Unlikely Romance

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“I was toying with you,” she laughed. “I liked making you work for me. I was interested in you from the start.”

Slumping back into the couch, I sighed deeply. “Oh my god!”

Getting up, Annie nearly pounced on me, straddling me with her long legs. Putting her arms around my neck, she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. My arms reflexively surrounded her body and I pulled her to me tightly, kissing her back passionately.

When I finally broke off the kiss, I said, “Annie, I’ve dreamed about that kiss ever since we first talked.”

“Well, I’ve dreamed of a lot more than that,” she said smiling wryly, as she began unbuttoning my shirt.

Quickly her hands were caressing my chest and she leaned down and kissed my neck and shoulders as she pushed my shirt away. Fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, I managed to open it to see her full breasts straining against the fabric of her bra. Reaching behind her, I undid the clasp and her breasts fell free. I buried my face between them as I pulled her close to me. Annie’s nipples were stiff with excitement as I engulfed first one, then the other in my mouth. Her fingers deftly worked my belt and zipper until she was able to reach in and grab my hardening cock. “Mmmmm, I’ve been dying to see this!” she laughed, looking down at me with such a sultry man-eating look.

I fumbled in vein with her pants so she suddenly stood up and said, “Here, let me help you.” As she looked at me with those penetrating eyes, she removed her blouse and bra, and quickly pulled off her slacks and panties. Standing before me with her hands on her hips, she allowed me to take her in and my eyes devoured her tall, fit body, from her long blonde hair and her gorgeous face, to her full succulent breasts, down to her smoothly shaven pussy and long, firm legs.

“Oh my god! Annie, you’re so beautiful!”

“Now let’s get you out of those pants. I want to see you, too, you know.”

As I lifted my legs, Annie tugged my pants off and then dropped to her knees before me. Her hot mouth surrounded my throbbing cock, and I watched, in awe, as she skillfully sucked me, teasing me with her tongue, and all the while looking up at me.

“Ohh, please, Annie, you’re gonna make me cum! I don’t want to yet! Please”

Holding my hard cock in her hand, Annie stopped and laughed. “That’s the idea, sweetie! We have all night, you know” And then she went back to work on me until I erupted into her mouth. I never felt anything like it before. I was nearly screaming and my body trembled and shook with pleasure as I grabbed two handfuls of cushion, the aftershocks shooting through my body.

When at last my pleasure subsided, Annie looked up at me and smiled. She moved up onto my lap, threw her arms around me and kissed me, letting me taste myself on her lips. Wiggling her ass in my lap she coaxed my softening cock back to hardness. “Mmmmm, not too bad for an old guy!” she laughed.

Reaching back she guided my cock into her and began moving up and down on it. “Oh, Annie, I can’t believe it! It feels so good!”

Annie was unlike anyone I had ever been with. She was like an uncaged animal as she rode me, thrusting down on me hard, taking me more deeply into her with every thrust. Her body began glistening with perspiration as she held on to my shoulders. I watched her breasts bouncing before me and lunged forward to take one into my mouth, tasting its saltiness.

When Annie came, it was as if a volcano had erupted. She cried out loudly and pressed her body against mine, before kissing me again. Thrusting upward into her, I, too, came in an explosion of pleasure. Annie collapsed against me, and we were locked in our embrace, like a statue of two lovers that you might see in an art museum. She, in my lap, legs tucked against me. Me, holding her tightly, head pressed against her breasts. I never wanted to let go.

Annie and I spent the rest of the evening naked, making love. We would take a break for food or to pee, but soon we were back at it. We made love everywhere: on the kitchen table, on the stairs, against the vanity, until we finally ended up in my bed.

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