Vacation Fantasy

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It was her lips. The first thing I noticed about her, was her lips. That was several years ago, way back in high school. Both of us were new at the school, and having just enrolled, we’d turned up there on the same day. Her lips were so extraordinarily sexy… Not the thick, glossy model’s-lips that one typically imagines, but petite, yet luscious lips – exactly the right thickness for her face. They were further accentuated by the pronounced pout she wore, which, on her pretty face, looked intolerably cute.

It wasn’t until two years later, when I came to know that in addition to that pretty face, she has plenty of brains and is very smart, that I actually got interested in her. And it wasn’t until we were in college that I got to “see more of her”, and discovered (quite happily) that it’s not just her lips that are sexy…

We’ve had a great relationship, V and I. And the sex has always been mind-blowing and incredible, albeit rather conventional. Conventional, that is, until we took a vacation together, off in the mountains. We’d set off with the idea that we’d get a bit of relaxation, along with some exploring and sightseeing. But in the chilly weather, all our time was spent within the walls of our warm hotel room, and the only sights we took in were of each other’s bodies.

Explore I did, however, and it was a whole new aspect of her sexuality that I found. In one of the breaks amidst all that screwing, as way lay together on the bed, I started talking about sexual fantasies. Although we’d talked about fantasies a couple of times before, it had always been brief and never in any great detail. The conversation was initially halting and slow, until we both came to the agreement that a sexual fantasy is not the same thing as a suppressed desire – many women have fantasies about being raped, but that does not mean they secretly want that to happen in real life.

Once that was clear, the discussion suddenly turned much more interesting.

“You know,” I told V, “I once had this dream in which you were having sex with some other guy.”

She was silent for a second before she spoke.

“Oh… Really?”

“Yes,” I said, deliberately not saying more. I wanted to see how curious she was, how interested she’d be, how she’d react to it…

“And?” she asked.

“And what? You had sex. That’s all.”

“No, I mean, what happened? I mean, where were you, in the dream?”

“Oh. I don’t think I was in the dream at all. It just had you and some faceless guy.”

“Ok… so what happened?”

“You got fucked,” I said.

“Tsk,” she said, getting irritated. “I know that.”

“Ok, ok,” I said, grinning, “I’ll tell you. In the dream, you were learning meditation, and how to attain altered states of mind… You know, higher mental planes and suchlike.”

“Uh huh,” V replied.

“You were learning all this from a teacher, a guru of meditation and things transcendental.”

“Ah” she said.

“Well, after much learning, one fine session, your guru tells you that today you’d learn to achieve a new state of mind, one of bliss and near complete-blank-thoughtlessness. And he warns you that when you start meditating, you will get aroused and you might orgasm, so you shouldn’t freak out.”

“Uh huh…”

“So the both of you start meditating, sitting several meters apart, in the middle of the large room. You’re sitting cross-legged on a mat on the floor, eyes closed, and you go through the technique you’ve been taught, to get completely relaxed. Your limbs, muscles, breathing – everything is relaxed, even your breathing.

And then, your guru starts guiding you along to the new state. He’s sitting far away from you, and neither of you is even looking at each other. You’ve both got your eyes closed. And yet, he manages to establish some sort of connection with your mind, and pulls it along, sort of like a meditation-tow-truck, towards the new state.

You’re not aware of him, or even of your surroundings. You’re just completely calm and relaxed. Slowly, a small, tingling sensation starts at the tip of your fingers. It’s unusual, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, but it’s very pleasant too. Slowly, very slowly, that tingling sensation grows, spreading in area across the surface of your body.

Bit by bit, it climbs up your fingers, up your wrists, across your hands and to your shoulders. Then it goes up, covering your neck, face, and particularly, makes your ears tingle. Then it reaches downwards, across your breasts and nipples…”

I paused to wet my lips, noticing her lips had parted slightly as she listened to my story.

“The tingling has already got you aroused. But as the sensation crosses your breasts, your already hard nipples get even harder and poke out, angry and red. The tingling continues to extend downward, past your belly button. Then suddenly and rapidly, it picks up speed, and shoots down your legs to your toes, and back up to your clitoris.”

By now V’s breathing had become shallow, and her eyes were glazed. To heighten my story’s effect, I ran my fingers very randomly and lightly across her naked body. I moved them all over, her breasts, her belly, her thighs… and continued with my narrative.

“It’s so intense, it feels like your clitoris is the center of your whole being, and you can nearly feel anything but the incredible tingling at your clitoris. Your cunt is so soaked and wet that you’re dripping right through your panties.

The tingling at your clitoris grows stronger and stronger, almost into a hot, burning sensation… You can’t remain cross-legged or seated any longer, and you collapse. Just as you lie down on the mat, the feeling explodes, and you scream as the orgasm rips through your body, in electric waves spreading outwards from your clit, leaving you breathless…”

Aside me, the real V was breathing as hard as the one in the story of my dream. Her nipples were hard, and her whole upper body was flushed and pink. Her pussy was so incredibly wet, I’d never seen it that soaked before.

“As you lie there panting, you gradually become aware of your surroundings again. Your guru is sitting right where he was, and he asks you if you could feel anything other than the center of your being, whether you were even remotely aware of anything outside of that. And you tell him, yes, you were, you could feel the sensation from the rest of your body.

He tells you that it’s not a good thing. The point of the exercise was to achieve a state wherein there is only one point of feeling, outside of which nothing exists. A state where you are present only through that point, and have no other thoughts, feelings, or sensations of any kind. He also tells you that the whole exercise didn’t last long enough.

You say he must be kidding, and that it felt pretty long and intense. He explains that in order to reach that point, it has to last a bit longer. He asks if you feel up to trying again, and you say yes. You would. After all, you just had the most incredible orgasm of your whole life.

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