was able to rearrange my schedule this time to go along. He surprised me by reserving rooms at a really nice hotel. It felt good to get away from it all. Plus, it had been awhile since we had the chance to get a little naughty away from home.

Dave took care of his business Friday which included a round of golf at a really nice club just outside of town. It’s amazing what they can do with the desert. We had Saturday free to do anything that we wanted.

After a wonderful day of sight-seeing, dinner, and a show, Dave and I headed off to the hotel bar. This was no tacky hotel lounge. It was a nice bar with several small areas, developing a cozy, quaint atmosphere.

After a few drinks and some slow dancing, I was really beginning to relax and feel warm all over. I was feeling really flirty and was teasing Dave by pressing my body against his crotch while dancing and rubbing his leg under the table.

I had just wrapped my tongue around the straw in my drink when my eyes saw two couples walk in. As it turned out, they were the friends that Dave had played golf with the day before. They were with their wives, a gorgeous blonde and brunette a few years younger than me.

They were from the area and had decided to go out and have some fun in the city. Dave invited them to join us at our table. Since both the guys were young and handsome and the two girls were rather stunning, I was happy Dave made the invitation.

We all had fun dancing and drinking and showing off just a little. All three of us girls were getting pretty tipsy and carefree. Pretty soon the teasing and flirting led the conversation to a sexual one and that’s when I found out the two wives were attracted to both sexes.

To be honest, I even found myself checking them out as much as I did the guys. They were hot to say the least. Their bodies were smooth and tight, with flawless, tanned skin. I could feel their eyes on me as well. It’s an odd feeling knowing that another woman is looking at you in a sexual way. Whenever we would move around in our seats, our legs, or thighs would touch and it would send a tingle through me.

Well, it started getting late, so Dave and I sadly excused ourselves. The fact that we were both incredibly horny sure helped us make our decision to leave. There was no hiding Dave’s arousal as he stepped out from the table. The girls both giggled and wished me good luck. They both stood up to hug me and the blonde whispered, “I hope it’s really good,” in my ear.

Dave teased me on the way to the suite about checking out the wives. I couldn’t deny it. He pressed me against the wall of the elevator and pushed my dress up my hips until I felt the cold wall against my panties. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly.

He leaned in and kissed my neck, sliding up to my ear and asked if he should go back and invite them up. I was so turned on that I could have told him to do it, but I was too nervous. I got out of it by telling him that I needed him inside me right now. Besides, they would still be around later and wouldn’t it be naughty if we decided to join them again in the bar after we had sex?

By the time we go to our room door, I was so worked up. I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like with one of those wives. Dave seemed to sense my thoughts and teased me about being a naughty girl. So naughty, that he thought we should get a little kinky. He blindfolded me and tied me spread eagled to the bed naked.

I made no complaints as he always takes care of my needs when I’m tied up. Besides, I was so horny by now that I would have let him do practically anything to me.

After going down on me and bringing me to a bed-shaking orgasm, he mounted me and slammed into me for all he’s worth.

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